6 Ways Web Design Can Make or Break Your Profits

Make or Break Your Profits

Not all visitors who come to your website are ready to buy right away. They want to see what you have to offer and compare it to your competitors.

You might have heard that research suggests product assessment could take up to 90 seconds. For this reason, it is imperative that flow, function and overall design of your site is done to entice users to stay and discover new products instead of bounce away.

Fortunately for you, all this can be accomplished in WordPress. Even though we’re seeing some competition from sites like Wix, Wix, a lot of people are also looking to convert back to WordPress, as a tried and true platform. Here are six concepts of web design that can make or break your profits.

a lot of people are also looking to convert back to WordPress s, as a tried and true platform. Here are six concepts of web design that can make or break your profits.

Typography :
Web Design Break your profits

Typesetting is an integral part of web design. Most companies use a large font from whatever traditional Woocommerce theme they’ve installed on their WordPress server to attract their visitors’ attention.

The right typeface can help them stand out among their competitors. Designers have given companies a large selection of typefaces to choose, making it easier than ever for them to express themselves and develop their brand.

Unfortunately, this also makes it easier than ever to screw up your WordPress eCommerce site. You’re allowed to place two different types of text on any WordPress post.

Display text includes things like titles and subheadings while body text is pretty much everything else. Choose one typeface for display and another for the body. Using more than two or three different font families will lead to a very crowded site.

Typography lets your eyes flow from one part of your WordPress site to another. You don’t want to drive customers away with typography that’s not aesthetically pleasing.

Make sure that you choose fonts that can be seen across all web browsers and devices. WordPress now makes it easy to specify substitutes or universal web typefaces from Google Fonts without installing any plugins.

Balance :

Balance ensures that your WordPress site’s design has even proportions. It’s like the balance of weight used in photography or graphic design.

If you don’t keep this element in mind, the design can look odd. You can change the visual weight with the addition or removal of elements, color, and size.

Asymmetrical balance is when everything looks stunning even though one side has more action than another. You’ll notice that every design element looks orderly when it’s properly balanced.

Achieving asymmetrical balance is not easy, as it takes time to pull it off on your website. Look at other websites and pay particular attention to the edges.

WordPress sites that aren’t balanced right can have text or photos run straight off the edge into the series of links that line the sides. It looks atrocious and makes it hard to load on a mobile device.

You can also check here for some great graphic design trends to give you some extra ideas.

Grids :

Grids follow the same basic idea as balance. They require the use of horizontal and vertical lines that allow you to “compartmentalize” your WordPress blog or eCommerce page.

Think of the grids that photographers use to create balance in their photos. The Rule of Thirds makes everything look cohesive and visually pleasing.

The Rule of Thirds is a reason why sidebars exist on websites. They take up a third of the width of a website and is why the main content is equal to the design’s width.

It’s also the reason why the subject in photos is typically in the middle, or at the intersection of the square grid.

The grid is the reason why minimalist designs are so popular. Keep the Rule of Thirds in mind when adding donation forms to your WordPress site so they don’t look out of place or get hidden under something else.

Background Videos :

Videos that play in the background can add a lot to your website, and you can add them without needing to download an extra WordPress plugin in most cases.

Use them to add to your brand story and to reduce the amount of written content that’s needed to explain the story of your business. The content should invite visitors to click on the video to find out more about you if you do it right.

Background videos can potentially keep visitors interested the moment they land on your website. Since some people don’t like to read large blocks of text, videos allow them to consume a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Keep the bitrate of the video in mind, because beefy Internet connection speeds are required for faster-loading videos. You don’t want to turn off your visitors with too much content.

White Space :

Break up elements or make them stand out with the use of white space. It’s one of the leading trends in web design to break your profits. White space allows your visitors’ eyes to take a break by adding white space around the elements.

Don’t cramp your website with too many photos or words. To improve readability, make sure your paragraphs have enough spacing between them. When formatting blog posts, paragraphs with one or two sentences are best.

Some people confuse white space for minimalist design, but they’re not necessarily the same thing. Some creative professionals have run WordPress blogs that feature loads of content while still adding plenty of line breaks to keep things looking smooth.

Craftier designers have made use of the infamous non-breaking space. WordPress allows you to switch on UTF-8 support, which gives you the ability to include blank characters other than the one the space bar on your keyboard makes.

Play around with this and see if you can’t get your blog to paginate better by including a few extra characters at the end of lines. You don’t want to have a website that looks like it’s stuck in 2004 after all.

Large Product Images :

B2B websites are using large product images on their own sites, and you don’t want to be left behind because this allows visitors to better know what their products look like.

They’ll be more likely to make a purchase if they know what they’re getting. Large product images also help designers highlight the key features of your merchandise in a way customers respond positively to.

These larger images are always easy to scan and scroll by, even for those who load up a WordPress site on a small smartphone screen. They help your visitors can get a general understanding of what your product offers without having to read a long text description.

While proper use of images with words can lead to better conversions, there are a few caveats that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Don’t use blurry images that make it hard for visitors to see anything. Even though there are some WordPress plugins that can let you edit images from your administration dashboard, there’s nothing they can do to get rid of JPEG compression artifacts.

At the same time, you don’t want to muck up your page with dozens of high-resolution photos since this will make it load slowly on even the best connections.

Redesigning Your eCommerce Page :

Great web design doesn’t just include these six concepts. Accessibility, readability, and usability are extremely important but aren’t nearly as easy to define. This makes web design incredibly difficult to explain to computer scientists let alone the average user throwing up a WordPress blog.

Nevertheless, making good use of any of the previous concepts to improve your website is a step in the right direction. Mastering web design takes time and practice, but web design can help to break your profits in the long-run.

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