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travel WordPress theme
Change Log
  • Updated April 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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Features of travel WordPress theme

  • Travel WordPress theme for travel and tour operators, travelling agencies and other resort operators and hotel related businesses
  • Travel WordPress theme is Elementor based
  • Travel WordPress theme is compatible with mobile phones and is responsive
  • Tested with several browsers and screen resolutions
  • Full color changing with easy to use color pickers
  • Theme Loading very fast and page speed and core web vitals tested
  • Built upon default Customizer for ease of use
  • Do changes live in Customizer without going back and forth from frontend to backend
  • Shortcode plugin compatibility and in built over 100 shortcodes
  • Use these shortcodes to have columns, blocks and other text easily on your website
  • In built contact form with compatibility with ninja forms and contact form 7
  • Call to actions given like contact address, call to us and email and social icons displayed on theme
  • Easily open a shop by using WooCommerce plugin
  • Compatible with various portfolio plugins like NextGen gallery
  • Tested with 6+ sliders like Crelly slider, master slider, meta slider etc
  • Default slider given with the ability to add 10 slides and have animation and pause control
  • Easily change the layout of header and footer
  • 5+ header and footer variations given
  • Header, footer and sidebar all widget friendly
  • Tested with qTranslate X for multilingual
  • Translation ready with PO file available
  • Well commented coding for easy use for developers
  • Google font friendly with 600+ fonts available
  • Other language special characters also tested
  • Social media friendly with 500+ icons font based available
  • Full documentation available with step by step guide
  • Tested with latest WordPress version
  • Coded as per latest WordPress codex standards
  • Homepage loaded up with several sections
  • Ability to add more than 20 sections on the homepage
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Not heavily plugin dependant like other themes
  • Elegant and modern design with flat graphics
  • Material designs used
  • Inner page layouts available
  • Blog page layouts available

Other Features of Travel WordPress theme

Industry use: The Trip is a travel WordPress theme that has been designed and coded to cater to travel agents and tour operators. Apart from this even hotel websites and resorts and other travel based agencies can also use it.

Homepage: Has a section for showcasing various packages of trips and tours which is easily modifiable and useful to populate all the trips.

Customizer: Easy to use Customizer based themes to add various shortcodes which are in built within the theme.

FAQs: So one can easily add accordion for FAQs or question and answer type of stuff.

One can easily add an accordion based or a tab based content for showcasing features of any destination.

Gallery: Easily upload several gallery photos and sort them by categories to showcase different destinations. Compatibility with various other gallery plugins so that if you want you can add the type of portfolio you desire.

Header/Footer: Footer and header variations up to 5 so that one can add the look and feel they want.

Slider plugins: Tested with 6+ slider plugins as given in the features section above so that one can add any type of slider they prefer be it layered slides or simple slides or video sliders.

Responsive: 100% responsive this design is flat and the graphics used are all modern and unique.

Color picker: Using a color picker build this template into any type of website you wish for. Inner page layouts are available so that each page can be set up the way they wish for.

Social icons: Compatibility with font based icons would mean any type of social icons or other icons can be easily added to the website.

Typography: Google fonts would mean that your desire to have different typography never ends.Cyrillic and latin sub sets also provided for special fonts.

Call to action: Keeping up with the trends of modern travel WordPress theme one could see that we have added in built contact forms and other things and also given the compatibility with various plugins out of the box so that users don’t have any hassle. One can even book appointments due to the form compatibility with Ninja forms and contact form 7.

eCommerce: Even WooCommerce and other booking form compatibility would mean one can book orders through the website easily.

Translation ready and multilingual ready: Translate and use the theme as per your language requirements. Multilingual compatible also for multiple language website.

More info about Travel WordPress Theme

Online showcase: In the current state of the world, travel and tourism are one of the extended and fastest growing global industries with its diverse operational directions. The scope ranges from the management of business, leisure, cruise, trip or other types of travelling to the professional arrangement and planning for travel of diverse companies, organizations, travel agencies, magazines, hotels, and vacation rentals. What is more important is the online presentation of all the above-mentioned topics. Because every business needs a relevant website to showcase not just to the outside world but to the visiting clients for a portfolio showcase and previous experience showcase.

