Surfing WordPress Themes for athletes & Specialists & Extreme Sports

The most captivating surfing WordPress themes are disclosed in this article for surfers and other extreme sportsmen, athletes and specialists, surf clubs, schools, academies, private lessons and trainings, camp, beach and resort, venue and vacation websites and blogs.

Surfing is not just sports or hobby, but a form of life for many real surfers. It’s a special way of thinking and a unique way of life. People, who are in love with waves, are constantly eager to reveal new places and destinations to let their passion and emotions free. Such an impulse does not need to be perceived as a frivolity. As the enthusiast surfers mention, it’s a kind of attempt to move away from civilization and feel absolutely free. The representatives of this culture welcome the connection with nature by merging with the waves.

Well, this extraordinary kind of philosophy has already infected thousands of people of different ages and nationalities, profession and physical state thus opening up new perspectives for all those who are trying to make money from surfing as a business.

Our surfing WordPress themes are exactly for such kind of individuals and business representatives who are looking for comprehensive solutions for going online and grabbing as much attention as it is possible.

Whether you are planning to market your surfing classes and coaching sessions, make your vacation resort or hostel more popular and haunted, encourage teenagers join your academy, these surfing WordPress themes will do the whole job for you.


adventure WordPress theme


Looking adventurous and colorful, being comprehensively well managed and serviceable, as well as getting your exact points across the digital platform is quite possible with Adventure.

On the whole, this one of a kind template of WordPress origin, Adventure is custom built for extreme sports websites, from hiking and cycling to surfing, skiing and adventure camps.

Worked out for the most dynamic website owners and demanding clients, Adventure comes with first aid features and customization options, color changing and font management settings, pre enabled shortcodes to tweak to the theme’s core without touching its codes, etc.

As one of the competent and highly recommended surfing WordPress themes, this template will guide you through the best online environment that is technically stable, durable in coding, and finally, compatible with the majority of the most practical plugins.

SKT Beach

Beach and Resort


Packed with the most trusted web standards, SKT Beach manages to exude unique look and feel to convey the most engaging touches of your surfing, beach or resort business to your potential clients and customers.
From traveling guides and tour operators to surfing specialists and other coaches can greatly benefit from this mobile friendly and smoothly navigable website ecosystem.

This theme is dedicated to making the online world more beautiful and comfortable for the end user, more informative for the interested audience, as well as lighter and more affordable for the webmaster.

Nothing can beat the Customizer based performance of SKT Beach aiming at giving you boundless control over the form and function of your site, and everything in between, including font and color changes, content translation, SEO results and SMO integrity, commercial controls and much more.

Yacht and Cruise

yatch and cruise


Yacht and Cruise is one of the luxurious and premium quality beach and surfing WordPress themes and is well suited for any kind of relevant website, personal blog or business profile.

Whether you are going to craft an official website or fan page of a famous athlete or surfer, advertise your surf club and its lessons, make your cruises and yachts available online for reservations, this template will help you get your head around the best ways to do it.

This amazingly coded and safe template has the privilege of being user centric with total responsiveness and mobile friendliness so that the mobile Internet users as of present will not miss a single chance to get connected with your profile irrespective of their location.

Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfast WordPress theme


Bed and Breakfast is another fresh faced and highly inspiring template one can freely use for his or her surfing website needs and not only. Designed and developed specifically for beach and resort, B&B, hotel and tourism world, this website builder is highly competent to serve your web content in the most awe inspiring manner.

Use all the advantages of this community checked and admin optimized template to make sure all your services, surf camps, pricing, private parties and lifeguards, team and programs and other important information is well laid out on your profile via easy to find sections and theme parts.

Homepage slider can be the best component in making your visual content and pieces of amazing photos enviably attractive to sweep your potential clients off their feet.

The Trip

travel WordPress theme


If you want to be on the safe side with coding and design controls, create a great digital show while spending less time and financial means on it, look no other way than The Trip.

This top quality template just absorbs all the compulsory features and elements modern surfing WordPress themes are packed with.

Among them are secure connection between inner coding and styling controls, as well as with the external tools and plugins whenever needed, fast loading of all your website content along with large scaled images and other heavy files, important call to actions here and there, etc.

Yogi Pro



Elegant and stylish, Yogi Pro can be a reasonable choice for any sport and yoga, fitness and healthcare website presentation online.

Hence, you can take Yogi Pro and go live with your surfing website knowing that all the best is waiting for you on the road.

Of course, your website and its content will be easily digested for Google and other search engines, as well as well optimized for mobile usage.

Although the theme is pretty easy in usage and customization, no one is guaranteed against difficulties. In this relation, Yogi Pro is truly reliable since it comes with complete documentation and technical support in emergency cases.

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