Blog and Writers Friendly WordPress Themes for Writing Websites

One of the most practical and user – friendly blogging and website creation ecosystems in the face of WordPress community comes integrated with tons of user – friendly and well – developed products for all those individuals.

And company representatives, who have a big desire to publish any content online without being a genius about WordPress, coding technologies, modern developing skills and other relevant knowledge.

And since WordPress has long established its dominance in all the possible branches and directions of the online profile creation and manifestation, blogging and writing websites are no exceptions at all.

As the relevant specialist have long planned and realized the most unique and adaptive templates catering to writing and author activities in the digital networking system.

In this article we will walk you through the top – rated and incredibly sophisticated blog and writers friendly WordPress themes.

Writers WordPress theme

To exercise all their potentials and advantages for ensuring the most professional and easily usable framework, on which a writing or author website and blog can be deservedly built and flawlessly operated.

All of them share the most suitable layout to post any authored content, use it for commercial and e –shopping purposes, as well as gain universal fame and popularity.


personal WordPress theme

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Let us first cast a glance on the multipurpose and multiconcept, yet simply to utilize and understand template, which is called Character.

Whether you are a person, who have started to establish its writing career in the nearest past and tries to command all the online techniques and strategies to ensure the exceptional look and feel of his writings, books, notes or other blog posts.

Or you are an experienced writer or blogger with long – lasting writing and publishing experience, who, apart from the traditional means of writing dissemination, wants to utilize also immense possibilities provided by the online world, Character with its user and developer – optimized.

Responsive and Google mobile friendly, highly customizable and expressively smart design will for sure be your helping hand in all your undertakings.

Online Coach Pro

online coach new

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Online Coach Pro is the next practical and dynamic tool for all writers, authors, blog owners, online coaches and trainers.

As well as other specialists and experts who want to establish a strong communication ties with thousands of people all around the globe and let your voice be heard around them. Established on fresh and animated external appearance.

Which is totally supported by the impeccable inner functionality ensured by the handy application of tons of essential parts and features of this premium – quality blog and writers friendly WordPress theme, Online Coach Pro deems to be ideal no matter what your website content focuses on.


girly WordPress theme

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Visually awe – inspiring and thriving, beautifully stylized and well – supported, smart and secure, expressively dynamic and bright, totally versatile and flexible, website owner and visitor – friendly, responsive and WooCommerce compatible.

Girlie has been specifically launched with obvious feminine lines and shades to satisfy all the professional requirements of any woman writer or personal blog owner.

This being so, we are pretty sure every feminine representative will inevitably feel the whole strength and solidity of this theme and will appreciate all the configuration and customization possibilities coming along it.

SKT White Pro

skt white

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SKT White Pro has long been checked and confirmed to be a stunning blog and writing website creation and management all – inclusive system, which balances between elegant and modern, visually eye – catching and innovative layout and strong and stable.

Safe and secure, responsive and cross mobile compatible website functionality no matter what mobile or tablet is being used for browsing the target author and writer posts.

What makes this multi – layout and conceptually significant template uniquely top – rated product are its easy and lightweight usability, simplicity and customizability in all stages of the writing website or any author blog creation and development online.



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Marvin with its tech – savvy and feature – rich, yet approachable and easily affordable nature can transform itself to act as a channel for any single author, biographer, scriber and blog writer to connect to his readers’ base.

One of the most striking qualities of this highly recommendable blog and writers friendly WordPress theme, apart from a wide range of top – qualities, is its total user and customer – optimization to the most possible extent even for those writers, who are not familiar with the technocracy of the worldwide web.

SKT Launch Pro

Launch Pro

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From interactive and vigorous design to flexible and immensely resourceful structure, from polished and pliable design solutions to smooth and sleek navigation.

SKT Launch Pro generates a perfect writer and blogger – centric template armed with all the integral parts and portions for perfect website experience both for the writing website owner, as well as the website reader.

In case you want to go about self – publishing or advanced distribution of your e-books and other commercial products, look no further than SKT Launch.

Which comes integrated with whatever any author may need to have at his full command to reach our all his professional and occupational perspectives and reveal new commercial horizons.

Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme

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Political Candidate is also praised as another convenient variant for running on the basis of any writer – based website or blog and generating massive interest in your blog posts, books, novels, writing and other relevant content.

Since this truly amazing and practical writing – optimized and WordPress supported them perfectly operates with WooCommerce plugin, then you are lucky enough to successfully practice all the e-based techniques and methods.

Which are possible within the scope of Political Candidate, thus exercising the cost – effective sales platform easily.


resume WordPress theme

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Me is not just about its writing – effective nature, it’s also about strong visual impact and professional look, mixed with total responsiveness and easily customizable and controllable structure.

This high – quality blog and writers friendly WordPress theme has been checked for its faultless compatibility with a set of modern plugins for executing diverse writer – related undertakings and blog – related activities in the most competitive and productive way.

Moreover, Me is well –optimized for any kind of mobile and device usage and awesomely adapts itself to any screen dimensions.

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