It is like your online CV or Resume for your business which you need to constantly better it for showcasing your portfolio to the outside world which doesn’t know much about you or your services or business.

Information resource: It’s impossible to imagine some relevant travel and holiday business offering its services to organize people’s vacations, visits and excursions across the globe, yet not having a strong, dynamic and pretty informative website to be accessible for those groups of audience.

Booking tools: The thing is that modern and progressive travel agents and specialists are not merely travelling organizers or booking tools for the potential clients. Rather, each of them may represent a unique approach towards every single client and find the best, cost – effective and thriving way to satisfy all the needs and wishes of the latter.

Therefore, establishing and running a practical and resilient website to manipulate and be in constant contact with the customers for the most productive results should be one of the primary marketing and business steps to make.

CMS based: WordPress content creation and management ecosystem is an easy to use tool and gives you the edge to get an easy to manage website right in your hands. It acts as a helping hand for all the travel industry representatives to display an online profile that will be mature and sophisticated from a professional viewpoint.

Visually attractive: The Trip which is a travel WordPress theme with its whole elegance and eye – catchy visual appearance has been minutely crafted and seriously developed by the dedicated experts and developers to comply with all the aesthetic, functional and structural trends which are highly required and valid in the present context.

Cross browser and cross device friendly: The flat and material design approach means that this theme can be used for all kinds of browsers and mobile and tablet devices and can be rendered nicely on them too.

Coding standards: What makes this theme so exceptional and highly popular is that every single part and portion of the theme has been strictly followed as per coding standards and repeatedly checked to reach perfection. Hence, this holiday and travel WordPress theme features neatly and conveniently arranged theme sections, areas and boxes to display all the target information about any travel agency or company, its staff, offered directions and destinations or any other valuable content for organizing a trip of a lifetime.

In built Slider: It also makes use of a full-width homepage slider spanning the whole width of the page for the most alluring visual environment for the target content. By the application of a prebuilt slider, one is able to add up to 10 slides and control their transition and animation elements. In case the given one does not satisfy you, it will be possible to replace it with some other slider with advanced functionality and effects.

Other features: Established on a modern and dynamic as well as stable and smart Customizer for making all the relevant changes to the theme and having their live preview before they will appear and finally applying them to show it outside is a great feature. The Trip has been coded to have fast loading and smooth navigation which are the key elements of any website success. Arm your travelling or tourism web pages with the highest quality content and make it easily searchable and findable for everyone with this SEO ready theme. Get your proposals and special offers across more efficiently for your website readers who could be your existing or future clients.

Layouts: A top-level functional and structural layout runs on the basis of this premium quality travel WordPress theme. Apart from being steady and stable towards any technical challenge, it is also very susceptible around any customization or modification. You may change the active colours of the elements opened on the screen via the colour picker and exercise a handy package of available shortcodes to create and add whatever is needed without writing any single line of code by yourself.

Widget friendly: Go ahead and choose among the widgetized footer, header and sidebar areas, more than 600 fonts, create nice looking call to actions for monitoring and improving website conversion rates. Install WooCommerce plugin and make your website eCommerce optimized for selling your services, tour packages for groups and individuals and others. Use the default contact forms or add other contact or ninja forms plugins for the creation of diverse necessary contact forms, payment forms, create and manage user subscriptions, etc.

Performance: A wide range of other highly comprehensive and amazingly useful plugins has also been checked for its perfect compatibility and flawless functional performance with the Trip. Thus, with this technologically cutting – edge theme you will have lots of possibilities at your disposal to improve your online profile performance and range of performance capabilities by the application of diverse slider plugins for better visualization, portfolio and gallery plugins, including NexGen Gallery as feature-packed and stylish photo and image – based solutions.

