10+ Best Brewery WordPress Themes for Pubs and Night Bar Websites

Looking for Brewery WordPress themes for your business, website, or blog? No need to go any further.

As we all know, brewery or liquor is an essential part of our lives. Like this, in an online business, building a website is essential. And for building a user-friendly, optimized website, WordPress provides the themes to make your work easier, simpler, and better. 

The various templates provided by WordPress usually helps the user to have an effective and efficient website, which attracts the clients towards their business.

Most of the themes here provide different variety of fonts and colors to make your website more effective in terms of user experience. So, without further ado, let’s get into the top 10+ themes for your brewery business. 

brewery WordPress themes

Top Brewery and Winery WordPress Themes

Beer and Pub

Beer Pub Wordpress Theme


The beer and pub WordPress theme is designed in a way to attract most of the pubs who deliver beer to their clients.

The features of this theme include the homepage section which is full of pages such that the user can deal with a variety of shortcodes and page builder content.

There are 4 kinds of header and footer layouts, which helps the user to select anyone out of them according to their choice.

The user can also pick the color of the theme according to their choice and alignment as every element of the theme is directly linked to the color picker.

The basic design of Beer and Pub in brewery WordPress themes is to provide accessibility to any pub projects or beer projects or even any food projects. This theme can also be used for the creation of companies’ websites. 

Key features:

  • Simple and easy to use with the vast documentation.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Mobile friendly
  • The theme is effective as the elements can be changed.

Wine Pro

wine pro new


The Wine Pro theme is built using the easy to use theme panels. This theme is made to define the demands of the winery and brewery shops and websites.

It is a flexible color changing theme that fulfills the requirement of the users. This theme also includes almost 580+ font based icons.

The theme is basically SEO friendly as it is coded as per codex. The post templates are also included in the theme, also the parallax background is included with in the theme.

Also, for the advanced users, it comes with the custom CSS module box, which allows them to customize the items as required. 

The theme is multilingual and is well matched with the qTranslate X plugin, which makes the theme translation ready. The homepage is easy to manage, such that the user can easily change the color, font and style of the theme.

Key Features:

  • Various types of shortcodes are included.
  • User-friendly theme with the sidebar.
  • Manageable font and color.



For an attractive website, the Restro brewery WordPress theme is highly recommended, as it looks attractive and stylish on each device. The quality, professionalism, and a great environment is provided in this theme.

This theme exactly displays the whole menu, the offers provided, and time since the pubs or the restaurant is providing the services to the customers.

Any wine shops or restaurant must require the website and they might have some expectations from the themes, this theme provides everything that a cafe or wine company’s owner can expect.

Also, the cafe or restaurant requires a good presentable website to run their online business, this theme is perfect for running an online business from viewing the menu to booking a table. 

Key Features:

  • Specific area providing space for menus, price lists, and many other options.
  • 650+ Google fonts are available.
  • Shortcodes availability for setting up the content.
  • Sample content is avaiable to setup documentation.
  • You will get free installation too.

Juice and Shakes

juice and shakes


This theme is made for the wine shop owners, fruit sellers, fruit juice ventures, or the commercial juice centers to run their online business. In this theme, the accessibility of font and color is limited.

Only the premium members have access to this theme. The features of this theme will help you run a successful online business. In this brewery WordPress theme, there are more than 5 different custom template which are allowed to be used.

Through this theme, the customers will be able to see your menus, the location of your restaurant, or they can even pre-order their foods and drinks. Hence, the theme provides you a website for targeting more customers, even in your traditional business.

Once, the user becomes the premium member, he can access the unlimited colors and font in the theme. The professionalism of the theme is eye friendly and the website gets the 100% response with this theme.

Key Features:

  • The data user provides, is private and secured.
  • Mobile traffic is targeted and beneficial.
  • The Gallery section can be optimized. Hence, it can be converted into a portfolio.
  • HD video supported theme.


ele restaurant


This theme from the brewery WordPress themes enables the user to create convenient websites for their customers.

The feasibility of this theme makes the website to attract more traffic, also helps to create the website more easily.

It is beneficial for small scale wine shops and cafes to attract customers online as well as in traditional ways.
You can use the functional features of the theme to optimize your website.

This time-saving theme has not let down any of the users, whether the user is the owner of a big vineyard or a small pub.

The color combination of the theme gives the unique visuals to your website, and moreover makes it stylish and responsive. Also, the users can change the height and width according to their need and requirement.

Key Features:

  • Page builder feature in this theme helps the user to get the desired website.
  • Inbuilt page builder makes the website fast and easy to use.
  • It includes many features that help the user to customize the website in his way.
  • SEO standards are maintained in this theme.

