Retailer WordPress Themes are Geared to Make Your Website Stand Out for All the Right Reasons

If you are in retailing business, then you should know by now that irrespective of what products you retail in, it is important that you have an online presence. Recent studies have indicated the fact that most consumers prefer to order online and more importantly, utilize a variety of devices for the same purpose.

And that’s why you should check out our current compilation of retailer WordPress themes, as they are specifically designed for the retailing niche; you can check out the detailed descriptions against each one of these top performing themes and then make the call.

All the retailer WordPress themes have been carefully vetted and tested as well but it would be a good idea to demo the lot so that you can be sure that the theme in question is the right one.

Remember that you need to focus on functionality; aesthetics do matter but not at the cost of functionality so you need to go for a theme that manages to encompass both perfectly. You may want to check out the various themes listed below and then make the right decision as to which framework is best suited for your business.

Tea Shop is a retailer WordPress themes specially created for tea lovers, restaurant, cafe, cafeteria, coffee house, and tea shops. This template will be more helpful for you as it will make your team business more popular by targeting clients widely.

With this template, you will be able to showcase all different types of tea products including loose tea, tea bags, green tea, black tea, white tea, etc. For getting an online presence a tea manufacturer and tea production can also use this template.

The Tea Shop is completely responsive and mobile-friendly that fits on all large and small devices. This template comes with so many inbuilt functions such as slideshow, header section, user-friendly interface, contact form page, product page, and so on.

To personalize the appearance of Tea Shop and to match your brand with the theme you can customize it fully with page builders.

Retailer WordPress theme

Bicycle Shop

bicycle shop


PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes


SKT Minimal Pro

SKT Minimal


GB Shopping

GB Shopping


SKT Lights

SKT Lights


Tea Shop

Tea Shop


Grocery Store

Grocery Store is the most powerful template that comes with some extensive features such as smooth transition, large images, high resolution, nice fonts, attractive content, unique effects, and so on.

It comes with nice and attractive fonts that help for promotion and marketing professionals. Some exclusive features are available for you for example MailChimp, WPBakery Page Builder, revolution slider, client review, etc.

Grocery Store is more suitable for vendor-based shops, food and drinks, frozen food sale, food store, and among others. One can also utilize its feature for blogging. Also one can use it to sell fruits and vegetables, grocery products, food cultivation, planting, and much more.

The basic features of Grocery Store are retina-ready, readymade demo content, optimized and clean code, wordpress standards maintained, easy installation, easy setup, one-click importer option, compatible with popup, page builder, contact form plugins.

SKT Appliances Pro

SKT Appliances Pro is a newly invented retailer WordPress themes that makes the task of eCommerce website creation easier. This template is included with demo content for setting up websites easily.

It comes with different pages and posts layouts to give a unique and stylish appearance with minimum efforts. The images which are included in demo content are of high resolutions.

As soon as you add your business content to it, your website will be all set to get live. You can apply customization with page builder options. The webmasters looking for building modern online shops will find that SKT Appliances Pro has all those features that they expect.

choosing this template will benefit you with a lot of things for example easy setup and free installations, free support, future updates, WooCommerce compatible, documentation, and so on. Your customers will have an overwhelming user experience by viewing your website on phone, desktop, devices, and tablets.

SKT Nutristore

SKT Nutristore can be considered as green business retailer WordPress themes that can be used to create estore for nutrition supplements and vitamin sale. SKT Nutristore will be considered a blessing for offline vitamin merchants as now they would be able to target people all around the world.

SKT Nutristore is a premium template that seems to be 100% responsive. It gives you endless opportunities to add whatever content you want to. Like you can add appealing posters of upcoming events, Social media icons can be added with an active link to expand the network, MailChimp can be added for email marketing, and so on.

The demo page template goes best with pharmaceutical companies, chemist shops, medical stores, drug retailers, and the merchandises who deal with health products. Pricing table plugin can be added along with the testimonial plugins.


If you are a retailer and looking to move towards an online store then Shopzee is one for you. As it will help you to market or sell your business products online. Shopzee will grow your business sales without paying developers or designers.

This template is built with a page builder and by integrating the WooCommerce wordpress plugin. with this template, you can sell physical products or services directly from your website.

Mainly the demo is created to sell clothes or clothing items online but it can be used to sell shoes or any other accessories too. The layout will fit all types of estore business niches.

Another benefit of using Shopzee is that you can personalize your online store according to your needs for example you can change appearance, flexibility, visibility, and much more.

SKT Lingerie Pro

SKT Lingerie Pro can be known as another best retailer WordPress themes as it is super flexible, innovative, visually appealing, and versatile in nature. SKT Lingerie Pro can be used for fashion or clothing stores to get recognized your brand on the web.

This template is created perfectly by focusing more on its performance. Thus it will load faster and run smoothly on every device and browser.

The web page template is fully widgetized which gives a drag and drop interface. You will not need to write even a line of code as it fulfills all SEO and wordpress coding standards. You can set up a single page and multiple pages website very quickly and effectively.

The basic features of SKT Lingerie Pro are comprehensive documentation, customer support, free updates, easy to use template, user friendly layout, developer friendly template, easy to access dashboard and so on.


