WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform in the World

Currently, a large number of people use the Internet only to find the information they are interested in, for example, the latest news, or to visit information resources of a certain direction, satisfying their curiosity.

They also use the Internet to buy the necessary things, including college papers, and to communicate with like-minded people in social networks.

But there are also such users who communicate exclusively through blogs. There are a lot of them; their number is growing every day.

The thing that makes WordPress best blogging platform so popular and accessible today is an opportunity to create it yourself using any CMS.

1. The Main Types of CMS

CMS is a content management tertiary for the site. Various CMSs were created in order to simplify the content management process on the website so today, it is not necessary to understand complicated codes and programming languages to create your own site.

WordPress best Blogging Platform

At the same time, different CMSs are created for various needs. Each of them has its own set of functionality and tools, its kind of interface, its own set of templates, and WordPress is one of them.


First, we’ll figure out what CMS exist for today. Conditionally they can be divided into three categories: Commercial, free and highly specialized. Accordingly, commercial tertiaries are created to sell a license for them, that is, you can buy such a CMS and independently make a website using it.

In this case, you are provided with technical support in case of questions or problems. The most famous among the paid CMS is the 1C-Bitrix tertiary.

Free CMSs, like WordPress, are distributed freely, in addition, they can be modified and their new versions can be published.

The highly specialized management tertiaries are created for a certain category of sites, for example, for online stores.

How to determine which CMS to choose for your site? In order to do this, it is crucial to consider a number of factors from your financial capabilities and knowledge in the field of programming to the designation and goals of the site.

2. WordPress CMS and Its Advantages

CMS WordPress is used for blogs, although some enthusiasts use it for sites, and even for online stores. This is the most popular CMS for and WordPress is the best blogging platform in the world.  

On the official site, you can download both the tertiary itself, free WordPress themes for it, and plug-ins.

It is highly recommended to download everything from either this site or from the tertiary itself, for one very crucial reason.

This reason is security. Everything you download from the official site is safe and tested both by the tertiary itself and by users. If you do not like something in the plug-in or theme, then read the user reviews.

Here is a list of the main advantages of WordPress:

  • The engine and templates to it can be downloaded for free;
  • The choice of WordPress themes is large enough;
  • Quick installation;
  • Clear and simple control panel (admin panel);
  • A wide range of available add-ons and extensions (plug-ins);

Ability to make changes to the WordPress templates code.

Now we will expand each point in more detail.

3. Free of Charge

free of charge

Of course, the first advantage of WordPress, which allowed it to win wide popularity, is the fact that it is free. Everyone who wanted to create his own blog could do it without additional costs and investments with the help of WordPress.

Of course, there are much more free engines. However, WordPress has conquered everyone by its simplicity of installation, customization, and use. Everything is extremely clear and accessible.

4. Changeability and Usability

You can add content to the site using a visual editor that is not more complex than the interface in Word. The admin panel is intuitive to everyone; you can master it in a very short time.

In order to expand the functionality of the site, it is enough to install the WordPress recipe plugin.

Most of the plugins, just like templates, are freely available. If you want to make changes to the display, style or structure of the site, you can do this by adjusting the code in the theme files.

The structure of the template, the hierarchy of its files is also relatively simple, in comparison with the Joomla CMS.

5. Support and Protection


In addition, due to its popularity, forums and specialized sites, you can find answers to all possible questions about working with this engine.

Also, thanks to the work of developers and simple installation of official tertiary updates, the sites on WordPress are sufficiently protected from infection.

And the emerging vulnerabilities are quickly eliminated. It is also crucial to pay attention to protecting your resource, checking its vulnerabilities, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of its infection.

6. WordPress Themes

Another advantage is the best WordPress themes, the choice of which is huge on the official website.  You can choose from the colors, the number of columns, the width, and other features. SKT Themes is one of the best WordPress themes provider.

skt themes

All themes are divided into separate components. There is a file for the title, a file for the sidebar, a file for entries, etc.

All files are in the PHP format, and their implementation on the blog is done using PHP call commands. All this is not only convenient but also technically useful because the load on hosting is reduced and the loading of pages is accelerated.

7. Plug-ins and Extensions

WordPress plugins bloggers wiriters

Another feature is support for third-party programs and services. For example, you can always add a note or a page to a blog using a specific application from your mobile phone. With programs and services, it is worth noting the newsletter via RSS-feeds and Atom.

Such a progressive solution makes it possible to interact more closely with subscribers and readers of the site, and convenient commenting is a quick reaction to your publications.

Each commentator receives a notification if someone responds to his comment. That is – everything practically happens in real time, and this is very crucial for the development of the blog.

