Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

It is a fact that more malware attacks had taken place last year than in the last five years combined and they are increasing exponentially.

What can be irksome to most WordPress users is that WordPress websites are often targeted by these hackers as they can use the login screen to launch brute force attacks.

So, if your current website is based on WordPress, then perhaps, you need to review the following malware removal plugins, and get them installed on your website to both protect yourself and your customers.

The best part is that once you get these malware removal plugins installed in place, they’ll help provide you with all the security that you require and more. So, check them out –

Top 10 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins



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This WordPress security plugin comes in from the makers of WordPress itself and it certainly comes packed with all the tools you need to better protect yourself.

For starters, this plugin provide you with deep scanning, code scanning, spam filtering, monitoring during downtime, and prevents brute force attacks and much more. It also enables a two factor authentication protocol for logging in to your website.

iThemes security

iThemes Security or Better WP Security

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Earlier on, it was called WordPress security but it has changed its title since then. It is a comprehensive WordPress security plugin and comes with all the requisite tools and features.

Once you have this plugin installed, you should be able to access 30 options to better protect your website. It comes with deep scanning which helps to alert you in case of any malicious activity.

Apart from this, it also tracks all vulnerabilities and even helps you to set stronger passwords.

All in one, WP Security and Firewall

wp security and firewall

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This is a free WordPress security plugin which makes it all the more attractive, and it is essential that you get the same installed on your website at the earliest. It comes with a better user interface this time around along with improved customer service.

What makes this plugin all the more interesting is the use of visual cues to represent the data and information.

As it stands, this plugin provides you with all the protection you need from tracking malicious code and eliminating the same to database security, file system protection and more.

Sucuri security

securi security

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This security plugin is currently one of the trending ones and for all the right reasons. It comes with a free and a paid version as well.

You can use the free version to help provide your website with requisite protection, and you can always upgrade to the premium version later on, depending on your requirements.

The free version comes with security auditing; file integrated monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security notifications and more.

Bulletproof security

bulletproof security

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Bullet proof security plugin comes with malware scanning, which it uses to scan your website regularly for any malware infections.

Other than this, it also offers you firewall protection with which it can help prevent brute force attacks. It comes with both free and paid version and you can opt for either one.



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Vault press is yet another WordPress security plugin that provides you with a complete suite of features that you can use to enhance the security of your website.

It was also created by the makers of CMS system and moreover, happens to be powered by Jet pack as well. The one downside is that this is a paid option especially if you are on the lookout for some good anti malware protection.

But it is reasonably priced and its comprehensive suite of security features should help protect your website more effectively.

Hide My WP

hide my wp lite

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Let’s just start off by saying that wordpress as a platform does come with a few vulnerabilities which is why you need a good quality wordpress security plugin like “Hide my WP”.

This plugin hides the fact that you are using wordpress as a platform from hackers and others. Apart from this, it also helps to boost the performance of your website by providing you with several tools and several security features.

It will also send you an automatic notification if it senses some malicious activity.


secupress free

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This WordPress security malware removal plugins is one of the latest and comes with several brand new security enhancing features which you can use to better protect yourself.

It comes with both a free and a paid option without much difference between the two. This plugin should help prevent brute force attacks, block IPS, Firewall and much more.

It also provides you with detailed security report in PDF format. Comparatively, this security plugin is easier to use and you can customize the same, post installation

Google Authenticator

google authenticator

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This is a must have WordPress security plugin; you need to have the same installed on your website at the earliest.

This plugin enables you to set up a two factor authentication force, where in uses often have to have their ID confirmed by a two steo authentication protocol. This should help you protect your website beter.

Gravity forms encrypted fields

gravity form

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If you have Gravity forms installed on your website, then it should help to enhance the security of your platform and to keep all your information secure.

You may want to consider investing in gravity forms encrypted fields as it would boost the security of your website. These security features s should help you to protect your website and keep your information safe and secure.

These are the top 10 malware removal plugins that you may want to use on your website to keep it safe and secure at all times.

Granted that there are more than a few security plugins that you can opt for, which is why you to go in for a trail period. Download and install the plugin.

Once done, you can opt to check the lot out and that should provide you with all the information you need to choose the right plugin.

Just remember that when you are installing plugins on your website it is always a good idea to check and see if the plugin in compatible with your website.

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