6 Environmental WordPress Themes for Environment Websites


A noteworthy guide to arming your nature and environmental – friendly, donation or charity, NGO and non – profit organization website with the best environmental WordPress themes.

In the current world burdened with diverse nature and environment – centric issues and problems, establishing your relevant website to call for global attention to those issues won’t be a small feat.

The current digital arena in its turn makes it easy for you to go live with your eco and nature, protection and environment topics and events and keep your digital profile up and running all the time.

There is hardly a shortage of environmental WordPress themes in the modern library of WordPress CMS.

However, with choice comes confusion, and in order to prevent you from additional mix-up, we have sorted out some of the best templates ready to cover any kind of NGO or non – profit organization needs, events, campaigns, donations and much more.

Each of them shares the best qualities a perfect environmental solution can ever have for your existing or future website.

Hence, you are free to review them, make a reasonable choice and let your message communicated through the most effective visual platforms.

1. Nature One Pro

nature one pro


Direct the worldwide concern about nature and environmental protection with your presentable and dynamic website based on Nature One Pro. Fresh – faced and interactive, clean and precise while totally controllable and customizable, this template has been stylized and coded to match a variety of nature – related campaigns, humanitarian and charitable programs and events and other NGO and non – profit usages.

Sustainable and perfectly usable, Nature One Pro will greet your website visitors with hospitality and will keep each of them informed thanks to the convenient content zones deployed in your site. From displaying your love and passion for nature and green zones to striving to solve the most urgent problems catering to your local environment, this theme knows the way to success. You can also demonstrate your valuable content in a responsive way so that it can respond to any proposed screen or mobile size and resolution.

2. Ele Nature

ele nature


The next mind – blowing and eco and nature – friendly layout among the best environmental WordPress themes comes in the face of Perfect Nature. It has a very fresh and enthralling look which is closely combined with enhanced functionality and durable performance across different platforms. Multipurpose at its core, this truly perfect and invulnerable template feels fantastic when it comes to demonstrating your environmental – friendly, eco and green, herbal or organic –centric content in the most exquisite fashion.

Continuously changing website user’s behavior make any kind of website leverage its potential as compared with what it offers its visitors. In this relation Perfect Nature meets all the major criteria: it is flexible and smoothly navigable, error – free and fast – loading, and finally, responsive and mobile – friendly, ready to satisfy the needs of all the users on – the – go.

3. SKT Gardening

gardening landscaping WordPress theme


Your environmental organization or nature and animal preservation and protection company can never exist in isolation. For tangible results and people’s engagement into what you are fighting for you are obliged to run a successful and full – packed, explanatory and communicative website to let your voice be heard.

SKT Gardening has been processed with the above – mentioned characters in the developer’s mind. Hence, this website creation and management system is a top – ranked option for environmental initiatives to put a positive spin on their non – profit businesses. The basic essentials governing this template are responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, search engine optimization for boosted search engine rankings, multilingual – ready nature for multi – language content provision, Customizer – powered performance, as well as plugin compatibility.

4. Naturo



Whether you are functioning mainly for domestic, local or international arena, Naturo can break all the borders with ease. As one of the simplest environmental WordPress themes effective as for the present, this template is decorated with subtle traits of minimalism so that your website will exude precise and legible content without any distracting elements.

Split your nature or environmental, charity or any other NGO content into valuable pieces and insert them into the theme’s parts and sections, showcase the high – resolution images in the homepage slider and allure your web visitors instantly. Developed to purvey natural and transparent look, this template never skimps on the sophisticated performance of your website armed with more than 100 shortcodes for content setup, blog area for constant updates, SEO and SMO – friendliness and much more.

5. SKT Trust

non profit WordPress theme


Any type of NGO organization, ranging from charity and religious to nature conservation can indubitably rely on SKT Trust. Serious – looking and motivational, well – organized and well – dressed, SKT Trust is custom – built to host your environmental or humanitarian content in the best way and take your website to the desired spots of the contemporary search engines’ results.

Even the most unprepared website admin fill intuitively find the way to play with the given platform and even make amendments and supplements to the existing look and feel of it. Hence you are not going to miss any single credit of SKT Trust to speak a word about your projects and future plans, visions and objectives, as well as let your high – quality images speak instead of you.

6. SKT Recycle

SKT Recycle


SKT Recycle as one of the original and sophisticated environmental WordPress themes has the potential to deal with a wide set of nature, locality, agriculture, eco, organic and environmental – friendly topics and niches. If we try to get into the meat and soul of this template, we will discover many advantages over many other templates.

The range of advantages starts from affordable price on the market, simplified and admin – friendly installation and activation process to perfectly coded and responsive character and full support and documentation as bonuses for the purchaser. The theme is equipped with color changing options, widget – friendly theme areas, Google fonts and font – based icons, prebuilt contact form, extendable nature with the help of additional plugins, etc.

Thank you for visiting SKT Themes a place for selecting top WordPress Themes from a list of several hundred templates. Happy Reading and Shopping.

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