Extraordinary Multipurpose Pretty WordPress Themes for Every Blogger

There’s no need for an introduction to the blogging industry in India in 2020. In the recent few years, the blogging industry has attained such a bounce and height that it has become an all-new career option for many young minds who love to write their views about specific topics and society sections.

Millions of people worldwide go through their favorite blogger’s blog regularly, like it’s their new addiction in life. But those who have succeeded in this industry only know that it’s not just about writing but is equally competitive like any other profession.

This field, too, has an extreme amount of competition between fellow bloggers and to excel from competitors is the ultimate goal for any blogger.

But the theory mentioned above can be manageable and understandable for senior bloggers or those who have a certain amount of experience in the blogging industry.

But for those who are going to start their journey of blogging or they know the potential within themselves, what should be the initial thought process they should have for their kick start career as a blogger.

Two basic concepts need to be taken care of if you are trying to get into the blogging sector. Let’s first take a look at those two basic concepts.

  • The first and foremost thing is writing. The way of writing, the style of your wordplay, and the pattern and use of modern English or any modern scripture of language you are writing in.

    Justimbibe your views to the full content, and that’s it. If your writing pattern and how you express your views manage to engage viewers, you are all set to have a great blogging site.

  • The second thing which has becomethe essential thing in today’s scenario is a presentable website. The website with Pretty WordPress themes is the need of this hour.

    Pretty WordPress Themes

    Since we live in a virtual world where the most beautiful things get the more number of likes. We have to become a bit curious and attentive towards the look of the site as well. The more presentable it will look, the more viewers and reach you can get in social media.

To elaborate and give all those new bloggers some ideas related to some Pretty WordPress themes, we have combined and briefed about 12 Pretty WordPress themes.

Without WordPress themes, you can’t build an attractive and eye-catching idea if you aren’t a web designer. There are specific WordPress themes for different subjects and section which you can choose to develop your blogging site.

Beautifully Design Multipurpose Pretty WordPress Themes

1. Beauty Cuts

beauty cuts

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This is a very well-known and Pretty WordPress theme for hairstyle and beauty. How your reader can maintain their lifestyle and hairstyle can easily keep them updated through the website, which has this theme. The question arises why this theme has gathered so much popularity related to hairstyle and wellness.

Then the answer would be its simplicity. This is a one-page template which can help your viewers get the local website links without much traffic along with your blogs as well


  • This theme is a Woo Commerce enabled theme
  • If you like the theme, there a free installation after the purchase of theme with the entire setup as well
  • You can get oneyear’s support for this theme as well.

2. SKT Tutor

SKT Tutor

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Teaching is the noblest profession known. Every business is imbibed under instruction only because without a teacher and his/ her teacher. Nobody can ever get to any profession in their entire life.

So this theme creates a super association between teachers, online institutions, universities, and students. So this simply designed Pretty WordPress themes for tutor and students is a magnificent way to introduce themselves with each other through your website and blogs


  • This is a custom made easy theme which can profoundly be used in any educational institutions
  • Apart from blogger, this theme can be used for many institutions as it has optimization for SEO
  • There’s also a portfolio gallery where you can see the achievement and details related to teachers in pictorial form

3. SKT sanitization Pro


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This theme has become the most used and the most liked idea, as per the current scenario. The necessity of sanitization and hygiene has become the first thing we need to do now before eating or drinking water.

So this sanitization Pretty WordPress Themes is specially designed to link your viewers directly with certain websites and doctors and health institutions.


  • This theme is optimized for speed and high performance.
  • The steps are easy and user friendly so that you can set up this by yourself.
  • All the majority of WordPress plugins are operated successfully.

4. Clean Pro

clean pro

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Suppose you want your website to look clean and crisp. No extra drama or theme intervention, then this Pretty WordPress themes is the one you are looking for.

Upload your blogs and make a clear picture of your thoughts. This is an SEO optimized theme that will help you keep updated and also help to avoid certain traffics.


  • If you are starting your journey of blogging, then this is the easiest and the perfect
  • Woo Commerce facilitated theme
  • There are several fonts and internal theme options.

5. Naturo


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If you want your website to look fresh and more spacious, this practical and Pretty WordPress themes is for your website. It is a perfect example of a minimalist theme with new content for your website. nOt only fresh looking, but it also can adjust with every device and theme.


  • SEO and SMO friendly.
  • The coding behind this WordPress is HTML5 and CSS3
  • This theme is compatible with the nextgen gallery if you have a photographing website.

