Playful WordPress Themes to Choose for an Engaging Site

For a bubbly, playful website, you must be carrying out the right vibe throughout your website. It is difficult to keep your visitors hooked to your site till the end if they fail to find value.

Also, in case, people fail to find out the right value, they will skip your page instantly, which will amp up your bounce rate.

So, what can you do to solve this problem? A good theme can do magic. A theme that contains all the right elements, design, and features can let you achieve quick success with your website. Thus, to create a bubbly light-minded website.

There are various other kinds of options integrated into this theme to make it a great choice for anyone. Whether it is the flexibility with the layout options or it is the handful of functions, everything makes this theme a perfect choice for any of your kindergarten websites.

playful WordPress themes

Here are some best playful WordPress themes that you can use:

Play School

education WordPress theme

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Play School is a highly impressive theme that one must have to create something unique and impressive. It comes in the form of a multipurpose theme that you can choose for endless possibilities.

This Educational WordPress theme is highly appropriate for any kind of school, university, course, etc. What is highly exciting about this theme?

You can simply use it for any kind of Learning Management System Plugins to improve your workability. Its bunch of features is created to serve your success.

Here is what you need to know about its bunch of features:

  • With this WooCommerce compatible theme, you can sell all your courses
  • The About Us section comes fully featured with a variety of contents
  • There are plenty of in-built shortcodes to add any kind of content quite easily
  • It is SEO-friendly to improve your on-site performance
  • Tested with cache plugin


kindergarten WordPress theme

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Kindergarten is one of the highly impressive playful WordPress themes that you can use for a variety of purposes. This theme is completely WordPress 5.8 compatible and goes well with Gutenberg’s editor.

With this theme, the SKT Page Builder comes as an in-built feature. As a result, you can easily edit the home page section and add up plenty of items quite easily to make your website pages highly intuitive.

Here are the features to look at:

  • There are 4 variants available for both the header layout and footer layout.
  • It comes with a variety of blog templates, such as the full-wide, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, etc.
  • Coding is done as per SEO standards.
  • Social sharing plugins are available on this theme
  • Coding is also SMO friendly for this theme



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Babysitter is a highly responsive theme that can give your babysitting business another level of upliftment. This theme has been made to look good on all kinds of devices; at the same time, it is highly Google mobile-friendly.

It is often daunting to start up with a website that can rightly reiterate the playful tone of your business. However, with this theme, you can ace the game easily.

It is a kind of theme that is filled with shortcodes to let the page have nice and attractive content. You can use such content to set up your page in a different manner.

Here is what can make this theme an ideal gorgeous choice for you:

  • It is a full color-changing theme where you can set up colors as your preferences.
  • There are plenty of shortcodes that you can add to your pages to create a diverse range of setups.
  • It comes with 650+ integrated Google fonts.
  • There are 360+ font icons integrated into the theme
  • There are 12+ transition effects available in the theme

Toy Store

Toy Store WordPress Theme

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Toy Store is one of the must-have playful WordPress themes that you can have to create something unique and effective. The theme is created with some of the powerful functionalities that you can embrace to create something impressive.

The theme is rich with the WooCommerce functionalities that you can easily use to amp up the workability of your website.

There are header and footer layout options integrated into this theme to offer better effectiveness and appeal. Apart from that, there are plenty of other functions that you must check out.

Here are those:

  • The homepage section lets you add more areas via a very easy page contentful-wide-right-sidebar
  • You can make color changes to your theme as per your requirement
  • 800+ number Google fonts are integrated into this theme
  • The entire theme is very widget-friendly
  • This theme comes translation ready with POT file

School Uniform

school uniform

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The School Uniform theme is a suitable template for all those who want to create an online store for the same. This theme has been designed to offer you plenty of unique ways to create fashion, clothing, and apparel stores.

You can use this same theme to create an undergarment store. This theme can be used with various useful and top-rated plugins.

The homepage section contains a very effective configuration. This theme supports the latest software version that lets you ramp up your customer experience.

Here are the functions this theme offers:

  • There are unlimited font options available in this theme
  • It is WooCommerce ready
  • There are very impressive checkout and product pages
  • It comes with a very effective customizer option
  • Supports retina ready features

Summer Camp

summer camp

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The Summer Camp template can be one of the ideal playful WordPress themes for all the right reasons. This theme comes as a very clean camping theme that you can use to target campsites, camping agencies, campers, and various other activity sites.

This theme is great with its design and rich, effective features. You can use this theme to create your official online presence as a kids’ activity center, packing business, renting camping, summer camps for children, etc.

This theme fits nicely with any of the offering services such as water camp, hiking, nature camp, etc.

Here are the features it has:

  • Conformable with various page builder plugins
  • Let you build a custom template with a preferable page builder
  • Lets you add HD videos, photographs, etc
  • Coding is done as per SEO standards
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.4+

SKT Tutor

SKT Tutor can be the perfect choice for any of your tuition, training, or online courses related services. This theme is a highly responsive and modern one which is a magnificent choice for any of the universities, schools to train the students.