WordPress-powered shortcode plugins with powerful packs of additional shortcodes are also available to run hand in hand with this template for adding tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders or whatever it is.

Since millions of people across the globe intensively access the Internet on a series of hand – held devices, ensuring your website responsiveness and the ability of your layout to adapt itself to any proposed screen resolution is the best way to cater to your clients over mobiles and tablets. The Trip with its cross mobile and device compatible nature comes ready to conform to all the above-stated requirements for the website multi-use practices.

Flexible and scalable: This highly versatile and flexible, totally adaptable and resourceful while simple and lightweight travel WordPress theme has been developed, launched and maintained with a full compliance with WordPress codex standards and requirements.

Moreover, this traveling website builder toolkit generates user and developer coded framework to make your publishing and customizing experience as a website admin as simple, entertaining and interesting as possible.

The Trip is also social media friendly to contribute to your social network participation and boost your overall revenue, as well as to utilize your travel-based content promotion factors in the value of social media networks. A practical package of social media – based icons is also loaded with the theme to be exercised in the most beneficial way.

Travel WordPress theme has been designed and created in order to help travel consultants as well as travel planners to get a website.

It is said that travel industry is growing fast and it is the second most growing industry after technology because people keep on searching for new destinations to travel to around the world and of course within different budgets and hence they want to find the right type of website where they can find accurate information about the travel destination.

API Integration: Many websites just offer them information about travel destinations and have affiliate links to flight tickets and other websites where they can book hotel rooms etc.

Travel agencies also work on commissions and hence they book tickets online itself but take the commission from the customer and thus they have information on all types of destinations but want to keep the booking on their own part.

Travel aggregator: Many websites also provide aggregate pricing from different travel websites and prices of variety of hotel rooms as well as variety of flight details as well.

Thus our travel WordPress theme tries to include all of them. It is compatible with WooCommerce and hence one can take bookings online and then book on behalf of their clients.

Also it has the ability to showcase various trips and destinations and various packages for any type of location and destination.

It is compatible with various iframe plugins which can be used for having booking plugins or booking feeds from flight websites as well as other hotel websites.

This website template can change colors as well as fonts and can stand out from the crowd and be an impressive feature friendly site for the users to have.

Imagine a travel agency having an old website which is 10 years old. What will happen when users see a decade old website. People might want to go to some other website to check the information as they might think the information given here is also old just like the website.

And hence the agency might be loosing tons of customers. Also a decade old website might not be compatible with variety of screen resolutions as well as variety of mobile phones and other devices like tablets and PCs and laptops and desktops among other devices as well.

Maintenance friendly: Maintenance of any website is the prime reason why many customers and businesses choose to ignore a website however in our case our travel template has been developed in such a way that one can easily set up the sections easily following the documentation and can also make changes to the fonts as well as colors of the site without any problems.

Our template uses Google map integration and has a contact form plugin by default given with captcha.

Customers can be asked to book appointments as the template is well versed with contact form plugins. Customers can be asked to fill forms for getting their preferences known before meetings.

Personalized travel plans can be sent to their email addresses as well.

The template is attractive and changes like text, font and others can be done easily without any requirement or intervention from any website designer or developer.

Page builder: One can have the preference of having extended functionalities as well using other types of plugins. Our travel template is also compatible with page builder plugins and hence any user can add fancy content on the website without any issues. Sidebar templates and page layout features are also provided.

So if one considers this for their travel agency this is a fully loaded website for their needs and requirements. Fast loading as well since number of scripts used are very less on the website.

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Also Included with travel WordPress theme

  • Theme Files

    Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased

  • Sample Content

    1 click demo import to set up all the content of all pages easily

  • Support

    You will get a login for our support forum and our email ID and Skype ID after purchasing a theme

  • PSD Design Files

    Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so. All Themes Bundle users will have to demand PSD files since including so many PSD files is not possible. Single theme users can get the PSD design files on demand.

  • Free Installation

    You will get free installation if you request us to install the travel WordPress theme on your server with demo content