Physiotherapy WordPress Themes for Physiotherapist Websites

A practical assemblage of physiotherapy WordPress themes designed and launched for physical and other therapists

These physiotherapy WordPress themes can as well be used by physical medicine and rehabilitation, fitness and wellness specialists.

The global networking system boils down to 2 basic things. The first one is the communication and the second one is information.

Both of them line on the basis of the medical world seeking contact with the patient – base and showcasing valuable health – related information online.

Those are the essential inducements to establishing and running a separate website for better efficiency and accessibility. And this principle is valid for a medical industry or branch of any kind, including, of course, physical and other directions of therapy.

This time we have sorted out physiotherapy WordPress themes worked out by the dedicated team of experts and developers.

Dive quickly into the online world quickly and energetically with each of them and grab the attention of the new streams of patients.

physiotherapy WordPress themes

All of them are packed with an intuitive interface and sophisticated structure.

Adding new posts, pages, images and texts, customizing them the way you want will be a breeze for any therapist, physiotherapist, internist, psychotherapist and other medical experts.

SKT Therapist Pro


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Meditation Pro

Meditation WordPress theme

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SKT Buddhism


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Reiki Pro

Reiki WordPress theme

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The next sample among the reliable physiotheraphy WordPress themes comes launched as SKT Dual. This smart and secure template will be the wisest contribution to your success to be measured in the future.

Although the theme celebrates multi – purpose touches, medical industry is the most relevant one to be revealed through this template. Run up the stairway of the medical world and make your website the trusted source of medical help and treatment.

Select and showcase the best exercises and treatments for your clients and display them through your theme sections and areas. What makes SKU Dual so demanded is its Customizer – based performance to organize everything in the blink of an eye.

Other highly – applicable features are the theme mobile – friendliness, shortcodes inclusion and plugin – compliant nature.


doctor WordPress theme

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Handy is truly helpful and clearly – coded, visually effective and functionally advanced medical and health template.

In case you want your physiotherapy or clinic website have up and seamlessly running in several minutes, Handy can your right hand.

As one of the actively – installed physiotheraphy WordPress themes so far, it shares totally manageable framework for you to tweak in.

From more than 600 Google fonts for the right typography to preloaded contact forms and Google map, the theme incorporates it all. Each of the inner pages can be dressed up with different header image as well.

Handy feels perfect when it comes to translating your content to be accessible for the foreign website visitors as well. Testimonials section can be the most effective part of your website where your satisfied users and clients will share their positive experience.


psychologist WordPress theme

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With Psychology one is able to create a unique and streamlined website and offer his or her physiotherapy – related services within a couple of clicks. With this fresh and serious – looking template you will be able to boost the number of patients enrolled in your therapy practice.

Prove them that you care about each single website visitor and provide the latter with legible content and pixel – perfect images.

Deploy them in the nice – arranged theme sections and let them be easy to find and evaluate online resource of medical information. From a more structural and technical viewpoint, Psychology is in compliance with all the modern trends and requirements.

Being such, this website builder comes with all the primary theme sections, among them home, our doctors, blog, gallery and contact us. This is also one of the physiotherapy WordPress themes and is also quick in performance and totally responsive.

SKT Consulting Pro

SKT Consulting Pro

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SKT Consulting Pro is another strongly advisable physiotherapy, fitness and health – based web builder to give you a quick start.

This theme will help you prove your audience that you are sophisticated enough to get under their skins and understand the real problem.

Share your valuable information through the given content zones for those web visitors who want to optimize their physical condition. Use the homepage slider for images and photos of your business, sporting and medical activities, satisfied clients and much more.

Lots of shortcodes are also at your disposal such as testimonials, accordions, gallery, buttons, tables, etc. SKT Consulting Pro is compatible with a wide array of plugins including SEO plugins, WooCommerce, Shortcodes Ultimate and more.


condimentum new

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This time let’s touch on Condimentum to feel the entire professionalism and unique style it delivers for every single therapist or another doctor.

No matter whether you are running a physiotherapy clinic, wellness center or fitness studio, this theme is ready to take account all your business visions and aims.

The theme feels and functions awesome at any size and is presentable for reading with any portable or low – powered device.

Advanced theme options form the core of Condimentum to simplify your workflow. The range includes color management variables, full documentation support, and minimalistic web design for better concentration on the most important. etc. SEO – optimization is also added to the theme to drive more traffic into your online website or store.



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We are thrilled to present you the culmination of our work in the form of Fitt. It is one of the motivational and enthralling, safe and secure physiotherapy WordPress themes available at your leisure.

It is ready to grant your website user with the fastest loading time and irreproachable navigation controls. Share images, texts, buttons, icons and much more to encourage visitors to get in touch with you.

Increase your web presence with right chosen technical platform surrounded by the touches of responsiveness and mobile – friendliness.

Fitt is tailored to the needs of both seasoned physiotherapists and trainers and beginners in the field. Hence, the theme is flexible enough to adapt to your constantly changing wishes. It has all the required points surrounding digital presentation of medical and health – care industry with its.

Those are the theme’s overall comprehensive structure, shortcodes, fonts and icons all integrated right from the start, several blog and page templates, plugin support, etc.

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