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Theme Features

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Features of Green Nature WordPress Theme

  • Green nature WordPress theme is created for a business that relates to the environment.
  • The theme is invented with the latest version of WordPress.
  • This theme is very special because of its reliable functionality and design.
  • Hence the theme is created with elementor page builder.
  • The latest WP Version will help your website to perform well in terms of SEO and speed.
  • Hence, all the changes and modifications will be accepted easily.
  • Theme guide is provided in the form of online documentation.
  • It does not matter if you are selling fish or providing adventures, promoting the farmer’s work or a rescuing whale, offering the cooking tips or a promoting hand made natural products.
  • The nature theme is an organic choice for creating a best website.
  • To feel like natural and organic, the theme is designed by considering all the natural design factors.
  • This theme will reflect your natural work and belief.
  • The Nature theme is basically created for a business that is related to the nature brands and gardens business.
  • The theme was created by keeping in mind that the website should be viewable on every device with each image optimized.
  • The theme design will pretend your natural work in a professional manner at the same time.
  • Green nature WordPress theme supports the best WordPress feature i.e. WordPress Gutenberg editor.
  • At the same time to take a full benefits complete support and style option are added in the features list.
  • Hence each and every block is created with the WP standards rules and regulations.
  • The consistent feature of an eCommerce has been mentioned in the Nature theme.
  • So, the process of selling products and food is gone more easier.
  • Apart from this, the theme is secondly created to support the most important plugins like Yoast SEO, NextGen Gallery plugin, Contact form 7, and many more.
  • The focal point of this theme is natural hence we have created a theme by putting fewer animations and effects to appeal your products in a more organic way.
  • However, the nature theme will get load faster without taking much time to setup.
  • Using the plugin i.e. one-click installation all the demo content will be downloaded.
  • Anytime with any queries, one can contact the support team to get a solution.
  • One can apply the different colors to link color, the button also can change the background colors.
  • Over and above 5-page templates are obtainable for free.
  • The page templates can have amazing slide show options, sidebar options, columns, and portfolio options.
  • Slideshow option can be displayed on the homepage or inner pages.
  • More than 7 images can be added in a slideshow.
  • Sidebar on left and right side can change the look and feel of your website.
  • The portfolio feature can have categories of products to be displayed.
  • One can create a theme the same as a demo by installing the one-click demo import plugin.
  • Once purchasing the theme one will be benefited from a support team, support forum, tutorials, and documentation.
  • All the color changes can be viewed via a live customizer option in real-time.
  • The blog can be posted for organic products or services you offers.
  • Instead of product posts, the blog can have questions and answers for the user’s difficulty.
  • A lot of options are provided to change the footer text and its layouts by adding widgets and sidebars.
  • One will have full access to add or delete a number of widgets and sidebar.
  • Technical support is much helpful for beginner users.
  • Live customizer is an advantage for users that never handled the website.
  • The responsive design framework is the most important point that every website should adapt the feature by default.
  • Hence the Green nature WordPress theme has a responsive design to view on mobile and browsers.
  • To get your images displayed in a standards way the theme is retina optimized with the high-quality resolutions accepted.
  • The user will need to know how to use a browser that’s all. Any type of user can apply changes to create a well-looking website.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 will make your customization process easy as all inbuild shortcodes are provided.
  • In present more than 950 Google Fonts are accessible to highlight your main content.
  • Custom Header will allow you to add small images to its menus.
  • Hence, the structure of a header can be changed via WordPress theme customizer.
  • The background of each theme page is customizable.
  • The background can have a color as well as images with a large or small space area.
  • The menu will guide your users on how to navigate from one to another.
  • The menu can be a customer forum or a menu location.
  • To represent your images and text in proper format the Featured Images feature is allowed.
  • The featured images can be applied to posts, pages, or custom post.
  • By default custom page templates feature is supported to create your own unique page for the blog or anything.
  • Multiple sidebars can be applied to the post page and homepage.
  • The business-related to earth, forest, ngo, green, and non-profit can use this theme for creating a website.
  • Also, a theme can be used to offer services related to the environment, environmental, foundation, natural, nature, etc.
  • Hence, the theme supports the booking feature to get a donation if required.
  • The transaction can be done via stripe or PayPal.
  • With more than 9 years of experience the theme has been created by covering all necessity points.
  • All the plugins that nature business needs can be fulfilled by installing the desired plugin.
  • All our ideas have been given to make a theme more appealing.
  • Hence created the best theme to impress via our efforts and contribution.
  • Counter timer plugin can be installed to show your active users and the number of people who experienced your services.
  • The icons can be used for Facebook, YouTube, twitter, and email support.
  • After purchasing the theme, we will provide you all upgrades and updates regularly.

If you really consider that you are interested to start a business for a home-based garden then this is a good idea. We deserve to live in a green area with a peaceful life. So you can be the reason for providing a healthy life by offering home-based garden services. Your interests and hobbies can be converted to the earning point. Gardening services like watering, trimming, planting, raking and digging. You can also have part-time jobs for keeping your customer’s house beautiful.

Hence, some or no experience needed to start a gardening business and a gardening website. Also you can also provide jobs to many unemployed people by posting their profile and details on the website. A gardener can start earning within an hour. Once the customer hire you and liked your work they will surely hire you again and again.

Green nature WordPress theme can be used by landscaping architect to give a nice and beautiful structure to the garden area. This type of architect can earn even more than a gardener. But to become a landscaping architect you need to have a degree in that field so that you can provide professional services. You can provide services by creating fountains, rock formations, irrigation systems, and large ponds.

For starting a gardening business you will require some marketing materials, garden equipment, license, and insurance. And you are ready to go. The same idea can be considered to start organic farming. Hence you can create your own products with organic herbs and leaves. Plus you can provide customized products to special customers.

Seasonal home-based ideas will also work best with a Nature theme. Home-based business like lawn care, home gardening, pool cleaning, pest control, gutter cleaning, etc. These businesses can have a website with booking functionality. All types of users can directly hire the professional gardener via booking feature. This theme can also be the best option for other businesses like food and beverages, flowers and other plants, organic food, restaurants, home made baby care products etc.

The Green nature WordPress theme is basically created by focusing more on “Save the World”. This can be possible if your business can offer services like recycling, ecosystem, organic farming, biology, and energy saving.

If you really care about the world then you can explore your ideas by aware of the necessitous of seeding plants, the advantages of wind generators, the value of green grass and solar panels, etc. The count down functionality can showcase your total number of working projects, your current volunteer, total funds collected to promote your ideas and organization.

Seperate team section can be created to show your team member’s profile picture along with that you will be able to provide their social media links to their active account. This will be a bonus point for your customers to trust you and trust in your work. The wide footer section will be a short overview of your business website. The main links can be provided in the footer section that will help your customers to navigate to the proper page.

Also Included with every Green Nature WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

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Change Log

  1. Updated October 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts