Sleek and Modern: Our Top 10 WordPress Block Themes for 2023

WordPress has empowered millions of entrepreneurs to take their businesses online. However, when they make this decision, they also have to decide which type of theme they want to use.

While there are many themes available on WordPress, a block theme can help you beat the odds and design a wonderful website.

A block theme is a WordPress theme that has templates that are entirely composed of blocks. You can edit the site seamlessly by editing each block. It can be a header, footer, sidebar, or general content.

WordPress block themes distribute the website content into different blocks. This makes it easy to manage the website and make changes when necessary.

WordPress block themes

There are a lot of such themes available online, but only a few have been able to distinguish themselves from the other themes.

1. SKT FSE Pro

Full Site Editing


SKT FSE Pro is the best theme for taking your business online. This theme has an amazing visual appeal that catches the eye of the users. You can highlight your services in the first section with the help of animated elements.

There must be competitors in your industry which is why you have to highlight what makes you different. It can be your dedicated customer service team or your low prices.

Whatever it is you have one section to display this unique selling proposition. You can display client feedback, team members, and the blog of your website using this theme.

2. GB Patterns Pro

GB Patterns


This theme is suitable for interior designers and architects who want to display their work on a website. Break down what your services entail with the help of animated elements.

The unique thing about this theme is that it comes with HD-quality video while also providing business-related statistics. You can talk business with your customer while leaving them in awe of your work.

This theme comes with sections that help you display the different pricing plans and customer testimonials.

3. GB Architect

GB architect


This theme is perfect for architecture agencies, architecture freelancers, design studios, and other architecture-related business websites. You can also use this website if you plan on publishing an architecture-related journal.

You can showcase your work using videos to impress potential clients. Every business has numbers that they are proud of and you can share yours with this theme. A good business leader does not take all the credit by themselves.

That’s why you should give your company a face by displaying your team members on your website. This makes it one of the most unique WordPress block themes.

4. GB Interior

GB interior


This is the perfect WordPress theme to display your projects and attract the attention of your prospects. You have space to highlight how your company makes everything a safe experience.

At the end of this theme, you can attach the contact form and your location on a map. This way customers can contact you with the form or drop by your design agency to discuss a future project.

5. GB T-Shirt



This is an amazing theme if you are looking to start your e-commerce t-shirt brand. It has that punk vibe around it because of the amazing colors and animated elements.

This theme allows you to push your high-performing products to the customers. Since your target audience is more likely to relate to products that already doing well.

It is easy for your customers to get confused, you can move them to the right direction by highlighting the product categories.

Success stories prove your authority in the market and build trust with potential customers. They know that if they order your products, then they will be in for a pleasant surprise.

6. GB Salon Pro

gb salon


If your business provides hair-cutting and styling services then the GB Salon Pro theme can come in handy. This theme is useful because it helps you display your services in a clear manner.

Your prospects will no longer be confused about what you offer and what you don’t. If you provide any specialized services or exclusive treatments, then you will get plenty of space to promote that with this theme.

It is important to be transparent with the potential client, which is why you can highlight both the pricing plan and customer testimonials with this theme. This theme will help you sway new customers which is why it is one of the best WordPress block themes.

7. GB Ayurveda

This theme is straightforward as in the first section only you can highlight which services visitors can expect from you. You also have the space to explain your unique selling proposition and the benefits of purchasing your products.

Someone who is new to your site may not know their way around it. This theme gives you space to explain to the customers how they can place an order.

You can build the authority of your brand in this field by posting positive customer reviews. Now no one will hesitate before making a purchase.

8. GB Podcast

There are many platforms available where you can host your podcasts. However, if you really want your podcast to be well known, then you need a professional website for it too.

This theme is obviously video and audio friendly. You can highlight a lot of different episodes of your podcast on the home page using a simple slider.

Every business has statistics that they are proud of and the same can be true for a podcast. If the number of subscribers has exceeded your expectations, then this needs to be published online. You can build your authority by publishing such statistics in the next section.

9. GB Shoes

If you are thinking about an e-commerce business that deals with a wide range of shoes, then this theme is perfect. Every company has its collections of products that are the top performers.

This theme like other businesses allows you to push the top-performing products to potential customers. Only high-quality images are allowed on this theme. Your users will have an amazing experience when they browse your site to find the perfect pair of shoes.

10. GB Skin Care Pro

This theme is perfect for dermatologists, skin care products, salons, and any other business that focuses to improve the quality of your skin.

This theme has a lot of white space which allows the content to flourish and lets the visitor give the site their undivided attention. If your business has any statistics that can be useful in swaying visitors, you can share them with this theme.

Like the other themes, you can push your best-performing products with the GB Skin Care Pro. You cannot show how your products or services positively affect the consumer’s skin without a video.

That is why this theme works perfectly well with HD-level videos. Once the prospects are left in awe after watching the video, they can check out your pricing plan.

If it is in their budget, then they will definitely think about your business. This theme is perfectly designed to help you gain new customers and that’s why many consider it over the other WordPress block themes.

11. GB Insurance

This theme provides your website with a reliable look. It has sections that help you explain your services in detail, share your experience with the help of numbers, share positive customer testimonials, publish well-researched blog posts, provide the needed contact information, and more.

This theme is like some of the other themes mentioned here but it is ready to use for you if you work in the Insurance industry.

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