SKT Ecology - Environment WordPress Theme

SKT Ecology - Environment WordPress Theme
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Theme Features

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Features of Environment WordPress Theme

You should always choose an environment WordPress theme for your eco-friendly website that appears as clean and fresh as our planet should be.

Establishing an eco-friendly business will not only support the environment but also it will be a great step in making your money saved.

How recycling will help you in minimizing the costs?
Reusing, avoiding, recycling, and reducing can minimize your costs. Consider an example, like small modifications that how you work with the paper can make your staff environmentally friendly which also saves money.

Minimize the need for paper as much as possible. You can ask your staff to use both sides of the paper to print any information, make sure you are not using materials that are not so important, and try to recycle shredding paper.

Good exercise can attract more customers to your business: Your business can leave a positive mark and it could attract more new customers to your business if you seriously promote methods of environmentally friendly products. You can also retain staff and attract users by focusing more on the impacts on the environment.

There are so many amazing facts and features related to the environment that you should be known to. The best gesture to appreciate our earth is by learning more about it and how we can interact with our nature. Some amazing environmental facts are given below:

Do you know more than 27,000 trees are cut down every day?
In the world, there are almost 3.04 trillion trees. However, just to make toilet paper, more than 27,000 trees are cut down on daily basis.

This means annually more than 9.8 million trees are cut down. But the coolest fact is that if one single edition of the New York Times newspaper gets recycled it can save more than 74,000 trees.

From all available water, only 1% of water is used by humans: Earth is covered with more than 70% of water. That means the ocean contains more than 96% of water. But for human consumption only 1% of the earth’s water is safe.

Because of choking on plastic, more than 75% of marine mammals are in danger: You will find that 78% of marine mammals are at risk because of accidental deaths which also includes getting trapped in fishing nets.

Plastic garbage and other plastic materials are the reason behind killing more than 1,000000 sea animals annually.

And some other amazing facts about the earth and environment include:

Every year more than 25 trillion Styrofoam cups are thrown away by Americans.
The weight of ants is more as compared to humans because in the world there are about 100 trillion ants whereas the humans are only 7 billion.
In landfills, enough aluminum is thrown by Americans that too every three months.
Every year, one supermarket does use 60 million paper bags on average.
To decompose a glass bottle takes more than 1 million years.
More than 5 times the paper from trees can be recycled.

Are you stunned by these facts? There are many more facts and truths that not every person is aware of. If you really care about the environment then you need a website to make your thoughts reachable to every person on the globe.

Thankfully, you will find thousands of ecology and environment WordPress theme on the internet, that will give a boost to your nature-related projects. Also, you will find that most of them are capable of establishing an emotional connection with your aimed audiences.

But always choose one that adjusts your necessities. Build an environment-friendly website with a beautiful, clean, and effective interface. To customize the green site’s layout WordPress platform does offer the most powerful editing tools

The other best thing about WordPress is that it can be downloaded for free of cost and you can begin with layout creation in no time. Build an ecological movement, eco-friendly website, reusable energy organic food website, and bring a sense of desire by your customers.

Below you will find a environment WordPress theme that is perfect for the websites that focuses more on environmental niches. Also, it can be used for eCommerce websites, non-profits, and other agencies that are dedicated to recycling and protecting the environment.

Thus, with very little or little technical knowledge, one can leave a footprint in the web world if you end-up up choosing the SKT Ecology environment WordPress theme for your next or existing project.

The environment WordPress theme is overall ready to help you in minimizing its impact on the environment, But how it is exactly done? SKT Ecology does use a few colors, beautiful images that appeal to your thoughts, and a font that loads quickly.

However, the proper coding standards have been performed plus the code has been compressed so that it minimizes the device power usage and the loading time.

The best thing about this environment WordPress theme is that it does not use any type of complex animations. It is perfect to leave an environmental impact with the minimalist design solution.

About SKT Ecology demo:
The SKT Ecology environment WordPress theme follows the green and yellow color combination so that it clearly exhibits your business or organization’s motto.

4 different options are provided to change the header layout. In short, you can change the position of the logo from the left-hand side to the right-hand side, or to the middle position.

The main slogan of your organization such as ‘Say no to pollution & Yes to Recycle’ on the very first section of the homepage.

Now this slogan or any other text will be followed by the call to action button to take your visitors to the actual page. The call to action button can be ‘read more’, ‘learn more’, ‘buy now, etc.

Now while scrolling the page down you will find different sections that are dedicated to your mission of saving the world.

However, you can add the active status of your clients, the major work you have done, your testimonials or customer feedback, your recycled products, and many more.

Which type of niches can be covered with this environment WordPress theme?

Bio-Fuel: In modern environmental business, the biggest accomplishment is biofuel. It is one of the most effective strategies which encourages us to not use petroleum that affects nature badly.

There are still some most amazing products which are hidden from users and it needs promotion or different marketing strategy so that every person in the world get familiar with them.

And if you are looking for a perfect environment WordPress theme then SKT Ecology is one of the best solutions for you as it does offer clean, eye-catchy designs and elements that will make your website more appealing.

It also offers WPML feature that will help you to translate your website to different languages.

Wind energy: One of the cheapest things is wind energy. However, it does no harm to nature. If you are the reason behind the company that produces wind energy systems then you definitely need a website.

A good environmental website will help you in creating a client base, advertising, and communicating with clients.

Wildlife: A website is also required for the organizations that stand for the future of animals. website behaves as the most important aspect that will help you in spreading your thoughts, views, and related information all over the world.

A well-designed website will also help you in organizing charity activities, events, campaign for donations, and accumulate the community in one single place.

Our environment WordPress theme does offer eye-catching visual effects and elements that can be used to decorate your online presence.

Recycling website: Another most important thing that comes under the environmental-related niche is recycling.

Not everyone is aware of the importance of recycling and how it can help us to keep our earth clean and safe. There are many agencies and organizations that are trying hard to make recycling possible.

It is obvious to have atleast an online presence for such businesses so that they can inform their business motto to the people around the world. This will help the younger generation to know how the waste is sorted and how it can be recyclable.

If you are running a recycling organization or agency then you must have a great online presence. This environment WordPress theme is kept multi-page so that agencies like yours can explore more information on a great cause via dedicated pages.

The environment WordPress theme also includes multiple options, a drag and drop page builder, and lots of custom widgets to make your website look impressive.

Establishing an environmentally friendly business will help you in preserving natural resources and minimizing the impact on the environment. In so many ways your business can support the environment. For example:

Use products that have been produced by recycling material (For example furniture that is created from recycled rubber or office supplies that are created by recycling plastic).

Make use of products that minimize your reliance on natural resources (For example is solar hot water systems and rainwater tanks).

You can concentrate on your business activities to identify if there is something you can do (For example you can hold conference calls instead of face-to-face meetings which will reduce air travel).

Other environment WordPress theme: SKT Nature

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