6. Grocery Store

grocery store

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Food and grocery are one of those essential commodities of life which we need daily. We need to keep ourselves alive with food, and for that, groceries are crucial. This Pretty WordPress themes is freely updated, which means when the developers update the theme, you’ll be the first to know that there will be an update soon.


  • This theme is WPML compatible, which means it has the support of multilingual facilities.
  • Built with clean coding, it has been made SEO friendly as well.
  • This theme is highly customizable, which means to attract your readers, you can customize the theme as per your need.

7. Donation

If you write for some NGO or non-profitable organization for some goodwill program, this is the Pretty WordPress themes you are looking for. This theme is a one-click installation theme that can be installed easily with a single click.


  • this themes is a correctlyenabled donation system plugin.
  • It has been integrated with Woo Commerce.
  • WPML enabled, which means it can be used in a multi-lingual platform.

8. SKT Software

This is a modern theme with UI UX design, which can be used on many different platforms. Because it is a multipurpose theme template, it comes with readily made Elemnetor template plugins, which probably include the collaboration of 60+ templates. So there are vast options available under this Pretty WordPress themes.


  • This is an SEO optimized, and RTL enabled theme at the same time.
  • Very responsive, lightweight, fastest theme
  • It can be used in many platforms such asinterior, architect, portfolio, photographer, creative artists, digital store, shop web designer, programmer, developer, builder, repair, etc.

9. SKT Nutristore

We are living in such an ambiance and between a pandemic where we need to keep ourselves fit and immune at the same time. We can do many things, and we should include in our lifestyle just to keep ourselves immune.

Nature has provided us with every important thing we might need to protect ourselves. We just need to look for those elements and include them in our lifestyle.

This is a nutritional theme by which you can advise your reader to have a great life with the immune body. In contrast, this theme can be easily used to build a relationship with a nutritionist and a patient who wants to drift their life to a better road ahead.

This Pretty WordPress themes is inbuilt with customized icons of Goggle+, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


  • It is super responsive and retina friendly.
  • This can also be an excellentplatform for promotional purposes as well for some nutritional products.
  • It comes with a visibledemo template to customize the theme as per your choice and liking.

10. SKT Horoscope

This theme is perfect if you have a horoscope platform, and you deal with horoscope daily. There is an excellent dilemma between two groups of people all over the world. Some belief in this custom blindly while there is a group of people who do not believe in the horoscope.

But if you are concentrating on the audience who believe in horoscope, then this Pretty WordPress themes will let you have the perfect platform to have a horoscope website. There are several plugins with the subject such as layer, crelly, cyclone, revolution, etc


  • Two layouts are being provided, blog layout, and single layout as well. So choose as per your need.
  • Woo Commerce and RTL enabled theme, which makes it responsive and fast.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 make this themewith some modern animations of CSS3 as well.

11. Cybersecurity

We are all aware of the importance of the internet in today’s life. Without that, we aren’t able to do a single work now. A maximum of work is being done with online media.

But when some good things came, it comes with some adverse impacts as well. With the benefits of the cyber world, we all know the concept of the dark web.

With the upliftment of the dark web, it has become essential to keep all your online documents and accounts protected. To help all your viewers or readers, you can write some ways how they can be safe online. And for this purpose, you can use this Pretty WordPress Themes of cybersecurity.


  • Specificicons of several social media are enlisted in this theme.
  • It is mobile friendly as well, and SEO is also optimized.
  • The theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3, which is the newest version of both.

12. SKT interior Pro

Interior designing is a very integral part of creating a home as per your dream. Interior designing ideas are equally important as well. Those who have specific thoughts for their houses do have some ideas, but they also need some help from professionals to make their concept perfect.

For building a theme or website for interior design, it is essential to have a responsive theme. So this Pretty WordPress themes is very responsive as it is enabled with SEO optimization.


  • This theme has been made with an element orpage builder.
  • There is a Nextgen gallery where you can upload the designs and ideas of different designers because to have an interior designing website pictures and gallery is significant.
  • This theme is fully coded with HTML5 and CSS3, which makes it a complete theme.

Final words:
To build a blogging site or even build a website on any respective field, you traditionally needed some help from professionals such as web designers.

But with the help of all these Pretty WordPress themes, it has become way more accessible to build a relevant and attractive website on your own.

Compatible with all those features you would need to create a perfect website are all there in these themes to make your experience better.

So decide which way you want to go and choose that one definite theme for your website or you can opt for several themes if you can manage multiple sites. That’s all up to you!

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