10 Tumblr Style WordPress Themes Tumblr Styled Websites Using WP

The best collection of Tumblr style WordPress themes can be found in this article.

These tumblr style WordPress themes are useful for linking any kind of WordPress – based website with Tumblr – style look and feel and enjoying boundless benefits of it.

Tumblr is a short – form micro – blogging and website platform with millions of daily active users to post and follow multimedia content.

Founded about 10 years ago, it quickly became one of the most – haunted social media and blogging platforms across the globe.

People inevitably appreciate the flexibility, quick posting, resourcefulness and mobility of this platform.

And since tons of people are already used to the unique style and layout of Tumblr, we have collected some of the Tumblr style WordPress themes to run for your blogging and blogging style – websites.

We value the loveliness of the details and comprehensive analysis.

It is a hard – proof of the fact that you will not be faced with unpredictable and unpleasant situations when choosing any of Tumblr style WordPress themes for your future website.

Simple and adaptive, cost – conscious and affordable, all of them will certainly steal your heart with their creativity and uniqueness.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

SKT Adsense

Adsense Friendly WordPress Theme

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Lifestyle WordPress theme

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SKT Magazine Pro

magazine WordPress theme

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Full Site Editing

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SKT FSE Pro is one of the outstanding representatives of Tumblr style WordPress themes ready to make your website stand out with unique charm.

This lovely and zealous, fully – fledged and feature – rich website includes blogging style layout to run a personal or business blog.

It may cater to every single topic or niche, since there are no restrictions at all.

Element and feature placement, visual composer and page builder support, pre-loaded templates and much more are balanced for the impeccable form and function of the theme. SKT FSE Pro harnesses the true beauty of adaptive content and its resizing when your website is browsed on different mobiles and tablets.

Numerous blog layout controls are also available with SKT FSE Pro.

Fashion Trends

fashion trends

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Fashion Trends is one of the latest blogging and Tumblr style WordPress themes and powered templates for multi – purpose usages.

Perfect and risk – free installation process and further controls are coming along the theme to simplify the establishment of your blog or website of any denomination.

From personal to corporate, from fashion and design to digital technologies, Fashion Trends is not hesitant to showcase your content in an accurate manner.

Live preview of all the changes made to the default platform is there for you since the functionality of the theme is based on the modern customizer and its controls.

The theme is also 100% responsive and mobile – friendly, which means that you don’t worry about building a separate mobile version of your site for the readers on the go.

SKT Journal

SKT Journal - Journal blog WordPress Theme

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SKT Journal is another top – rated blogging system in the collection Tumblr style WordPress themes. It is custom- built to provide a hosting solution for your entertaining content, including photos and images, videos and text materials.

This results – driven blogging template is well- optimized for the fast loading and smooth navigation controls whenever your followers and readers are making a virtual journey through your virtual arena.

Every single effort has been put to eliminate the future losses or inconveniences if the website admin. It means, that SKT Journal boasts totally reliable platform dotted by useful controls and customization options. It’s you to decide the color gamut of the site, background, fonts and much more.


WordPress blog theme

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Charm is full – grown Tumblr style template which is unparalleled in safety and precise usability. This blog – based website building tool equips the website admin with complete theme subjection.

Otherwise state, the website admin is the one to be the master of his blog and make constant changes to it. User – centric and eloquent, Charm comes bundled with an offshoot of advanced and capacities.

There are full color changing options, font – based icons and Google fonts worth your attention. Checked for its responsiveness and cross mobile and browser compatibility, your website or blog based on Charm will also be supported by a range of practical WooCommerce and other plugins.

SKT NewsPaper Pro

newspaper WordPress theme

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SKT NewsPaper Pro has already won lots of applauses and positive feedback from its users as one of the best Tumblr style WordPress themes so far.

It will enable you to quickly establish your newspaper or blog – style website and expand the horizons of its influence across the digital platform.

From narrow – specialized and thematic blogs to all – inclusive informational online news portals, every kind of online business can be revealed through SKT NewsPaper Pro. Building and maintaining your website with this theme will be as easy as a pie and will never cost you large amounts of money either.

Minimal Blog

Minimalist blog WordPress theme

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Full – packed character of Minimal Blog makes it super easy for anyone to run website and blog with education and knowledge, kid and children – related direction. Create, add and curate your content in a simplified manner and make it shine with its compact and legible nature.

Build with full customization in the developer’s mind, the theme encompasses several page and post layouts, pre – enabled shortcodes, homepage slider to host high – resolution images, etc.

Minimal Blog has shown itself as one of the reliable templates when it comes to mobile and SEO, as well as translation – optimized performance as well.


The last sample proposed by us in the hand – picked list of Tumblr style WordPress themes is called Character. This template is functionally – advanced and in full compliance with the modern WordPress community.

With this theme you are free as in freedom to manage your site with the help of preloaded features or auxiliary plugins. It is a great template for those bloggers who want an elegantly designed, simple yet challenging layout at their hand.

Character has been tested for its mobile – friendly coding and adaptability to any browser requirements. From PO file, color controls, shortcodes to prebuilt gallery and homepage slider, all the primary features are wrapped up in Character.

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