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Eco Nature WordPress themes have been created and designed in order to set up websites which are in sync with greenery and nature.

Eco Nature as the name suggests is an area which is used by scientists and agro experts in order to create vegetables and other natural and organic items even though the area won’t be suitable for the habitat.

Eco Nature first became famous when there were countries whose natural habitat was desert or without much water and hence agricultural experts of that country suggested greenhouses to be cultivated and create a habitat for the plants and the other organic items to be cultivated and created in that area so that it benefits the human population staying there.

Nowadays many other examples are also sought after and hence there are many advances in science which can lead to making of a barren land into a fertile land and making it suitable for agriculture.

Eco Nature WordPress themes

Eco Nature WordPress themes tries to have a nice way of having all kinds of templates in store which are green in nature and focus on organic and natural ingredients.

these themes can be used for suitable type of website building and can be used to create a natural website which is not just eco friendly but appears nice and professional for eco friendly and conservation and organic nature friendly website.

These themes can be easily used to create a specific type of greenery website which is suitable for use for variety of purposes like green habitat and plantations.

It can also suit farm houses which sell farm lands and farm houses and resort type of websites which are in place in order to spend some time with nature.

Most companies in UK and US are also providing such facilities whereby you can stay in touch with nature and can have a weekend spending at nice natural area so that you can feel at peace away from city life which is full of sound and pollution.

There are other uses as well for example companies or people who do landscaping work can also use this type of Eco Nature WordPress themes and can create a nice website out of the same.

There are other companies like gardeners who design and create variety of garden and plantations for livelihood. Similarly other types of services can also use these type of Eco Nature WordPress theme for creating any website which needs to appear natural, organic as well as environmental friendly.

SKT Ecology

skt ecology


GB Nature

GB Nature


SKT Nutristore



SKT Recycle

SKT Recycle


SKT Gardening

gardening landscaping WordPress theme


Most of the pool cleaners, landscapers, interior designers, natural habitat plantations, organic food producers, natural herb cultivators and others want this type of website for focussing more on the green vegetation and plantations.

Hhence SKT Gardening features first in our list of growing website using Eco Nature WordPress template which is a unique styled website and has lots of layout features as well as is responsive and Google mobile friendly.

Also tested for cross browser compatibility and cross device compatibility as well. All of them are complete website solution with full demo content available with the website.

It also features a lot of unique features like having header area maintained and editable using banner images or using video, slideshow of any type or kind or using any other type of iframe or form as well as HTML content as well.

Thus making the whole area so unique and interesting for each of the inner pages of the website.

Also the sidebar layout choice also happens to give user the choice of having a full wide or sidebar based web page.

Also shortcodes which are in built and provided with the theme can be used to have any type of fancy content as well as other page builder plugins can be used to create other different types of fancy content which can be added in addition to the ones existing and can have any type of fancy content as needed by the website administrator.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy


Many solar energy plants are being installed everywhere around the world. The major advantage of Solar Energy is that it creates energy from sunlight so its a natural way of generating energy and that does not create any other ill effects as well.

Also we all know that life of Sun is for another 22 million years and hence it is not going to end the resource in near future and hence solar energy forms part of the Eco Nature WordPress theme list and is a solid contender for generating natural energy from sunlight and doesn’t cause any harmful side effects to nature.

Nature One Pro

Nature One Pro as the name suggests is a template dedicated fully to the nature. It is natural and green in nature and has been created to satisfy the needs and wants of websites that need a green template and green natural website for their products or services.

Many people install green carpets and artificial grass and artificial equipments which look good in farmhouses as well as in natural resorts etc.

These type of installations are done in order to save the people visiting the farm houses feel more in sync with nature and to feel more natural. Also to avoid from heat in extreme conditions as well people use green cloth and makeshift stalls to eat food with natural air and avoiding direct sunlight.


Any type of resorts or natural animal parks or circus can use this type of Wildlife template and hence since wildlife falls under greenery and natural plantations and natures core it is understood to have fallen under eco nature WordPress themes category and forms another template of this list.

It is also having all the features of the themes as written above and is dynamic and color changing and also easy to manage and maintain. It is also easier to handle and can be handled without any problems by even novice or users who aren’t well versed with HTML and CSS.


Organic foods and natural foods produced at farmlands aren’t preserved and are fresh and hence cause little problems to a human and hence are more preferred by consumers nowadays.

Since the cost to transport and keep it fresh proves costly and if not consumed and utilized within certain time limits it will be spoiled and hence one has to pay more money for getting organic products from stores.

Natural Herbs

Natural herbs is a website which can be used by ayurvedic and herbal websites and other types of pharma industries as well. Simple and easy to manage and maintain the theme is unique as per its style and content and is also one of the multipurpose eco nature WordPress themes.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition template has been created in order to have the most out of diet and nutritionist as well as paediatrician and other types of fitness trainers who focus more on diet and nutrition for having a healthy lifestyle.

This template is also focussing more on natural foods and healthy food and hence falls under this eco nature WordPress themes list.


Naturo is minimal and easy and is a natural template and is dynamic and hence with the use of images can be nicely used for any type of website and hence has been placed under this category.

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