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Theme Features

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Features of Audio WordPress theme

  • Music Player is given and included by default within this theme which can have various sizes like with music playlist or a single audio file can also be played
  • Multipurpose and can be used by metal bands, music artists, music players, music and record label companies and various other companies of music industry
  • Default player is provided and more players are compatible in the form of other musical plugins
  • Responsive to the core and 100% tested in the form of mobile friendliness as well as cross device and cross browser testing is also done as well as cross platform like iOS and Android testing is also done
  • Several Page templates are provided in the form of page layouts and sidebar control
  • Blog layouts with sidebar control is also provided for easy choice of having your choice of blog layout
  • Sidebar is completely widget friendly with any kind of social media icons, social media feeds as well as contact forms and other widgets also can be added
  • Footer variations are given which means that you can have a 2 column to 4 column footer or else a simple footer with only copyright
  • Header variations are also provided which means you can have the logo and menu position control as per the layout choices given
  • Call to actions are provided which means that users can connect with the musical band or artists anytime using footer, header contact details or else clicking on the contact page in navigation or else in sidebar one can have contact form
  • Tickets and merchandise can be sold using WooCommerce as the theme is eCommerce compatible
  • Events calendar can also be set up to provide schedule of various artists and bands and events that are going to be organised
  • Simple to handle and any novice or beginner can set up the website using the tools given
  • Customizer based and hence live preview can be checked and while doing changes one can check them as they happen in real time
  • HTML5 and CSS3 based which is the most recent update and hence CSS3 animations capability is also there and one can add them if required
  • Material design based and hence gradient less and compatible with even old browsers as well
  • Site layout is also given using which one can have boxed or full layout
  • Header and footer widgets are also given and are easy to show your own content in header and footer rather than what is shown by default along with variations given for both header and footer
  • Contact forms compatible with plugins like ninja forms, gravity forms and contact form 7 and also 1 form by default is also included
  • Shortcodes in built are given and is compatible with outside shortcodes plugin as well and hence one can easily set up fancy content as per their liking
  • Icons are also provided which can be not just used for social icons but displayed in pages/posts as well as they are font based color change and size change is also possible
  • Fonts are also given with Google font based and typography changes can be done using font choices, colors etc
  • Colors can be selected easily using color picker and whole audio WordPress theme can be changed in terms
  • Inner header variations are provided and showcased in demo and inner header can have anything from map to image
  • Slider variations are given and full slider control is given including animations, timing and also allowed to change the slider to any plugin of your choice
  • Gallery and sliders plugins compatibility is given so that all kinds of pictures and video gallery can be added
  • Concert dates are given by default
  • Artists and team section is given so that one can list all the band members
  • Social sharing and social media can be used and easily can be adjusted to have social sharing for blog and social media feeds and icons
  • SEO plugins compatible as well as SEO friendly coding is done as per theme review standards
  • Translation ready and multilingual ready and compatible with all kinds of multilingual plugins like WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X and also compatible with translation plugins like loco translate
  • Page builders compatible and all kinds of page and free page builders can be used to set up content for all the pages and sections
  • Shortcodes compatible

Musical Sounds is an Audio WordPress theme which has been created to cater to audio podcasters, people who love to listen to music, music band, artists who want to showcase their albums and music to the world and music bloggers.

Musical sounds has a great music playlist plugin and has compatibility with other plugins like FM and Soundcloud and can be used to display music players and music in the most better way.

The slider given on the top of audio WordPress theme has a nice slide fade effect and has over 12 animation effects and pause time and slide time control. One can also choose to replace this slider and choose to have their own slider in place.

The default slider has around 10 slides and can be used to showcase around 10-15 slides with more custom slider plugin option as well which users can select at their own discretion.

We have also listed around 6 sliders like crelly slider, layer slider, cyclone slider 2, master slider, meta slider and others which can be used in this area.

There are variation layouts like site can be full width or boxed layout with a background image.

Header and footer variations are also provided and inner header banner area can also be edited and replaced with video, audio player, iframe, contact form and other banner images and slider as well of your choice.

So basically each page can be done as per your choice of header and then as per your choice of page layout which lets you select pages layout with sidebar left or right or no sidebar.

Simple and built upon Customizer so that the easiest and even startup bands and music players and artists can also take advantage of this audio WordPress theme.

Complete documentation and manual is given with this audio theme however one can also request for support via email and support forum and support for 1 year is provided to them.

This can be used by metal bands, band artists and others effectively because of the way it is designed and coded and has team members and other players given along with concert dates, and compatibility with events calendar for schedule.

Compatibility with WooCommerce ensures that one can sell their own tickets and also have merchandise uploaded for sale.

Music is a crucial part of almost everyone’s life. Can anyone imagine life without music? It is just impossible to imagine life without music. It is not necessary that every people like same type of music. Choice of music depends from person to person. Some like pop music which is like by most of the teenagers. Some like classical music.

From the last decades till now forms of music has also been changed. There are new additions in the forms of music. We can say music is an essence of life. Thanks to technology, now one can listen to music anywhere, anytime online with different applications. But, if you are a singer or an owner of an orchestra or a band then designing your own website is best. By designing your audio or music website you can reach to a large number of people.

Designing your own website is the best practice of showcasing your knack to a larger number of audience. For this, some of the music artists decide to design their Facebook page. But if you want to gain worldwide popularity then designing your own website is the best idea. With the technological advent, there is also an evolution of various platforms by which non-technical persons also design their website.

One of the popularly known platforms is WordPress. Audio WordPress theme is designed keeping in mind all the features and functionality which are must need by contemporary websites. It is coded with HTML and CSS3, hence give your music website delightful look and feel. Except it is coded with highly technological languages but still simple and easy to use even for a neophyte user.

It is designed to be SEO congenial, coding has been done cling to various SEO requirements. So, designing your music website with this theme can help your website to achieve top search rankings. It is also affable with diverse SEO plugins. So, one can also install SEO plugins without worrying about its compatibility with your audio website.

Responsiveness plays an important role. Majority of the people prefer to browse the web with mobile. In such circumstances, if your website would not work properly in mobile then visitors will be discouraged. Also, it is a possibility that visitors may bounce off to any other related website. So, to avoid all this you must ensure that your website is fully responsive.

Social media is booming these days. It is one of the best medium by which one can expand their business no matter it is of any kind. As almost everyone is present in the social media these days, from a common person to a well-known personality. So, there is a an incorporation of various social media icons in the footer section. So, it is hassle-free for any of your visitors to find you on various social media platforms. Also, it is affable with various SMO plugins.

One of the vital factors without which a website existence is of no use is its speed. You must have to maintain your website speed that is, it has to load faster. Consider, if any of the visitors made a request for your music website and your website is taking much loading time then visitors will be bounce off to any other website. So, to achieve faster loading speed you can install cache plugins in your website which works well with this audio theme.

One can tighten the security of their website by incorporating security plugins. Security of any website is much crucial and cannot be neglected. So, one can also take good care of the security of their website. As per my suggestion, this is the best audio WordPress theme to design any of website related to music, concert, orchestra, bands and any other.

Also Included with every Audio WordPress theme

  1. Theme FilesTheme files are provided in zip format which can be uploaded directly in website
  2. PSD Design FilesPSD design file is provided on demand if someone requests for it for free of cost
  3. Sample ContentSample content of the homepage is available just as the theme is installed and all other pages demo can be set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

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Change Log

  1. Updated June 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts