6 City Guide WordPress Themes for Tour Travel Guides Advisors Itinerary

We all know that TV, daily newspaper or radio won’t work for your travel or tourism, city or travel guide business the way a well prepared and well taken care of website can do.

Therefore, we have compiled a roundup of the best city guide WordPress themes for tour operators and travel agencies, city and tour advisors and guide, itinerary and recommendation, online roadmap and conductor, hotel and vacation, hostel and venue related websites, travel bloggers and other interested candidates.

Who says that there are no memorable adventures you can have and amazing destinations you can be anymore. There are thousands of hidden treasures in the world you have not visited yet and wonders you have not experienced yet.

Moreover, there are hundreds of hotel and traveling advisor portals and guide websites you can check when planning your next vacation or adventurous trip and be sure you are going to enjoy your time without spending more than you have intended to spend for it.

Our city guide WordPress themes are for the creation and management of suchlike websites revolving around tourism and travel, highly recommended destinations and countries, listings and directories, hotel reservation and checking, summer camp and cruise, etc.

What these local listing and city guide WordPress themes have in common is their GPL licensed nature that gives anyone enough freedom to alter, modify and edit the given theme whenever needed and however needed. Thus, you are free as a bird to craft a unique website with quick customization and without breaking any law or without any copyright infringement.

City Guide WordPress Themes

Additionally, as premium quality city guide WordPress themes, each of them unites modern design and animation controls, HTML 5 coding and plugin compatibility to guarantee your niche specific website’s correspondence to the modern digital arena.

Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfast WordPress theme


Make an inviting city directory or hotel website with the help of Bed and Breakfast. It is one of the creatively thought out and minutely processed hospitality and hotel, travel and city guide WordPress themes you can use for a variety of purposes.

Use it as a personal blog to share your traveling experience and give feedback, share hundreds of shots you have taken and inspire people to follow your advice.

Alternatively, you can use it as a travel guide directory where you can have everything well arranged and easy to filter with hotels and flights, venues and destinations, rooms and their facilities, interesting places worth visiting, museums and cathedrals and much more.

Yacht and Cruise

yatch and cruise


Share the best tours, tips and travels with your prospective clients and city guests and do it in the most effective fashion with Yacht and Cruise.

You can pack your website with lots of noticeable attributes and characters, bright colors and interesting font types, high quality images on the homepage slider to deliver the true passion of your travel guide business.

Widget ready areas can also contribute to the general eye catchy look of the site while hosting any additional content, slogan, company’s logo, social media links, recent or popular posts and more.


adventure WordPress theme


Whether you represent world tourism association or organization, run a startup travel agency or want to create a convenient and quick in performance city guide portal which will display the most picturesque parts of the world, Adventure is our best recommendation.

All in all, Adventure is a kind of effective web management response to all the modern challenges in the digital world in an effort to make your website something valuable in terms of its security and convenience in usage.

Particularly, what makes this template convenient in usage is its 100 % responsive yet lightweight performance, smooth and sleek navigation levels from top to bottom, Google friendly fonts enabling you to create an easy to read content, etc.

Hotel Booking

hotel booking WordPress theme


Hotel Booking is what will move your prospective clients and partners closer to your business. While granting you with a pro quality website ecosystem at an affordable price, it’s going to be something professional and informative for your website users, guests and surfers.

Moreover, no matter which device they are using to browse your content or follow your updates. Hotel Booking is going to keep the excellent look and structure of your site throughout different platforms and screens.

Other important nuances such as SEO and SMO qualities, shortcodes pack to replace complex coding, plugin compatibility and PO file inclusion for web translation, all are well taken care of by the theme authors.

The Trip

the trip


Become a trusted online travel or guide leader with The Trip and enjoy endless benefits of it. From boosted results in search engine rankings and social media presence to more revenue from e commerce activities, the advantages of using The Trip for your website or personal travel blog are many.

Build a strong destination website with this responsive and cross browser checked, admin and user optimized website builder and let your clients book flights, reserve rooms, order tours and more, buy relevant accessories, guidebooks, maps, clothing, souvenirs and more from your online storefront.

The theme is also HD and retina ready meaning you can upload and share as many quality images and photos on the homepage slider, within posts and pages, in the gallery area or elsewhere as you may want.

Stay Here

hotel WordPress theme


Let people quickly check and book any trip, hotel, room or other service via your website based on Stay Here.

This visually bright and colorful template effortlessly supports multimedia which means you can have images and videos on the homepage slider or another slider added with a plugin, destinations, tips and advices how to minimize expenses and maximize adrenaline, etc.

As one of the best travel and city guide WordPress themes, Stay Here enables you to insert any system into the website, be it an online reservation or booking system, online payment gateways to order tours and services online and instantly pay for them, calendars or maps or whatever your business may need.

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