How to Create a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy with Visuals

When it comes to getting your website to stand out you would need a lot more than a nice theme, an attractive design, you would need some outstanding content.

But these days, just good content alone is not enough any longer for recent studies have indicated that users are more easily influenced by visuals.

In other words, you need to opt for some quality content with fantastic visuals accompanying it and create powerful content marketing strategies to get your website the traction it needs. These are the things that you need to do, to make your website stand out.

Create a Powerful Content Marketing with Visuals

1. Insert images :

Insert Media

It is important that you insert images into your regular or blog posts. In fact, it is always a good idea to use some attractive visuals to go with any post you make.

While mere text content was enough a decade ago, that no longer holds any value since most users prefer rich, stunning visuals to accompany their text based content.

Readers may find it boring to read long, pieces of text whereas an interesting visual would, just do the trick and keep your users interested long enough.

This is why you need to explore ways to create powerful content marketing strategies so that you can help transform those leads into actual customers

2. Use a custom info graphic :

One of the best ways to keep your users interested is by creating a rich info graphic that would snag their attention right away. A recent study highlighted the fact that most online users spend only seconds on a webpage before moving onto the next one.

Whereas by opting to use rich info graphic, with a rich underlay of text, images and media files, you should be able to keep them interested long enough to pursue the rest of your page. There are quite a few creative tools that you can use to make your info graphic attractive and appealing.

3. Add an interesting video :

As indicated earlier, it is vital that you make your online users interested in your post to want to stay on your website long enough. And one of the ways to get them interested is by featuring interesting videos to go with your content.

You can upload videos directly to your website or stream them online. The point being that by featuring relevant videos to go with your content, you are making your post stand out and this should help get your website more traction online.

4. Slide show :

Slide Show

If you are trying to promote various products/ services, then it makes all the more sense to put up a slide show, featuring rich, high definition images of your various products.

This is bound to keep your visitors interested long enough to transform into actual customers as well. There are various sliders that you can utilize with your website – just check online, you can go for the basic ones or go in for those that come with advanced functionality as well.

There are sliders that can help convert those images into a beautiful story as well. With the perfect slider and the right creative tools, you can let your slide show do all the ‘talking’.

5. Use 3D charts and graphs :

If you have to feature some amounts of data on your website, chances are that you would use the usual two dimensional charts and graphs.

But you may want to utilize 3D charts and graphs to simplify the information for your users so that they are able to understand it with ease. And when you present key data in such a format it is bound to interest your visitors.

Content is king, that is a fact but what is also true is that this is a time when you need to create powerful content marketing to make sure that your content gets the right amount of traction online and that it converts well.

And for that to happen, you would need to go the extra mile and make your content visually appealing as well. And that is predominantly the reason that you need to follow the tips and suggestions posted above, to ensure that your website stands out from all the rest.

You may also want to keep in mind that online users are more readily influenced by visuals than by text alone – so whether you are developing a business website or setting up a personal blog, you need to make sure that you use rich visuals to go with your content.

And make sure that you optimize the content and the various images you use for SEO as well. It is great if your posts come with some awesome content but you need to use high resolution images and videos to go with the same, to make the post interesting and appealing to online users.

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