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Theme Features

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Features of Natural WordPress theme

  • Natural WordPress theme is a multipurpose dynamic template
  • Color changing with green primary colors for natural organic farm fresh look and feel
  • Sidebar widget friendly with inner pages having sidebar by default
  • Can add as many widgets to the sidebar as possible
  • Sidebar page layouts provided with full, right and left sidebar and no sidebar options
  • Similar sidebar layout options provided for blog layouts
  • Single post sidebar layouts also provided
  • 4 types of header layout options possible
  • Header is call to action friendly
  • Inner header can host image, slider, video, map, form and other types of content format
  • Footer has 4 types of layout options as well
  • Footer is also widget friendly and is call to action friendly
  • Slider by default provided with ability for pause time and animation control as well as 10 slides too
  • Slider can be replaced with any other slider like layer, video, image, or accordion sliders
  • Simple and very easy to use with step by step guide/documentation provided as well
  • Import XML for all the inner pages and images is also provided
  • Handcoded with SEO friendly coding and secured codex standards coding as well
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version and plugins
  • WooCommerce compatible and hence online shop can be opened up in no time
  • Events calendar compatible for posting any events
  • Default blog and 404, search, archives and categories and other standard pages included
  • Social media icons font based included over 2000 in number so that they can be used anywhere on the website
  • Color picker friendly with all elements of the natural WordPress theme changeable as per your choice
  • Mobile Responsive and Google mobile friendly test passed
  • Homepage has several animated sections which can be populated from pages
  • Page builder compatibility ensured so that any additional fancy content can be added easily
  • Flat and material design approach has been used
  • Compatible with cross browsers including some old browsers
  • Compatible with latest cross devices and cross platforms as well
  • Customizer based and hence can preview all the changes happening
  • Translation ready with POT file included within languages folder of the theme
  • Multilingual plugins compatibility checked like WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang and found working fine
  • Natural WordPress theme is CSS3 animated looks elegant and animation can be disabled as well
  • 1 year free support is included in the package
  • Comments section well coded with nested comments and Facebook and Disqus comments compatible
  • Site layout of boxed and full wide provided
  • Advanced shortcodes included within the template
  • One can add more shortcodes using additional shortcode plugins
  • 2000+ social icons font based included for use in the website
  • SEO friendly coding and compatible with SEO plugins
  • SMO friendly with social sharing plugins compatible
  • Retina ready and HD resolution ready
  • bbPress and other forum plugin compatible
  • Fancy slider, gallery and Google analytics, map compatible
  • 5 levels of drop down and compatible with a mega menu plugin is also done
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based and hence CSS3 animation given on the homepage

Natural foods and fresh and natural ingredients used to cook something is more preferred nowadays than stale foods and products.

Many people around the world with the increased emission of gases and pollution have started shifting to more green energy and more green environmental produces.

Hence more organic and more farm fresh and natural products are nowadays preferrable than the synthetic ones.

Even though natural and farm fresh costs them more they are willing to spend the extra money to preserve their health better.

Hence natural WordPress theme is an answer for companies who want to have a environmental friendly or eco friendly system of website.

If someone is producing agri based products can definitely use this theme or template.

If someone is producing farm related equipments then also they can use it.

If someone is producing farm related products they can use it.

Conservation or natural eco friendly websites can definitely use it.

Green and solar energy type of websites can also use it. Natural WordPress theme is appealing to chefs, food, and other types of green and eco friendly natural as well as diet and healthy related websites.

So basically this website template with its color changing facility using color picker and with the images and text changed can be developed into any type of website suitable for use for any kind of industry or domain.

Natural WordPress theme has several sections on the homepage which are good and are CSS3 animated and hence look lively and great.

One can reduce or increase the visible content on the landing page of Natural WordPress theme.

One can also easily make use of pages to set up the sections without hampering any problems for the other parts of the website.

For internal pages all the inner pages have dynamic headers which can hold either image, text, form, map, video, gallery or slider.

For the sidebar layout it is available for pages as well as posts too.

One can also list any type of layout on their own with the help and make use of page builders which come handy in setting up own layouts as well as in setting up the content in any fashion you desire for.

Our in built shortcodes provide ample types of fancier content which are in built and can be made use of anytime you wish to use them.

