11 Text Based WordPress Themes for Text and Content Based Websites

Text Based WordPress Themes

Good and unique content is what sets your website apart from thousands of others. And no matter whether your website is text only or comes as a combination of well written content, modern typography and dozens of other multimedia files, it’s content that plays a decisive role in your website ranking on the one hand, and client satisfaction, on the other.

Now, if you are looking for a pixel perfect text based WordPress themes to make sure your website is meaningful with important textual materials and keeps the website visitor’s focus on them, then you are welcome to continue reading our article.

The modern technology has drastically changed the people’s preferences when it comes to seeking and receiving information.

Now, we are more likely to favor those sources and information that can be instantly grasped and digested. And this is where text dominant and up to the point websites come to the fore.

Text based WordPress Themes

Whether you are going to build your website or blog around text and style it with other elements, shades and design and functional solutions as well, or want to concentrate basically on text based website look and feel, you can achieve it by the application of any of these text only or text based WordPress themes.

Hence, from language and text related and centric websites, text and writing services, translation and transcription, proofreading and content writing, ebook and library profiles to other niche specific or even non related websites and digital presences, absolutely anything can be managed and offered with these easy to use and follow text based WordPress themes.

Everything has been minutely discussed and considered by the theme’s authors along the whole process of their development to make sure they share every single detail or control to present the website texts and content in the most legible yet effective fashion.

Thus, Google approved fonts and dozens of other font controls along with font type choices, color and size management and not only are given with every of these text based WordPress themes you will find below.

SaturnWP Pro:

SaturnWP Pro

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simple new

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SKT White PRO:

skt white

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SKT Tutor:

SKT Tutor

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Resume Pro:

Resume Pro

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vCard is one of the portfolio and vCard style text based WordPress themes you can use for your personal profile creation and portfolio management online.

Freelance specialists and translators, text based portfolio owners and others in the field can change the serious and dark look of vCard to evoke warmer feelings with the help of supplementary design elements, CSS 3 animations, buttons, font choices and more.

And while every website admin may have different functional and design plans catering to the final digital product, vCard has been made completely customization ready and plugin compatible, so that anyone will be capable of adding and configuring whatever needed.

Black and White:

black and white WordPress theme

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Writers, bloggers, e book authors and text service providers will all love the flexibility and wonderful functional base Black and White offers.

This robust and dependable, elegant and effectual website template knows how to keep balance between simplicity in usage and customizability. Otherwise stated, this responsive and WooCommerce checked template is going to offer you endless customization options, design and functional controls, but make the whole process of the site development and management a breeze.


From plenty of whitespace to beautiful elements and CSS 3 animations, nice homepage slider and informative footer and header areas, searchable and mobile optimized content and great usability, your website guests are expecting to find in your profile.

SKT SEO is one of such top rated text based WordPress themes to offer you all the above mentioned must have qualities and not only. Totally retina and HD ready, shortcodes armed and fonts packed, SKT SEO lets you prioritize whatever is essential to your online existence, be it a text or anything else.

You are going to find a useful admin dashboard hidden behind the modern flat design of the theme for daily theme customizations and updates. Additionally, you can enjoy the additional functionality of supplementary add ons and plugins which are compatible with SKT SEO.

SKT Dual:

If you are in search of incredible, yet cost effective for your future website and its effortless functionality, look no further than SKT Dual.

Designed with care and while taking into account all the major requirements of the modern web design and development trends, SKT Dual is an irreplaceable product when it comes to marketing any text based website and not only.

You can either construct your website around high quality and legible content based on favorite typography, or create a beautiful and harmonious picture where every single website part, image and element will have its own role and decent place.

Shudh Pro:

Minimal web designs are great for keeping the focus on the web texts. Therefore, we cannot help but include Shudh Pro in our collection of text based WordPress themes.

You can use the intuitive website admin dashboard from behind the scene along with easy drag and drop functionality for adding and removing, styling and editing the whole website and its content.

As for the plugin or multilingual support, you can rest assured that Shudh Pro will never leave you upset when it comes to plugin usage or sharing multilingual content for better client integration and trust, better e commerce relations, online payments, speedier performance of the website or something more.


Exceptiona is the next clear cut yet dynamic platforms you can review and choose for your future text based websites.
Designed initially for accountants and financial agents, Exceptiona is always ready to support other specialists and business owners as well thanks to its resilience and versatility.

Show off your valuable content with nicely formatted and added homepage sections, make use of widget ready areas for more content dissemination and make sure the homepage slider is powered by an eye catchy image for the general perfect look of the site.

The theme’s smooth navigation along with responsive design and other user focused controls are also important as they dictate everything – from more clients to their satisfaction.

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