Effective Ways To Use Images And Videos for Your eCommerce Websites

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is one of the most popular methods for conducting business activities today.

Technically, E-commerce means any commercial activity that is conducted electronically, primarily through the World Wide Web. For a business to succeed, E-commerce is one of crucial.

Images and Videos are two separate features supported by websites. They are commonly found on many websites and web-platforms. Interestingly, it is possible to use images and videos for E-commerce websites to make them more appealing to the end customer.

What Images and Videos Do?

Think of any well-known e-commerce store. For example, Amazon. Amongst other common things, they all have a common tendency to display pictures for their products.

If the image is displayed properly, at the right place and with the right characteristics, it can help attract a customer by showcasing some of the prominent features of the product.

images and videos for eCommerce websites

Moreover, not only can it attract a potential customer to change to an actual customer, it can also increase the quantity of the product bought by existing customers. The reason is simple: customers want to know exactly what they are paying for.

If they do not know, say, the design of a T-Shirt or the color of a tale, why would they risk paying for it? Having an image or video for E commerce website makes it easier to persuade customers to become willing enough to buy the product.

Moreover, images and videos for e-commerce websites improve their quality. It makes the site more attractive which is likely to gain it more visitors.

Research suggests that there are a lot of customers who decide whether or not to buy a product they can afford based on the image of the product.

For an online store, this could actually be considered a way for value addition. This means that a business can improve their sales and profits by using images and videos for eCommerce websites.

Let us consider 6 effective ways this could be made possible.

What Images and Videos Do

1. Natural Lighting Is A Must Have

In simple words, it means using natural sunlight as the light source when taking pictures of the product to be displayed on the website.

This is best done at midday time when the sun is the brightest. The reason is simple: get a picture that can show your customer exactly how the product looks in real.

This is important to gain customer confidence. Moreover, for larger products, you may make a video showing all their sides in bright and clear sunlight so that they customer feels comfortable paying for the product that they like.

Images and Video for eCommerce websites can be improved by capturing the natural view of the product.

2. Make Your Product Features Prominent

To most users, what matters the most is the functionality of the end product that they are paying for. This means that they need to get value for their money: get what they have paid for.

As a result, when customers are looking at the images and videos of the products, they are trying to spot the features present in the product.

Images and Videos for E-Commerce websites should focus on the various unique and most appealing features of the products. Those features must be highlighted that can convince someone to pay for the product.

For example, the hybrid batteries of certain cars or the vibrant colors of lipsticks etc. Displaying the feature gives the customers a deeper insight in the product, allowing them to make a more informed decision.

3. Bring The Tripod In Action!

Humans move, that is nature. However, what is important is realizing that even the slightest movement can blur the picture and reduce the final result of the image to be displayed on the website. Images and Videos for eCommerce Websites should not blur much.

Otherwise, customer might not be able to get a clear view of what they are purchasing. At times, too much blur in the photographs can actually anger the client and irritate them to the point that they leave the website. This could break off both potential and actual customers.

However, it is necessary to understand that quality pictures can be taken using Tripods, so that the camera does not move even the slightest due to human movements. This can incredibility improve the final results and make the customers more interested in the video.

Bring The Tripod In Action

4. You Video, You Sales Person!

Images and Videos for E Commerce Website can be your personal sales agent. When customers are in a physical shop, they are catered by sales agents who show them the products and mention keep information etc.

The same role on your website can be played by professionally developed videos. The customer can ply the video to gain all the necessary information, in a friendly and talkative manner.

This service will help the customer feel they are getting more individualized attention. Moreover, customers won’t feel the need to actually check out the products in the shop.

5. Using Transparent Background

Either use white or light background for the pictures of your products. Images and Videos for E Commerce can be quite affective if the can bring out and present the features of the products you are offering as brilliantly as possible.

A lighter background helps get a professional touch to the images of your products. The formality added can help increase the value of the products, making them more convincing to the customer. Moreover, a fancy background can divert the attention of the buyer from the main product.

6. Mobile Shopping is the New Norm!

Don’t forget. Mobile shopping is becoming more and more important every day. People use data packages on their phones to use the internet more than traditional PCs.

This means that your images and videos for eCommerce websites should be optimized to use less data, be mobile friendly and placed in a responsive manner. The images and videos should be mobile optimized.

Summing up, images and videos are your triumph card to generate more sales from an e-commerce website. You must ensure that this triumph card does not get unsuccessful. Optimize now!

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