Full Page

full page WordPress theme


The full-page theme is a multipurpose theme that can be used for various kinds of websites that might include wine related products, photography, online portfolio, used for serving events, or product launch.

As the name suggests, it provides the full page WordPress theme, anyone who wants to showcase their wine collection or related products, can share through this theme.

Anyone who does not have any technical knowledge can easily use this brewery WordPress themes. The concept of the full-page is eye-friendly, and hence, it showcases the whole website on a full screen.

It provides the latest plugins which which is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, along with the 5+ accessible templates.

Also, it provides the accessibility to change the slider. It proves to be a visual treat to the eye, as it creates the website surprisingly big making it attractive to the customers. 

Key Features:

  • Supports the slider plugins.
  • Wider page templates for a better view.
  • Font and color can be customized.
  • 800+ Google fonts are available

Coffee Shop

coffee Shop


Coffee Shop is one of the best ways to attract the consumer because coffee is the best aesthetic brewery WordPress theme for optimizing the website.

If you own a coffee shop this could be the best option for you to choose as it provide a lot of features. The aesthetic look in the theme makes your website look more professional and attracts more customers.

This theme gathers all the attention of the customer visiting your website. It includes the inbuilt shortcodes, easily accessible icons and graphics.

The theme is also named as revenue generation theme as it attracts the traffic of the various age groups and makes your website more visible.

The user who have zero knowledge of coding can also use this theme as, it comes with the effective documentation which helps user to understand the functions of the theme in the easiest ways.

Key Features:

  • Includes the forums and membership plugins.
  • Page builder plugins are also included in the theme
  • Much more easier to use and more compatible to the user.


bakery wordpress theme


For launching an attractive website for the cake shop, bakery, or a wine shop; this theme is perfect. This theme is smitten by the cake shop owners for its elegant visuals.

The cakery theme is designed to provide the best website design for the coffee shop or a wine. There are two different layouts provided in this theme.

Both are designed to gain traffic for the website, and both are designed very neatly. This theme also includes the 4 various layouts for the headers and footers.

The option of changing the color in any element is possible. If the user gets trouble during installation, he would be provided with the free installation. 

Key Features:

  • More than 2000 icons are provided in this theme.
  • Social media-friendly.
  • SMO plugins make it more optimized.


Dairy Farm

dairy farm


The Dairy Farm in brewery WordPress theme is the best option for wine bottles ordering company, food order restaurant, recipe makers, food bloggers, chefs catering services other dairy related websites.

In this theme, there is a provision of an online menu through which the user can use the menu plugins to do the listing of the beverages and food they provide.

The theme also provides the recipe plugins through which the user can easily provide the recipe for what they like or what they cook.

Through booking plugins, the customers can book the orders or the tables online and conveniently. The default slider is also provided by the theme such that it is easy to use and quick to load.

Also, it provides a variety of color and font options in the various elements of the theme. The calendar plugins are also provided by the theme to make it easier for the user, in case he/she wants to add the event information on the website. 

Key Features:

  • SEO and SMO friendly.
  • 100+ inbuilt shortcodes.
  • 800+ Google font choices.
  • Can be used on a variety of devices such as Android, IOS, Windows, etc.
  • 4 layouts of header and footer available.


Food and Recipes

SKT Food


The food and recipes theme is specially designed for food enthusiasts, food bloggers, and chefs. This type of brewery WordPress themes is well suited to the recipe plugins.

It contains its gallery section, which automatically works as the portfolio for the user. It has a sleek and elegant design that helps the user or the blogger to attract traffic for their websites. Social media supported theme, which supports around 580+ icons.

With a few clicks, the color of the theme can be easily changed, according to the convenience of the user. It contains almost 100+ shortcodes.

lso, it contains multiple blog layouts that help the bloggers to select the layout according to their comfort and ease. Several blocks for testimonials are also available in this theme. 

Key Features:

  • Well-matched with multiple browsers.
  • 650+ Google fonts are available.
  • SEO supported codding, tested with the codex.
  • Compatible with woo commerce.





Specifically created for bakers, vineyards, drink makers, and cookie shops, the Bakery in the brewery WordPress theme is a visual treat to the eyes.

Provided with online payment plugins, the user can directly sell their products online and get paid online itself. The Default shop timings tool and other 100+ shortcodes are available in the theme.

The list of team members can also be seen via the team member’s plugins. For building an online business for cake shops and bakeries, it is compatible with WooCommerce.

Captcha is also available if the user wants his customer to fill the contact form. Provides the manageable homepage content, through which the user can easily change the color, font, and style according to his ease.

Slidebar options of right-left and adjustment of the width are available sharing useful tips and tricks, blogs, recipes, and events.

Key Features:

  • Fully Compatible with the newest version of WordPress.
  • The availability of 650+ Google fonts.
  • For displaying the services, the service section is available.

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