There are plenty of reasons why this theme is a great choice for an. For teachers, professors, mentors, lecturers, this theme is a perfect choice. This bright and beautiful theme can make anyone stay hooked to your website for a long time.

Here are the features it covers:

  • The theme is compatible with popular WordPress tools
  • It is rich with a variety of pretty fonts and colors
  • You can also add third-party tools to this theme
  • You can display retina-ready content with your theme on your website
  • SEO-optimized to generate better web-traffic

SKT Marathon

SKT Marathon is a perfect multicolored WordPress theme that you can use to create something very impressive.

As one of the best playful WordPress themes, it lets you create a very expressive website if you are a health coach, runner, sportsman, athlete, or you are in any other kind of healthy lifestyle.

This theme perfectly satisfies all your needs for creating a very modern blog for the marathon, runner, fitness coach, etc. With this theme, any coach or trainer can run an online store with the complete ease of eCommerce support.

Here are the features that back up this theme:

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • Some third-party plugins are highly compatible with this theme
  • With one mouse click, you can download any of your demo content
  • There is no need for complicated codes to create your design
  • The HTML5 and CSS3 codes are used on this theme

SKT Pregnancy

Pregnancy is associated with a gust of happy wind in the family of a newbie mother. During this time, the new parents look for services and centers which seem highly reliable to them.

The SKT Pregnancy theme is one of the templates that you can use if you are a gynecologist, doctor, surgeon, etc.

You can use the theme to create a service offering for fertility treatment, health centers, hospitals, testing clinics, etc. Within a very short time, you can create a very appealing presence.

Here is what you can do with this theme:

  • Offers you inner page support with Divi, WPBakery, SiteOrigin, etc
  • It is highly suitable with all browsers, retina screens, plugins, and devices.
  • For extra function, you can utilize many visual effects
  • It has been set up with SEO-friendly plugins
  • It lets you display your products on a lighter background

Girlie Pro

Girlie Pro is one of the impressive playful WordPress themes that you can use to create something highly functional and alluring on your site.

This theme comes with compatibility with the Google mobile-friendly test that lets you make your site go highly functional.

This theme is packed with power that lets you change various visible elements on your site. There are various shortcodes integrated into this theme which ultimately renders better power to your site.

Here are the functions it offers:

  • Social media integration is skillfully integrated into this theme
  • Compatibility in working with the latest version of WordPress
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce that lets you create shopping features on your theme
  • Coded with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Highly responsive with the timing control and animation ease

GB Charity

GB Charity comes in the form of an NGO WordPress theme which is also packed with plenty of highly active functions and an impressive appeal.

This theme is made to help you in setting up a highly professional appearance for both charities and non-profit organizations.

You can use the theme to create a website for fundraising, social activism, donation, welfare organizations, etc.

This theme is great in offering you better performance with speed. The template has been optimized highly. With the theme, you will not face any kind of issues with SEO coding.

Here are the features that make it great:

  • It is compatible with the WordPress version and PHP
  • For any kind of non-profit website, this theme will easily load the content faster
  • It comes as a cross-device and cross-browser compatible theme
  • It is made to be GDPR compliant
  • This theme is an RTL tested one


Donation is one of the most attractive playful WordPress themes which is created to serve you the best suit of performance. This theme comes with an easy-to-add homepage section so that you can work easily without any problem.

This theme is a color-changing one which means that you can change any of the elements or sections in this template to customize it. It is a very simple theme that is very easy to manage. There are more than 800 fonts added to this theme to let you have your typography.

Here is what is more exciting about this theme:

  • It is a translation ready theme that includes the POT file
  • This theme is an SEO-friendly one that includes all tags and necessary meta
  • It is WooCommerce-friendly
  • The slider has been added to this theme to make it more functional
  • There are more than 100+ shortcodes added to this theme

Flat Pro

Flat Pro theme by SKT can be one of the charmers that you can add to your website for an appealing presence.

The theme is based on a material design that offers better appeal to the websites. This theme is based on plenty of new features as it is an Elementor based one.

The range of functionality it offers can make anyone fall in love with this one of the best playful WordPress themes.

There are features to create something great on your website that you need to check out now.

  • It is highly responsive and mobile-friendly
  • This one is a color-changing theme.
  • It goes compatible with a variety of gallery and portfolio plugin
  • There are 100+ inbuilt shortcodes present on this site
  • Coded with CSS3 and HTML5

SKT Pathway PRO

The SKT Pathway PRO is created to give your playful site a unique makeover. This theme is the perfect rendition of all the valuable features and functions which are created to give you complete ease while working.

There are plenty of areas that make this theme an ideal choice for you anytime. This theme can deliver you quick success in achieving a great user experience.

Here is what features this theme includes:

  • It is a color-changing theme that you can customize any time
  • There are options to add up to 10 slides to your theme
  • There is an easy background changing option available in this theme
  • It comes with 450+ icons to improve the multipurpose functionality
  • There are 5-page templates added to this theme


Creating a great website is not at all rocket science when you have the perfect set of playful WordPress themes with you. Thus, make sure you are paying attention to all the features of a theme before you pick any.

The above-mentioned themes can be a right addition that you can choose to finalize at any time.

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