However in case you need more one can use any other shortcode plugins or make use of the page builder plugins as well.

If is required one can make use of the contact form plugins to have contact form and appointment bookings on the entire website.

Make use of WooCommerce to have a great online shop for selling natural products and farm fresh organic produce as well as other types of items too.

Natural WordPress theme is Google mobile friendly and is responsive and has been tested with several devices and browsers for complete compatibility with variety of devices and screen resolutions as well as cross device compatibility as well.

Natural WordPress theme has been coded as per WordPress codex theme review standards and has been coded keeping in mind security point of view and hence it is compatible with latest security plugins as well as several types of plugins readily.

Natural WordPress theme has GPL licensed code and images with compatible license and hence is suitable for all types of commercial as well as personal projects too.

Simple and elegant to look it has got sidebar layouts for pages and posts as well as site wide layout too which is boxed or full wide.

It has got a default slider which can have animation and pause time control and can be replaced with any type of slider plugin be it video, image, or any layered slider as well.

4 types of header and footer layout also is provided as well as they are widget friendly too.

The internal banner area is as dynamic as one can think of with having ability to host video slider, slider of images, image, gif, map, contact form and others with each page having an unique header opportunity.

Every country has different tastes and traditions. Everyone knows unity in diversity. Similarly various countries consists of different states and each state or zone has its different culture and some uniqueness in its food tastes. Also, there are a variety of spices produced across nations. Ayurveda has its origin as well through asian countries. In earlier times, people prefer to take Ayurveda medicine to cure some disease and used to take natural food.

But these days, there is a craze of fast food. But as we all know that organic food is best for good health. These days also, some people prefer to take organic food. Natural products are always a better option. If we consider beauty products then also there are a variety of natural products are available in the market. Most of the brands hence have a natural products and a natural range line for them for people who prefer natural and without any preservatives and for people who prefer to use natural ingredients instead of chemical usage.

Then to stay in competition it is a good idea to design your website. If you are thinking forward to design your elegant website which is related to natural herbs selling, natural beauty products or any other then you are at the right place, natural WordPress theme is the best available alternative. As this theme is loaded with various features and functionality which are required by modernizing websites.

This theme is being designed cling to various SEO tasks which are must need by any newly designed website. When you design your website then it is expected that it will come on top search rankings. This is the only way by which people came to know about the existence of your website. It is also compatible with various SEO plugins.

Also, it is designed to be SMO friendly as social sharing is must to attract more traffic to your website. There is an incorporation of various social media icons in the footer section. So, it is hassle-free for any of the visitors to find you on social media and follow your pages. Social media is a good platform by using which one can take their business to new heights. Various SMO plugins are also supportable.

Our testimonials section has been encompassed by using which one can manually check traffic to their website and can do any modification based on customer reviews and as per the demand of the changing market conditions. This is a fully customizable theme that is one can do any changes anytime and in turn, maintain competition in the market.

Widget friendly design so that one can incorporate widgets in the different sections of the theme like header, sidebar or footer. Natural theme comprised of a large number of shortcodes which can be used to manage content in a proper manner. One can include more shortcodes by making use of shortcode plugin which works well with the template.

Natural theme is fully responsive that is one can view your organic website in any of the devices with greater flexibility like mobile, laptop, desktop and others. Responsive design of a website has nowadays become a necessity.

Blog section has been incorporated to keep visitors engaged with your website for a long time and you can design it splendidly with one of the four layout options which have given. Options are provided to design various sections of the website from which one can select those which are best suited as per the administration of one’s website.

Natural theme is the result of laborious effort of our experienced designers which will take your business to new heights. When such a beautifully designed theme is presented with graceful content then you can imagine the elegant website which will be produced as a concoction of these two.

Also Included with every Natural WordPress theme

  1. Theme FilesOnce purchased theme zip files are provided for upload
  2. PSD Design FilesOne can ask for the PSD files after purchase and we provided it to them thereafter
  3. Sample ContentSample content XML is also provided via documentation
  4. SupportLogin to our support forum via use of email address is provided once you purchase the template, Skype, email support also provided
  5. Free InstallationOne can ask for free installation in case of any problems in installing the theme

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Change Log

  1. Updated November 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare