Best DJ WordPress Themes for Disc Jockey and Musicians

When it comes to partying, music, and DJ it becomes essential to keep the crowd excited and on their feet. But can that magic be replicated by DJ WordPress themes on the online space?

The answer is yes, as they not only become magnificent with the content that you add but also through its features. Just like in every other module of website development here also aesthetics plays a key role.

But does this cluster of themes ensure diverse performance in all aspects? These themes are dedicatedly developed to ensure that the expectations of the target audience are fulfilled. Have a go through this read and grab the best theme to accompany you.

Premium Disc Jockey (DJ) WordPress themes

DJ WordPress themes

SKT Night Club

skt night club


This is an exclusively developed theme for owners and enthusiasts of Night Clubs. Depending upon your idea of business or the kind of services that you offer, creating a website becomes possible.

You can conveniently feature and record different services and exclusives that you offer in your night clubs. Apart from that if you are looking to develop an informative website featuring multiple night clubs then it can also be done.

Each element of the theme is in synchronization with the nightlife and madness that the industry brings. Adding desired information, location, photographs, exclusive offers, and everything else is quick and easy.

Moreover, installation, modification, publication, and post-publication modification are also convenient to manage. Let your webspace speak volumes about your business with this terrific option.

Music Producer

music band WordPress theme


Core adjustments to the beats are integral aspects of the music created for DJ lovers. Similarly, Music Producer is a theme that can perfectly capture your abilities and projects for creating fascinating beats.

It has all the essential aspects that one looks for in the collection of DJ WordPress themes. The default template of the page shall help you in conveying the right message to your audience.

The color combination has been kept bright and dynamic so that a perfect representation of the niche is possible. All kinds of additional requirements in terms of features can be added through third-party plugins.

It is retina-ready and 100% responsive across multiple devices, browsers, and screens. Customization across all aspects and elements is possible to mold the space in the desired manner.

Musical Sounds

musical sounds


Musical Sounds is another prominent option in this compilation that enables you to create a terrific website. It is one of the best aesthetically appealing theme that has been exclusively developed for this niche.

The structure, layout, and other elements can be customized as per the event or music label. Creating a webspace for versatile events or for a music series label is conveniently possible.

You can truly modify the same in all aspects to ensure that full justice can be done to the freshly released tracks. All information associated with the tracks including photographs, artist information, and other details can be added.

The slider can be used to promote awards, recognitions, and new releases. Events can also be promoted and bookings for the same can also be taken by integrating payment gateways.


music studio WordPress theme


When looking to represent a musical band or a particular genre then Melody is a spectacular option. The freshness, hassle less navigation, aesthetics, and impeccable performance makes it stand out in this compilation of DJ WordPress themes.

Starting from the default provided template to every other aspect including all the major ones it is all about music. This enables you to reach out to the right kind of event organizers.

All specific tracks including the downloadable file link can be added here. In case you intend to imbed videos that have been released in other channels then the same is also possible.

Some peculiar features include full modification, WooCommerce support, Google Fonts integration, and one-click demo import among others. Why choose ordinary when you can represent your niche with exclusivity?

Disco Dancer

disco dancer WordPress theme


Disco Dancer is a dynamic, colorful and lively option in this compilation of DJ WordPress themes. Themes like Disco Dancer are exclusively created for featuring, promoting, and teaching various forms of dance styles.

Freestyle and other dance forms are popular across the globe and enthusiasts are keen to learn them. Given the present advancements of technology, teaching such art forms with dynamic websites has become possible.

Adequate care and provisions have been maintained to ensure that the same can be executed here. Modification of major and minor elements, structure, layout, and the color combination is possible.

All basic features are offered by default and the rest can be added through shortcodes or external plugins. WooCommerce compatibility, translation readiness, HD-ready, and Google Font integration are some peculiar features.

The Trip

the trip


This is a special multipurpose theme that can be productively used for representing versatile industries and niches. One can conveniently use it for promoting and booking purpose of a DJ event at the beachside.

Also, as a travel agency, you can also use it to offer complete packages including stay, travel, and tickets, for a popular upcoming DJ night. All modules that are mandatory for such websites have been offered by default and all of them are easy to manage.

Additionally, a full room is provided in terms of customization and modification of layout, template, structure, etc.

You can even set up a blog and conveniently receive bookings by integrating the desired payment gateways. All other required features can be added through third-party plugins.

SKT Tube

This is a perfect theme that you can use to feature and telecast DJ events across the world. All prerequisites for the same have been offered by default which makes it special in this compilation of DJ WordPress themes.

The peculiarity here is that a video slider is provided by default with advanced options of animation and pause time. In total, 32 variations are offered in the inbuilt slider so that as per the occasion the best-suited variation can be selected.

