Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Website

Ask yourself these 8 questions before redesigning your website.

On the internet, millions of websites are running. In which your website is too. We bet you that there are some things that your users need to change or want to see some new features. So, it sounds your website needs a redesign.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is. The makeover is required if you need more traffic, engaging the audience, and leads. It is true, redesigning your website costs you thousands of dollars, but if this better your performance, this is worthy.

Perhaps you think, why you should redesign? Just take an example. Tell me one thing, do you like to wear outdated clothes in recent trends? Of course, not.
So, why your users want to hear from you with the same boring content and look? Think about it.

The upgrade is important. Not just for better performance, but also for engaging more new users in your site that better your ROI and conversion rate too.

If you are ready to redesign your website, so make sure you know what you are going to do and putting your efforts in the right way.

questions before redesigning your website

1. What’s the issue with my existing website?

If you are thinking about a redesign. There are few issues that you need to check and create for better functioning. Old boring images, useless content, bad resources, old layouts, color schemes, appearance are the things which you and users want new.

Moreover, about info page needs to be updated. With outdated information, users feel trouble. All you need to do is. Prepare the list of things you will need to change, add, and upgrade. Then draft solutions for everyone and work accordingly.

2. Have my services or products changed?

It is important questions before redesigning your website. If your website offerings (products or services) are going to change or you are adding new ones, then the website needs to be upgraded.

If you are in the e-commerce business and it is running awesome for the years. But now you need to add some new products and services for your customer, redesigning is must. You need to add a new page or line on the website to get more leads.

3. When was the website updated?

website update

It is an important questions before redesigning your website, you need to check. If you haven’t updated your website for a year, then it’s high time to do this. It is a serious fact that gives a direct impact on your website speed and performance.

If your website looked outdated with obsolete features and layouts this lowers your search engine results. Hence, it reduces traffic, revenue, and fans. You need to devote your time in redesign so you can do better optimization.

4. Are you losing customers?


This might be the question that takes you on this page. It is a fact that if you haven’t updated your website for years and working on only content, you lost the targeted audience. This further takes you in loss because your customers are shifting to another platform.

Hence, your competitors are enjoying the great revenue. Do you need this more to happen? This is a question before redesigning your website you may think.

To cover all lose, prepare the list of things that you will need to upgrade to get back your potential customers and reach more. Plan the strategies and work accordingly.

5. What do you want to achieve?

If you are planning to redesign your website this means you need to achieve great success. State all things accordingly and prepare your budget. With new plans, you can gain more ROI and high conversion rates that simply revamp your position in search engines.

Well, the redesign will take several weeks but the results would be amazing that conquer your time investment.

6. Is my website User-friendly?

user friendly

You may know the fact, people do searches via smartphones and tablets rather PC and laptops. If the sites are mobile-friendly, the experience of users becomes great. They would love to hear from you because you are easy to reach. Make sure your website is user-friendly. If it is lacking somewhere, upgrade it immediately for better your traffic, ROI, and conversion rates.

7. Is my site running successfully?

Google Analytics is one way to analyze the success of your website. With this data collection, you can know about where your website is lacking and needs improvement. Also, this helps to know about your fans’ movements on a page such as falling their interest, reducing traffic, and more.

Most of the website builders offer an analytics tool to better your market research. This helps to plan your website redesign platform accordingly.

Also, make sure you have integrated the data briefly while making your plan. This is the utmost question before redesigning your website you will need to check.

8. What are my rivals doing?

What your rivals are doing is also an important questions before redesigning your website you will need to consider. Compare your website with your rivals and analyze the difference. State everything in your list and work on them in a better way to reach the new audience in high numbers.
To know what websites are doing and using templates to track visitors, go on Google and search for top ranking websites. See what they are offering. Make your plan and adapt what is going to best for your website.

Wrapping up

Your website is a trademark who you are and what are you offering. Therefore, it needs to be perfect, attractive and upgraded with the best features. Hence, the user’s experience on your website always maximized. Redesigning includes everything from your logo to content to layouts.

Redesigning a website isn’t an easy task. You need to think about questions before redesigning the website that I have shared with you. Besides these, there are some other issues you are facing. You will need to consider every fact and this will worth it.

Lastly you will need to hire a website design company to redesign your website.

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