Common WordPress Theme Issues and How to Fix Them

Common WordPress Theme Issues

When it comes to developing a website, whether you are looking to jumpstart your business or looking to set up an eCommerce portal or for that matter, a personal website, the fact is that you need a robust and strong platform to base it on.

And WordPress offers you such a platform with all the requisite tools, and themes to go with it.

Moreover, WordPress is quite popular on account of its CMS system, as it allows you to upload content to your website instantaneously.

There are quite a few reasons as to why WordPress continues to be popular so much so that some of the top companies in the world are opting for the same.

It comes with several best WordPress themes that you can opt for when setting up your website.

But more importantly, there are a few common WordPress theme issues that’s bound to creep in from time to time.

You may want to review the lot and learn how to resolve these common WordPress theme issues same quickly so that your website continues to function seamlessly.

10 common WordPress theme issues and how to fix them

1. Missing stylesheet:

You finally found a theme that you liked, and purchased the same. However, when you tried to install the same, you get the error that the style sheet is missing.

Well, chances are that the developer tried to scam you but a more realistic explanation is that the style sheet is located in the theme folder.

Save a copy of the theme to your system, unzip it and you should be able to check your theme. Now zip it again, use FTP to upload to WordPress and unzip it again, it should now work.

2. Sample data import errors:

Now that you have your theme installed, you soon run into several issues when importing data. One of the reasons that you may encounter several errors when importing data from other sources to your website could be that the theme has not been activated yet.

Or the other reason could be that you have not checked the box that says “download attachments”. This should help take care of your data import issues

3. Home page does not look like the demo:

More users become irked when their home page does not look like the demo of the theme they had selected for their website.

This is because you have either set the home page to feature your latest post or your theme is using default settings.

Either way, you can easily resolve this by heading to your settings and checking out your preferences, check under font page displays.

4. Ugly URLs:

Well, if you are not that happy about your current URL, you can get the same changed easily by heading over to settings and Permalinks. You should come across many options, choose the one you prefer as your URL and that’s it.

5. Posts are returning 404 errors:

If your posts are returning 404 errors, you need to stop panicking and take a deep breath as this issue is easily resolved. It is a simple matter of updating your permalinks. Just remember that if you changed your theme, then you need to update your permalinks.

6. Blank menu:

If you are new to WordPress and a little puzzled as to why your theme continues to remain blank, do read on. You need to make sure that the theme in question has installed the menu and then you need to assign location to the same. Well, your menu should be ready now.

7. Tons of posts without featured images:

The latest WordPress version presents the featured image in the form of a thumbnail with the post.

But if you have a lot older posts, which does not display the featured image, and are wondering as to why – well, this is the reason. Your old theme did not use featured images or you had not set them, that’s it.

8. Slides, accordions, toggle and more:

Most of the enhanced features that you see on your website from slides to accordions are mainly designed with Java script. If you run into an issue with one of them then chances are that they are caused by Java Script.

But what you can do is t disable your plugins and now see if they are the cause behind these not functioning as they should, in which case, the rogue plugin needs to be disabled.

9. Styling changes:

You have installed the theme correctly and now have added custom script to your preference but for some reason, none of the styling changes seem to take any effect.

If that is the case, then you need to disable your cache plugin, refresh your website using customizer, and now see if your styling changes do take effect.

10. Updated and now, my files are gone:

This is why we always suggest that you should do a complete backup of all your core files including content and CSS. So you opted to update without doing any back up and now all your information has been overwritten by the default or new theme that you had just installed.

If that is what happened, then all your old files are gone unless you had backed them up before. In which case, you can recover your old file back without a hitch.

Just remember that before you carry out any changes on your website, no matter what they are, it is always a good idea to go in for a complete backup than a haphazard one.

These are some of the theme related issues that you are bound to come across your website. Just remember that WordPress is one of the best platforms there is and it comes loaded with all the advanced functionality that you would ever require.

Check out the various common WordPress theme issues and the tips associated with the same. It should provide you with the information you need, to help resolve any theme related issues that you may come across.

There is no need to panic and the issue can be easily resolved, and in no time at all.

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