One can also set up video galleries by embedding the desired videos and mapping relevant images with the same. Testimonials from clients can be added and all kinds of events can be promoted successfully.

Everything that is required for organizing, telecasting, and putting a perfect show can be managed here.

Banquet Hall Pro

Organizing a DJ event demands a great location and finding indoors with proper sounds can do wonders. If you have one such well managed and decorated space for such events then Banquet Hall Pro can help you feature it.

It is a multipurpose theme but is a solid option for representing this niche and its requirements. It has passed the Google Mobile-friendly test and is fully responsive across browsers, screens, and devices.

Also, in terms of modification of layout, structure, and templates, the full room is offered. Colors and color schemes can be customized to match the level of madness that you intend to create on the floor.

Adding plugins to enhance functionality and offering the audience with their demands is conveniently manageable.

SKT Events

The most happening event of the town, university, or the year always remains incomplete without DJ nights. Therefore it becomes mandatory to be equipped with one of the fabulous DJ WordPress themes for its promotions and reservations.

SKT Events is exactly what you are looking for as creating an engaging and dynamic website is simplified with it. Any kind of event that you are thinking to host with physical engagement or virtually, everything can be added here.

You can develop a customizable website that can include all the relevant event details and also accept reservations for the same.

All additional functionality that you require apart from the basics for specific event management can be added through plugins or shortcodes. Lastly, it does not have any responsiveness issues across any kinds of devices or screens.


This is an exclusively developed theme for individuals and organizations related to the celluloid industry. But, as DJ is becoming an inevitable part of various film industries and movies you can conveniently use it for multiple purposes.

Given its potential and features, one can create websites related to specific events, bands, DJ nights, etc. Agencies that are offering multiple packages and other exclusive options can create a website related to the same.

The restrictions are null when it comes to modification of elements or customization of any kind.

Multiple inbuilt features will help you in crafting the site of your need that can engage the audience and convert potential leads. Given its terrific aesthetic and out-of-the-box template you can achieve a fantastic online presence.

Event Planners Pro

The scale and size of the DJ event decide the kind of digital presence that it requires. Event Planners Pro is a terrific, thriving, and one of the most elegant themes in the collection of DJ WordPress themes.

Irrespective of the kind, scale, and size of your DJ event you can conveniently create a website. You can add details about multiple small and medium scaled events on it.

In addition to that, if you are intending to host and promote a mega event or night then the same can also be promoted.

Payment gateways for swift transactions and processing of payment can also be integrated. According to the overall theme and target audience, you can modify the theme whenever required without writing any codes.

Beer and Pub

This is a unique and exclusively crafted multipurpose theme that has made it to this collection of best DJ WordPress themes. Parties are always incomplete without delicious food and heart-throbbing energy.

With Beer and Pub, you can conveniently create a website for your exclusive events that includes DJ, EDM, Food, and reputable artists. All information like venue, artist details, timings, and ticket types can be conveniently fixed in the default layout.

For ease of management, it has been ensured that you can modify and customize all aspects as required. Accepting payments is possible and setting up an e-commerce store for selling merchandise is also manageable.

By setting up a gallery you can add and imbed videos and photographs showcasing the events or media coverage.

Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer comes with tools and features that can ensure that you can generate the desired revenue from the website.

Websites related to DJ mostly features the best artists across the world along with promoting local events. When you create one similar niche-specific web space with this theme then monetization management becomes convenient.

Additionally, it is SEO-friendly and has a sonic loading speed that keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. All kinds of details can be added and payment gateways can be integrated.

Setting up a blog or running an e-commerce store is also possible. All standard pages that will be required to set up your profile are offered by default and require only content modification.

Google Fonts have been integrated and connecting social media handles is also convenient.


Modelling is a special addition to this compilation of the best DJ WordPress themes. It is a multipurpose theme that has the potential to host and feature any kind of DJ event.

Not only that its structure and layout are flexible enough to handle all kinds of modifications for promotion purposes. You can easily link the booking and social media link of the event for better engagement.

Google Fonts are integrated by default so that the best representation of the website is possible. All kinds of plugins are supported and it is responsiveness has been tested across devices.

There is no falling back when it comes to adding various kinds of content and setting image and video galleries. The prime purpose of event management, audience engagement, and detailed information are all accomplished here.


The final and concluding option in the terrific list of best DJ WordPress themes is Adventure. This is a dedicatedly crafted multipurpose theme that is already used by distinct industries.

One can easily create a website related to DJ, Night Clubs, Partying, Music, etc. The default template has an organized structure that has the potential to record all the required content.

The liberty to add, remove, and modify all aspects, structure, pages, templates, and layout is an added advantage. It is translation-ready, WooCommerce compatible, and comes with retina-ready templates.

The responsiveness and loading speed is unquestionable. Given the freedom that it has to offer, you can easily create a website of your dreams and needs.

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