10 Tile Contractor WordPress Themes for Flooring Roofing Design

Describe tile contractor services

Tile contractors provide invaluable services when it comes to transforming spaces with the artistry and functionality of tile installations. These skilled professionals possess the expertise to handle a wide range of projects, from small bathroom upgrades to large-scale commercial renovations.

A tile contractor’s primary responsibility is to meticulously install tiles in various areas, such as floors, walls, backsplashes, showers, and even outdoor spaces. With their knowledge of different tile materials, patterns, and techniques, they can guide clients in selecting the perfect tile that complements their design vision and suits the functionality requirements of the space.

Furthermore, tile contractors offer valuable services beyond just installation. They are skilled in preparing surfaces, ensuring they are clean, level, and properly primed before laying the tiles.

This attention to detail guarantees a long-lasting and professional finish. Additionally, they are equipped to handle tile repairs, replacements, and maintenance, ensuring that the beauty and integrity of the tile installations are preserved over time.

In order to brand and promote your renovation and construction, marble and tile contracting, flooring and roofing, interior and exterior design, decoration and architecture businesses, home craftsmen and tile contractor services, you’d better use one of the best tile contractor WordPress themes we are going to share with you this time.

Tile Contractor WordPress Themes

Tile Contractor WordPress Themes

A systematic approach to the digital platform along with the application of its strategies is one of the cornerstones of a successful marketing for any kind of modern businesses and undertakings.

As for the construction and renovation, home design and structure industry, setting the bar high to establish the expected high quality presentation online and bettering up the business results is completely achievable in the virtual realm with the assistance of different platforms, tools and templates.

Well, among the most demanded ones you are likely to find the best tile contractor WordPress themes created specifically for this market and all its branches and performances, from small to large, from budget friendly to highly branded.

Thus, whether you are a ceramic tile company manager or a private tile contractor and installer, you are welcome to check the below discussed roundup of tile contractor WordPress themes which are bewitchingly beautiful and enviable stable in operation, creatively designed and durably coded.

Bridge the gap between your company or services and the potential clients by creating an original online website solution and incorporating all your information on it for the quick client access to each part of it.

The well thought out skeleton of each of this tile installer or tile contractor WordPress themes enables you to use the default structure or change it accordingly to bring the best version of your visual and textual content arrangement to your website user’s palm.

SKT Flooring

SKT Flooring

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SKT Wallpaper

SKT Wallpaper

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SKT RepairMan


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GB Renovation

GB Renovation

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GB Architect

Architecture Agency WordPress Theme

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Perfect for stone and tile manufacturing, private contractor and builder businesses, SKT Stone is among the most pliable and splendidly crafted building and renovation, flooring and tile contractor WordPress themes.

It comes prebuilt with a superlative layout and widget friendly secondary content zones with footer, header and sidebar, shortcodes and fonts available right from the start, color picker controls for setting the best of your website colors, shades and tones, homepage default slider with several controls, etc.

Your construction and interior design niche specific website is going to look its absolute best at every size, be it a mobile, smartphone, gadget or another hand held device.

The truth is that SKT Stone is processed by the most dynamic responsive and cross mobile compatible nature to take care of the proper adjustment of your site and its content throughout the old and modern devices and platforms.

GB Interior

Modern Interior WordPress Theme

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With the help of Real Estate, your professional and top class website will be setup and ready for long term performance in a matter of minutes.

With easy installation and activation this template celebrates, you are going to save tons of time and use it on the management and customization of the demo content your site will bring to life once the theme is in action.

You will find all the accessibility functions to showcase the diversity of services like glass and quartz, ceramic and porcelain tiles and stones fixing and installation, remodeling and renovation services and boost their presence in social media platforms as well as in search engine rankings.


furniture store WordPress theme

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The next highly recommended website building tool that has a large selection of essential web components, design elements and customization features comes to be known as WoodCraft.

This unmistakably coded and beautifully styled template exudes enough technical and functional competencies to proudly demonstrate all kinds of services from welding to tiling, electrician and craftsman, designer and builder, as well as all sizes of your projects, from small domestic ones to big business partnerships.

WoodCraft is also in position of productively functioning with social media and search engine platforms, additional plugins like commercial and slider, shortcodes and SEO, translation and contact form ones.

SKT Roofing

skt roofing1

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Visually pleasing and functionally reliable, easy and simple in usage yet multi profile and multi purpose, SKT Lens Pro can be the right choice for many construction and tile contracting businesses to be delivered online.

All types of Google mobile, Google approved fonts and multilingual ready tests have been successfully passed with SKT Lens Pro proving the fact that this template is totally worth your money.

Share your business profile in about section, give the detailed list of your tile contracting, roofing or painting, design or other services in the service section, add your ongoing projects and their output in blog section or provide your audience with contact details to get in touch with you.

Contractor Pro

Contractor WordPress theme

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SKT StartUp Pro is an ideal option for all the startup companies and private contractors, freelance interior designers or handymen to draw the client’s attention on whatever they are specialized in.

You are going to save tons of money on your site building and promotion with SKT Startup Pro since it is one of the pocket friendly and thoroughly customizable tile contractor WordPress themes you will be able to find for your current or future business profile.

The overall appearance of the template is kept simple and elegant yet businesslike and serious to stress out your professionalism and expertise, as well as the default slider is added for making your best works and portfolio material prove the high quality of your services.


With the awareness to smart web development and professional focus on all its parts, the authors of Welder have managed to give origin to a pixel perfect and durably processed template satisfying the needs of an avalanche of businesses and industries.

Welder and wood related services, tiles installation and fitting, design and decoration projects and much more can be neatly categorized and showcased via the posts and pages of Welder.

More than 8 page templates and hundreds of shortcodes, font and color mix and match possibilities and call to actions, prebuilt gallery and team area all are custom built and preloaded for you to enjoy the management of your website.

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