All this is very convenient and already built into the tertiary. The engine can be easily connected with a commenting tertiary from Facebook or Disqus.

Another feature is the built-in support for human-understandable URL. This means that the address of the page is written not by a set of numbers and letters, but by transliteration.

8. Open Source

Since themes and program modules are distributed on the basis of the GPL agreement, you can easily upgrade the WordPress as a best blogging platform code and share it with other users, without paying any license fees.

In addition, ready-made modules and templates of other programmers are available on the network, which you can use for the purpose of finalizing or creating the site, which will save you time and money.

9. Speed of Work

Of course, there are more speedy and hardy CMS. However, compared to the closest competitors with similar functionality, WordPress is out of the competition thanks to a number of plug-ins that accelerates the work and reduces the load on the pages.

The very small size of this CMS allows you to economically spend space on hosting, makes it easier to check the site for harmful programs, etc.

10. Advanced Blog Functionality

advanced functionality

Initially, this engine was created as a convenient management tertiary for blogs. And accordingly, WordPress was most widely spread among bloggers.

Therefore, if you asked yourself which CMS to choose for a blog, then the answer is obvious since it is for this type of resource that this engine fits best.

The main functionality is aimed at creating author’s thematic posts with the possibility of their commenting by visitors. In this context, it is also suitable for creating news resources.

However, the functionality of the engine can be significantly extended with the help of plug-ins. Unlike templates, plug-ins are very often distributed along with localization files, that is, they do not need to be translated.

If none of the already developed plug-ins is suitable for your purpose, you can, with the appropriate skills, write the plug-in yourself or hire a programmer to write it.

WordPress is well documented and has a simple and understandable API. Any more or less experienced web programmer will quickly figure it out.

11. Additional Features

All of the above can be attributed to the main advantages of CMS WordPress but this list can be supplemented with a huge library of quality paid templates that have more advanced functionality and flexible settings.

The designer supports widgets and various social plug-ins that improve the readability and attendance of the blog. Many themes have built-in support for SEO, and the engine itself is equipped with such a tertiary.

This innovation is great for improving the ranking of your site in Google and other search engines and also, the designer is reliably protected from hacking and spam.

Of course, these are just words, so you need to work with WordPress to appreciate all its immense possibilities in practice.

All of the above says only one thing: WordPress is the comfort, simplicity, and functionality. So if you seriously decided to do your project, but do not know which CMS to choose – choose WordPress, and this will definitely be the right decision.

It is true that with the advancement in technology it is becoming important that even small business create an emphasized web presence.

Owing a highly optimized website is an essential way of developing strong strategic competition which also goes on to create business growth.

But when it comes to creating awareness about the brand then the most effective way which is identified is with the help of consistent blogging.

Blogging is a simple way in which business can easily attract traffic to the website this way more prospective customers are attracted to the website which is the main motive of any business.

Research shows that around 80% of business houses show that the blogging has been an important part of their marketing strategy which has lead to the attraction of prospective customers.

The use of WordPress Blogging Platform here helps in the creation of a highly effective blog which has all the required features so that the bloggers do not have to struggle with it.

Benefits of blogging

Top benefits of using WordPress as a best blogging platform which leads to attractive blogs are mentioned here. Business owners will get higher clarity here as to what they must to.

  • SEO Boost: The search engines are looking for fresh and relevant quality content. Blogging is one of the most effective ways or offering ineffective content.
    When the blogs are created search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing gets new content to the index which is a great opportunity for the business to insert keywords when a search is made for a particular type of service or product.
  • Relationship enhancement: One of the most important aspects of online marketing is customer engagement. WordPress best Blogging platform create where the business can create new customers and connect with the existing one.
    This creates and builds trusts with the target audience when relevant and high-quality content is provided to them. The comment section will allow you to actually find out about the customer’s comment that will go a long way in building trusts and relationship.
  • Becoming industry leaders: Online best blogging platform has created the platform in which no matter how small a business has been with relevant and informational content which is valuable to the readers they can become leaders in their own sense.
    You can become the ‘go to’ resource for the industry if the trust and links are created. This will eventually lead to the conversion of the visitors into customers.
  • Growth opportunities: The blogs provide a good opportunity to share links on the blog. This creates viral traffic which is a great opportunity for exponential growth.
    This is a free way in which many platforms like blog, tweets, email etc can be used to share the links.

Blogging is an interesting way of doing online marketing and promotion. It gives an opportunity to be industry experts along with great option to tap the largest customer base which is available online.

Since WordPress is a best blogging platform focuses on quality the business will benefit from it in all aspects. It is also an inexpensive way of connecting with everyone.

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