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The main idea of this article is to provide you with the best pilates WordPress themes to stay away from the hustle of looking for the convenient platforms to run on your yoga or pilates, zumba and salsa, fitness and gym, martial arts and choreography, as well as other mind-body services presentation online.

Yoga is one of the centuries old philosophical schools that appeared in ancient India and further inspired the emergence of different practices, including pilates. Today thousands of people practice such kind of daily activities to restore their strength and become more flexible, keep their inner peace and become more open minded.

Peaceful mind and flexible body, better balance and better concentration, reduced level of stress and improved sleep, pain relief and new flows of vital energy of life… This range of the advantages pilates and yoga with their subtypes has to offer you can be continued infinitely.

The advantages of such activities are not taken for granted from a commercial perspective either. With the growing demand for yoga and pilates, fitness and gym, dance and shaping, as well as other mindset fitness centers, clubs and studios, there is a relevant offer in the digital platform that creates a forceful competition among such service providers.

In this relation, forgetting about building your own yoga and pilates website to stand that competition will certainly run the risk of your reputation and business growth. Here are some of the best tips for building results driven website with one of the most practical pilates WordPress themes of SKT production.

All of the pilates WordPress themes we draw your attention on share the same working principles since all are HTML5 and CSS3 based, licensed under GPL and celebrate maximum responsiveness across mobiles and devices. However, they are customizable enough to satisfy your needs whenever you are demonstrating a creative approach for styling the website as per your preferences.

Yogi Pro



Yogi Pro is one of the professionally made niche specific pilates WordPress themes to prove you are right with your choice. This template is totally harmonious in look and feel while providing you with the best working platform you can dream about.

The default template enables you to highlight your pilates classes and adaptive exercises, staff and specialists, pilates reacher training, equipment rental services, mindset charities and more in a convenient form. You are also free when it comes to determining the best typography for your content with the right Google font, size and color.

Yogi Pro is also HD ready for engaging photos and images, as well as SEO friendly for taking your content to new heights in search engine rankings.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts


Martial Arts is the next award winning template ready to go smoothly with any fitness and gym, pilates and yoga related website or blog. Whether you are running your personal fitness or yoga trainer blog with tons of tutorials and programs, or represent a fitness club with various services and programs, Perfect Business will do the best for you.

This website establishment tool offers a myriad of benefits to its users since the theme is rich with colors pack, typography changing options, preloaded shortcodes to result in any content or typography and much more.

This high impact WordPress powered template is also SEO and SMO ready, as well as shares the best practices when it comes to plugins and extensions for integrating commercial activities, subscription forms, social sharing capability, translation readiness, etc.

SKT Parallax Me Pro

Parallax Me


SKT Parallax Me Pro is brought to your attention by the most enthusiast group of website developers and designers. They have thrilled to add all the primary touches and controls to the theme, and have managed to serve all in an elegant form.

Hence, SKT Parallax Me Pro turns out to be one of the most awe inspiring pilates WordPress themes to meet all your clients and customers just where they are, that is, in the digital platform looking for the most attractive offers and suggestions by search engines.

With modern and clear design, SKT Parallax Me Pro comes loaded with a nice looking homepage parallax slider to guarantee the maximum exposure for your imagery. You can also add around 20 sections for the right content deployment, as well as enjoy the functionality of the visual editor for posts and pages.




Fitt is the next lightweight and visually lively template you can choose to be the starting point of your online career. Join the community of active WordPress users and make a website that will stand the challenges of the modern digital arena.

Style your website with gorgeous look and bright colors, make your content fully legible with Google approved fonts, present pricing tables and translate your content into target languages to be accessible for the international audience as well.


chiropractor WordPress theme


Balanced between clear look and advanced functionality, is also one of the best dance and choreography, fitness and shaping, yoga and pilates WordPress themes to produce tangible results in the shortest timespan.

Build you authority with and grow your business without sweating much for it with the unlimited possibilities of Bony. To put in a nutshell, this template is user optimized with responsive layout, strictly categorized areas and boxes, commercial ready nature and plugin compatibility.

Thanks to its uncluttered design and prevailing white space to make your content more noticeable, this template can also host any medical or rehabilitation, private clinic or hospital, herbal essences, diet and nutrition, spa and salon, therapy websites and not only.


personal WordPress theme


Character is irreplaceable for private coaches and tutors, pilates and yoga specialists, fit program authors and fitness celebrities to market their business in an affordable way.

This serious looking, yet beautifully designed template is bundled with an avalanche of practical tools and customization options. Among them you can find different shortcodes, font and color changing options, Po file inclusion for translation purposes with relevant plugins, gallery management instruments with gallery plugins, etc.

Everyone wants to stay in shape and start searching for information online. This could just be a few months fad but it is still a great opportunity for fitness websites to connect with them. When they are looking for a solution and you have one then it is best that these two things are combined. The Pilates WordPress Themes are something which can help you here in creating a highly attractive website with quality content so that the visitors can benefit from it.

Now you have to understand that anything which is available online will face fierce competition mostly due to the huge number of the website each providing unique content and service. Now if you wish to face this competition strongly then one good and strong way is to create a website of your own with certain features that will attract the right customers.

The Pilates WordPress Themes are available in abundance when you wish to pick any one of them then the best way is to check for the features it provides. For fitness the must-have features are:

  • Blog: When one is thinking about SEO then Blog is rated higher as it provides fresh content to the website and search engines to map. These current updates keep the website ranked higher which makes it easily traceable for the visitors. Now the trick here for the website owners is to add keywords and optimize the blog in a way that it is picked up when a search is made. Apart from the search engines, even the visitors find the whole information important and thus they love to visit the website. Add what is the latest fitness technique suitable for everyone or any health-related content on the blog so that continuity is maintained.
  • Reviews: This is something which is looked at first when one is visitor’s checks on a website. More than 80% visitors go on the reviews page and see what others have to say about the website they are looking. Since health is an important topic which requires expertise the visitors are keen in checking out whether the services are up to the mark. Pilates WordPress Themes comes with an easy option to add the reviews section.
  • Instructors Bio: This is relevant to the visitors who wish to join the classes. The instructor’s bio adds a personal touch to the whole process and they feel connected. It creates a form of trust which goes on to make conversions. There are many sites which have shown a higher conversion rate when they keep their instructors profile updated.
  • Call to action: Make it incredibly easy for the visitors to actually take action. Put it right in the front and leave no space for them guessing what they should do. This could be related to subscription, participation etc.

The fitness websites must make use of technology to attract a higher crowd to the site. Using the best features is a great way to ensure that the visitors get what they have been looking for. You can add features as and when required.

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