9 Reasons To Blogs Fail & Want To Know What You Can Do To Fix It?

Is your blog effective? No? Are you looking for the main reasons to blogs fail?
Do you know the main reason for the failure of the blog can be a various factors that affect rankings? It can be because you might not have updated your blog from a longer time, you are not capable of handling blog or anything else.

Most of the blog fails due to the wrong estimate of time investment. Blogging is the most important part of SEO so if you want to reach your goal then you have to create an effective blog to get more profit and audiences.

As per the research, it is found that usually, blogger takes more than 2 hours to create a single blog post whereas some of them take more than 5 hours which is more time that is not an effective way for companies to invest.

Externalization is the solution over it, you don’t have to think about promotion, review, or anything. Plus some most important reasons to blogs fails are given below. I hope these tricks will help you out.

reasons to blogs fails

So, the top 9 reasons to blogs fail are

1. Absence of Commitment

The absence of commitment is the biggest reasons to blogs fail. Don’t you think it is? You come up with an awesome idea for creating a blog and start creating a blog. But the biggest factor is that you don’t know how much time will be required to create that specific blog. Obviously you can set a blog on your website and it will start running within 5minutes. But many of the people do not think how much it will require creating it.

2. Lack of preparation

Lack of preparation
Anyone can start creating a blog within some minutes. Therefore most of the freebie prefers to start blogging as blogging does not require any technical knowledge to get started. The idea of creating a blog is good as anyone can create a blog very easily plus you can get much profit in the business due to blog.

There is much stuff that you can focus on before blogging. Therefore make sure that you have taken an accurate amount of time to plan a strategy to get maximum profit. To create an effective blog you have to hire someone who is interested in creating a blog. Because with right blogging you can get more audience, money, etc.

3. Plan a blog from highly recommended resources

Before going into the blogging world make sure that you are referring to some awesome and effective resources to know about blogging. In the web world, you will find that there are many resources that you can jump into it but only prefer the most effective and the one which has more ranking on Google. Some blogging guidance will help you from initializing to finalizing phrase of the blog. In the end, you will be able to create a successful blog that will be loved by search engines. If you are starting a blog for getting more profit then you should follow blog guidance.

4. Not considering the future goal

First, know the purpose of your blog. For example, some creates a blog, to showcase the uses of products, some write a blog that updated case studies, and some blog has a story to tell whereas most of the blog is created for email marketing such as constant contactor MailChimp.
goals target
Creating an email marketing factor is the best way to get connected with past customers. Therefore email list is considered an important factor of an effective blog. Getting new customers is the basic goal of every business but maintaining good business relationships with past customers is an essential motto.
Such blogs help you to know how you can make good business relationships and attract maximum customers towards your business.

Email marketing is a process of marketing your blog by subscribing email notifications. Your customers will get started with new information and the new arrival of products. Therefore it is very important to know about your purpose ether you want to create a blog for affiliate income generation, email marketing, lead generation, or anything else. By doing this you will be close to reaching your goal.

5. Failing to create marketing plan

Most of the website owner doesn’t even know what they should expect from that particular blog hence they give up with their blog. Some people just create the blog and integrate it into their website just because they hear from somewhere that blog is good for the business. They create a blog, integrate it and leave it for some days if they are getting traffic or not.

So it is very important to know how a blog can benefit your business. You have to plan in such a way that it will long for your business and give expected results. If you are not taking blogging too seriously then you will face many losses in traffic and potential users.

To make your blog run successful you have to learn more about inbound content marketing strategy. The idea “create it and it will come” will not work unless you have applied proper strategy to your blog.

6. Failed while selecting the correct content type

Do you ever check other’s blog? Have you seen that they have created a blog including different types of content such as text, video, images, pictures, and animation and so on?
content creation
The blog with such type of content gets more traffic and users than the simple text blog. Many tech bloggers will suggest you integrate such type of content on your blog to get maximum profit. This type of blog is also lovable by search engines.

Before selecting the correct content-type make sure to consider these steps.

  • Go back and think on the purpose of creating a blog
  • Which strategy will work on your business?
  • Find out the method to reach maximum users.

Consider an example that you are a photographer or videographer. The maximum opportunity is that people would like to see your recent work. Hence you need to think like targeted visitors and know what actually they want and what you need to grab. So you can create a blog that has some beautiful images of case studies.

Suppose you are selling some product then you can create a blog including images or you can make use of video content to showcase the process of using it. Integrate that bite-sized video clip to your blog. for different products create different videos.

If you have 10 products and showing all details in the single video the potential customers will get confused hence you will lose them. You will miss the chance of convincing them. You can integrate such videos on the homepage plus these kinds of videos can be used in documentation or emails.

In this way, you should realize which type of content will be best suitable for your blog and work according to it.

7. Failed in creating and establishing a content identity for your website or a blog

While creating content do not think that you are writing for thousands of people just consider that you are writing content only for a single reader. You must come across this recommendation many times. Before writing content, makes sure for whom you are writing content. You need to do some research on demographics. You will need to understand what your customers like and dislike. You can get this kind of information in detail from the user profile. After analyzing the reader start writing the content to appeal to them.
Determining your readers can

  • Provide true guidance to the blog.
  • Provide structure to content strategy.
  • Give a voice.

You can even create a profile using paper and pen just you have to think about what you want to express to your reader.

Personapp is also the best to use. This app will be useful for creating countless profiles and projects, list information, miscellaneous fields, assign images and more, even you can export your profile.
There are many other methods to use do this. Analyze each and every method and use according to it. This is also another important reasons to blogs fail.

8. Failed to create unique content

Some writers create content by reusing other’s blog content. Actually this type of content is not technically copied content but it is one type of copied content.

Therefore you should try to examine new ideas to write on the blog. Some time instead of writing post you can also create some unique infographics or podcasts.

9. Fail to showcase their online presence on social media

Social media is most responsible for driving traffic to your website or blog. Plus maximum visitors are active on social media to browse something new on their feeds. So you should start exploring your content on social media too. And if you are aware of the keywords that the users can type to get a specific posts that you are on the correct track. Make sure to add hashtags before keywords. If you have already created your blog then just start sharing on different social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

There is some more reasons to blogs fail. Some of them are listed below

  • Time management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Call to action buttons
  • Writing style
  • Do regular blog posting
  • Research on a blog post
  • Get your friends and families involved
  • Engage your readers
  • ARRRGH advertising
  • Link your blog to relevant blog
  • Love yourself and your blog
  • Think about profit
  • Strategy and micro-goals
  • Working environments

Your blog is the major source of your brand and the way of promoting your products and services to get more user attention. All important reasons to blogs fail are mentioned above. If you are doing these mistakes while creating a blog try to solve it as soon as possible.

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