15+ Point Checklist for Perfect Website Redesign Launch

To launch your website with a perfect website redesign, you need to keep in mind a number of things and make sure your website incorporates all of that in the right proportion.

Running a business in today’s world without a properly designed and updated website is like raising a child without an education. Success seems impossible without a well structured, thoroughly updated and upgraded website that gives a desired user experience not just in businesses but any other kind of blogs or sites.

Just designing the website once before the first launch is unluckily not enough. To run a proper website for your blogs or businesses, you have to redesign and relaunch your website as per the running trends and norms of the changing times so that you attract the right target audience to your website.

To juggle all this up single-handedly, we’ve brought to you:

Perfect Website Redesign

18 point checklist for perfect website redesign launch listed down below

1. Goal Assessment

Before one starts to redesign their website for the relaunch, a proper planning and goal assessment of the whole exercise is extremely important.

Be it goals related to sales or people to subscribe to your newsletters, proper goal assessment is the foundation of achieving the desired result of the website redesign. For this, you must ascertain the goals of the current website redesign by listing them beforehand on a priority basis.

2. Website Metric Assessment

Assesment of the website’s metrics is the second thing one should do to make perfect website redesign certain. The patterns in the data analyzed makes it easy to determine what works best for the success of the website. It gives insights on what methods, strategies, and design elements are best suited to attract targeted traffic to the website.

Types of design elements, topics and CTA’s your visitors respond to are the trends to be planned with the help of these metrics.

3. Design selection of the website

There are certain design elements that should be updated from time to time for a perfect website redesign. For this, one can look into the following list of design elements to attract more and more targeted traffic.

• Consistent use of branding at the right places – Branding is telling the story of your company through your logo, style, and goodwill. The style of branding should speak the vision and mission of the brand and thus consistent use of branding with a predetermined strategy and style is of utmost importance.

• Leaving enough empty spaces between images, texts, ads, and other content – A way to keep visitors comfortable with surfing the website and not get overwhelmed is to design the website’s look with enough negative space between elements such as images, texts, ads, etc.

• Keeping a limited number of choices for the target audience – Choices are a good thing. But give a man too many of them and it equals to having none.

This phenomenon is called analysis paralysis in which the decision time increases because of having too much to choose from and might also result in no sale or a failed visit to the website. To prevent this many websites, like streaming guru Netflix, practices limited options on their website which ultimately proves beneficial.

• Compression of images – The ideal website loading time is 3 seconds. Unfortunately, not all websites turn up on the screen in front of their visitors within that amount of time.

To prevent this, it is very important to compress images as much as possible on your website. This increases the speed of the website and gives your visitors an easy time surfing those beautiful images.

• Adding necessary breadcrumbs – It is very essential, especially for an e-commerce website, to incorporate breadcrumbs in their website design to make it easier for the visitor to know where they are on the website. It acts as a map to the website for a user and makes the website more user-friendly.

• Use of pop-ups and animation – Use of pop-ups and animations for the website can increase interaction as well as the design of the website which pleases both, the business or blog and also the user. Predetermination of such design elements can prove to be fruitful.

4. Reassessment of the target audience Persona

A reassessment of the target audience persona might sound superficial but can act as an extremely fruitful endeavor to attract the right audience to the website.

For this, one has to asses the personna of the right kind of audience for the website in terms of demographics, gender, age, description, preferences, online activities etc and then design a website model based on that to attract users of that kind.

5. Content and SEO Audit

In order to decide what to keep on the website and what to remove, it is very important to do the content and SEO audit. Proper content and SEO audit doesn’t only present the opportunity to strategize new content for better optimization but also helps old yet relevant content to further help the site progress.

6. Titling and Keyword

Right titling and keyword can optimize the site to a higher level without much of an effort. Correct market analysis of your product and target audience and assessment of correct title and keywords can reap benefits more than expected.

7. Prioritizing User experience

It is said that consumer is god. A perfect website redesign can be an effort in futility if it is not strategized and optimised for the best user experience. UX or user experience can be attained by simply thinking in the way your users will see your website and solve any problems or difficulties that they might face.

For this, simple things like right tabs and categories on the website, easy to read fonts etc are to be designed with thoughtfulness.

8. Optimization for Mobile

In today’s day and age where mobile phones are in every pocket aged between 15 to 90, it is of utmost importance for blogging as well as business websites to optimize their site for mobile. Check how the design elements look on mobile and how user-friendly is the mobile version of your website.

Customize as per your assessment for the best possible mobile optimization of your site as, without it, a successful website is nearly impossible in this day and age.

9. Testing Website in Multiple Browsers

Testing the same in multiple browsers stand true as it does in case of mobile optimization. Same measures should be taken as mobile optimization, in order to run a fruitful website.

Browser Stack

Browser Stack is a paid website to analyze how your website would look on different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox Safari, etc.

10. Check Website Speed

Speed testing of the website is of the utmost importance in having a good user experience. Slow website speed is infact is a big cause of low traffic on websites thus should be adhered to.

Pingdom tool

Pingdom Tools can help you see how fast your website is loading and what is slowing it down.

11. Test Links

To see if all your links are working and if any of them is broken, use tools like Screaming Frog

12. Test Forms

Plan well how to design all forms on your website and manually check it’s functionality.

13. Spelling and Grammar Check


The credibility of a website is judged on the quality of its content. Spelling and grammar check is thus essential and tools like Respelt and Grammarly.

14. Check 404 pages

custom 404 error

To get a 404 error page, type in a non-existent page URL on your website. Use a custom page for this that has an error message rather than the default.

15. Check 301 redirects

If a new URL structure is added in the redesign, test a few key pages from the old site URL structure to make sure they are redirecting correctly.

16. Plugin Audit

Test if any plugins in the old structure of website design are dysfunctional or deleted while you are still using it. Access if all plugins are functioning well and are updated.

17. Check NAP with Schema

Check if your contact details are updated correctly as per the Schema code. Go to Schema.org for further information.

18. User Testing

After getting everything tested, don’t just go and upload everything on the server directly. Get your redesigned website user-tested by asking some pre-existing customers or friends to use the new design and review by trying the basic functions like making a purchase.

This will help you determine any last-minute changes and if everything is fine, you can seal the deal by uploading your Perfect Website Redesign on the server.

With this checklist, you’ll be able to encounter any problem you might have missed in your design and structurally edit it into its desired form.

For more information on topics such as this and more such checklists for convenience in your endeavors, keep visiting our website.

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