When it comes to retailer WordPress themes, this theme stands out on account of its smart design with intelligent and intuitive features including the five level drop down menus.

Since you are looking to set up a retailing website, you would need a thematic framework that manages to come with advanced functionality and all the flexibility that you would need to implement several user centric features and to that end, this theme should be a perfect fit for your website.

From the design to the layout, it is impressive; it comes with a responsive theme that’s cross device, cross browser as well as cross platform compatible.

It also comes with dynamic page and blog layouts as well as single post layouts and apart from this, with several header and footer options; what’s more, you can use the inner header to display your slider, banner, images and much more.

And the theme is completely customizable, so with it, you should be able to exercise more control over how your website is displayed and tweak the page elements with the help of built in short codes. You can use page builder plugins to develop custom built pages/sections for your website.

And the theme is also woo commerce compatible, and with the right plugins, you should be able to install integrated shopping cart with payment gateway and even set up a community board for your customers to contact you in case of any issue. This theme comes with a price tag of $48 only and comes with both free installation and support.

SKT Organic

This theme certainly ranks among the best when it comes to retailer WordPress themes. This theme is surprisingly simple and is easy to use; apart from this, it also comes with a step by step guide which should be handy.

The design is 100% responsive and completely scalable; apart from this, it also comes with an animated homepage which should help your website stand out along with a default slider with ten slides for you to showcase high resolution images.

On the whole, the design is simple, the layout elegant and with it, your website should definitely stand out for the right reasons.

As the theme is compatible with both woo commerce as well as external plugins, you should be able to set up various user centric features such as integrated shopping cart, payment gateway and more of the same.

With a chat plugin, you can make it easier for your customers to contact you and even help set up a custom ordering page with the help of page builder plugins. The point being that with this theme, you can help provide your users with advanced functionality and even boost the performance of your website itself.

You can get your pages to load faster and with plugins such as Yoast and others, you can also optimize your website so that you rank better for SEO. The theme comes with a price tag of $39, which is reasonable given all the advanced features that it comes with.

Ele Store

This theme or pack of themes certainly stands out from the other retailer WordPress themes for obvious reasons. For starters, you would not be getting one theme but a pack of twenty so you can choose a different theme at a later date as well.

As it is, all the themes in the pack are responsive and each one of them comes with a nice minimalist design with an elegant layout with drop down menus.

Moreover, this pack is compatible with woo commerce as well as 3rd party plugins so you should be able to provide your customers with advanced functionality along with several user centric features. What makes this theme pack stand out is its ease of use and even a novice should be able to customize it with ease and without any hassle.

It is also HD and retina ready and completely customizable; you can utilize the 100+ short codes to tweak and change the page elements on your website with ease.

It also comes with several integrated Google fonts as well as 600+ font icons which you can utilize to make your website stand out for all the right reasons. It comes with a price tag of $60 which is a real bargain.

Luxury Watch

This theme ranks among the top ten where retailer WordPress themes are concerned on account of the simplicity of its design and its functionality. The theme comes with an elegant design and a nice layout along with intuitive features which should help facilitate easy navigation.

The theme comes with multiple header, inner header, and sidebar and layout variations that you can use to tweak how your website is displayed. Moreover, you can use the inner header to display videos, images, map, and banners and much more; it should certainly help your website stand out.

The theme also comes with translation ready PO file and the theme itself is both translation and multilingual ready. As it supports external plugins and is also compatible with woo commerce, you can set up an integrated shopping cart along with the requisite payment gateway for your customers.

Moreover, you can also install contact form plugins, chat plugins and others to provide your users with more advanced functionality. The theme is also RTL compatible, which should enable you to reach out to a wider audience. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is a real bargain given all the features that it comes with.

SKT Local business

This theme certainly ranks as one of the best among retailer WordPress themes on account of its simplistic design, elegant layout and its minimalistic look. Granted, that it comes with a slightly dark background but as the theme is completely customizable, you can change most of the page elements with ease.

Moreover, it also comes with built in short codes that you can use for this very purpose. The theme comes with a responsive design, one that is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible.

It is also compatible with both woo commerce as well as external plugins, and comes with 600+ social icons as well as integrated Google fonts that you can use to change the typography on your website to help make it more attractive.

This theme certainly stands out on account of its advanced functionality and with it you should be able to offer your users much more in terms of user centric features, such as chat option, integrated shopping cart, ability to login using social media credentials etc.

It comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable given all its advanced functionality.

Car Rental

The mechanic WordPress theme certainly stands out for all the right reasons; it comes with a multilayered home page along with a nice design and an elegant layout. It also comes with intuitive features such as drop down menus, and is highly responsive.

Your users should not have any issue in accessing your website through other devices. It is compatible to both woo commerce and 3rd party plugins which should enable you to provide your users with better user experience thanks to advanced functionality.

The theme also comes with a flat design that should help make it compatible with all the old browsers.

This theme should certainly help make your website stand out for all the right reasons and what’s more, with it, you should also be able to leverage various social media platforms much more effectively. It comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable given all the additional features that it comes with.

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