11 Therapist WordPress Themes for Medical Health and Wellness Therapy Websites

The best roundup of therapist WordPress themes have been sorted out for therapists.

These therapist WordPress themes can be used by psychotherapists, analysts and counsellors to offer their services online and improve people’s lives.

From successful people to desperate ones, today thousands of people seek professional therapy services for different purposes.

The range may include the wish to change the quality of their lives, achievement of their goals and aims, overcoming of fear, anxiety, depression and much more.

Success and wealth don’t make people immune to problems or depressions. In the modern chaotic world no one is guaranteed against accidents as a result of which he or she will need a therapeutic or psychiatric help.

That’s the reason many clinics and institutions, as well as individuals offer their wide – scale services and consultations to help lots of people survive and find their inner peace.

And one of the best tools to exercise for connecting with more patients and clients is the establishment of a relevant all – inclusive website.

In this article all the interested candidates can find the best and the most affordable therapist WordPress themes.

Therapist WordPress Themes

All of them are simple in usage and premium – quality because therapist WordPress themes would be managed by therapists themselves.

It means that once can find a truly powerful toolkit and make use of it without any additional assistance or guidance.

However, all of them are provided with accompanying documentation and professional support if you ever go astray.

SKT Therapist Pro


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SKT Therapist Pro is modern-looking that works better with Elementor and other popular page builders. If you are willing to create a responsive and professional-looking website then Healing Touch Pro is one of the great options.

With its features, anyone creates eye-catching fashionable, as well as a decent looking website for weight loss, saloon, medical dietician, and so on.

To provide the most convenient look to your website the theme offers plenty of customization options. Along with this, the template is SEO friendly, parallax effects, responsive, and user friendly.

The admin panel is easy to use and easy to handle. The logo, icons, fonts, color, etc can be changed directly from the admin dashboard.

GB Doctor

GB Doctor

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SKT Pregnancy

SKT Pregnancy

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SKT Medical Pro

skt medical

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SKT Sanitization Pro


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Healing Touch Pro

Healing Touch Pro

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First in our list of therapist WordPress themes is Healing Touch Pro with its calm and unique nature. You will astonished by the calm visualization and smooth performance of the theme.

This delicate and refined character of the theme will also be noticed by each and every website visitor. Prove your potential patients that you care about their time and comfort and organize your content dissemination through the given parts and sections.

Among them are about and our team to give the summary of your clinic or center, as well as your team members and specialists.

Services section is perfect for accurately highlighting your services in a summarized or detailed manner. Lots of choices are at your disposal, such as the overall color racket of the theme and typography based on ample fonts.


doctor WordPress theme

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Handy is the next top – rated medical and therapist – related template for relevant specialist to benefit from their websites. From clear and picky visual design to error – free operation, the theme shares it all.

This clever and smart website building tool celebrates clear coding and responsive design. It means that you will never miss a single web visitor just because the letter is browsing your website via any portable device.

Testimonials part has also been added to the theme as one of the results – driven techniques to win client’s trust towards you. If you are confident about your high – quality services and offers, your patients should be too.

It means that their reviews and testimonials will encourage other website visitors to turn to your services as well.

Reiki Pro

In case you are looking for truly simple and elegant template to run on the basis of your future therapist website, Reiki Pro can be a wise solution for you.

It is one of the reliable and lightweight therapist WordPress themes ready to cater to the needs of therapy business and its specialists.

From spa and massage therapists to cognitive therapists and psychoanalysts, everyone will be capable of mastering the given platform easily and satisfy its browsers.

This wonderful template is based on a splendid collection of prebuilt layout and preloaded elements. Some of the most applicable ones are more than 100 shortcodes to play with and add whatever is needed to your website.

Homepage default slider will help you organize the visual exhibition of your images and photos depicting your therapy procedures and happy clients.

Massage Center

There are infinite advantages of massage therapy treatments and this kind of services is widely popular. Hence, we have taken into consideration the growing demand of massage therapy business templates and created Massage Center.

This nice – looking and user – optimized center is ready to tailor to any spa and massage therapy manifestation and be the place where anyone can find valuable information and directives.

Use the handy color picker of the theme to add your own touches and color combinations to the default format of the theme. Use the attention – grabbing slider on the homepage, add your high – quality images and control their transition and speed.

This template will also let you grow your site visibility via organic search engines as all the essentials of SEO – coding are taken care of.


Integrity and perfect usability are qualities to describe Psychology. Precise and flexible, it is one of the top – ranked therapist WordPress themes with all – inclusive toolbox and customization options which are all admin – friendly.

From life and health coaches to narrow – specialized therapist and psychotherapist, anyone will be capable of establishing a strong and communicative website with ease.

Persuade your website guests that they can ultimately rely on you and express your professionalism through posts and pages.

The overall structural framework is pretty easy to understand and manage with its footer and header, as well as available blog areas, about section to summarize your business profile, etc.

Your website based on Psychology will also be totally responsive and mobile – friendly to respond to any screen size.

Medicare Pro

Give your Medicare Pro to people needing your assistance through your website established on Medicare Pro. Go beneath the surface of the given platform and customize it as per your preferences to match your mission and vision.

The subtle and refined face of the theme is mixed with a persistent basis for you to make the most out of your online profile.

It is stylized with white and blue – based design which is one of the suitable medical and therapy web design in usage. It keeps everything easy to achieve and look through. Responsiveness and plugin compatibility are also the integral parts of the theme.

All of us have a coping mechanism when we are dealing with stress. There are still situations when the conditions are severe and one is not able to handle things on their own.

The situation demands a support of an expert who can help you sail through the situation and bring you back to the normal healthy lifestyle.

Despite this being such an obvious thing many of us shy away from therapy. The need right now is of widespread awareness and normalization of therapy.

The easiest way to reach out the maximum individuals is with the help of online platforms. Using Therapist WordPress themes is a highly effective and communicative website can be created.

What are the benefits of therapy themes?

Create Goals: One could be in therapy for any reason it could be physical or mental health related. Many times we are aware of what is required to be done but do not get into it just because of the absence of a goal.

The therapy websites are the best source which can help you create small, measurable and achievable goals. The idea is to break bigger goals in smaller ones so that the progress can be tracked. Slow and continuous progress is required for growth.

Support: In most cases, denial is the biggest hurdle and talking to someone trusted can actually help a lot. The therapy sessions are highly confidential which ensures that anyone seeking help is assured that their stories or problems are safe and not disclosed to anyone.

This goes for online sessions or one-to-one sessions with the experts. Using Therapist WordPress themes have security and safety features which ensures that data is not accessed by any unwanted party.

Core problem: The main idea behind the therapy is to get to the core of the issue. There are many times when we feel that the issue is not that huge and ignore it and that becomes a seed leading to complex problems.

The use of therapist will ensure that the real problem is identified. Speaking to an expert help one formulates the plan to deal with it, the perspective related to the problem just changes when an experts help you unveil the whole reality.

It is so because of the fact that the discussion is made without stress and anxiety. Efforts are made to see the problem without the preconceived notion and in the light of reality as it is. This helps one remove any unnecessary feeling and thought and see clearly what the actual issue is.

In most cases, this is not possible without the help of an expert as the human mind tricks the person into believing that the problem is complex. The therapy website will help one get in touch with the right person who can help one sail through the journey.

The websites not just provide assistance but can be a good source of information on various developments in the therapy world. The blogs are an insightful way of approaching people and creating awareness.

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