Petrol Station WordPress Themes For Gas Station

What is a petrol station, and what services does it offer?

The definition of a petrol station stands to be a place or establishment along the roadside where fuel is sold for vehicles. As petrol-powered vehicles cannot run without it, people halt their vehicles in the petrol station to fill up fuel to commence their journeys. These are some of the services offered by petrol stations:

Quality and quantity check
Petrol pumps offer free quality tests without any scope for denial using filter paper tests and quantity checks. The fuel’s quantity can even be checked with a quantity check.

First aid kit
Petrol pumps offer free first aid kits to anyone in need. If, due to any unfortunate incident, you suffer from a road accident, you can rush to a nearby petrol station to get immediate medical supervision.

Clean drinking water
Clean drinking water is always available at petrol stations. If you are thirsty, you can avail of this service to quench your thirst completely free of cost!

Do you want to make your brand new petrol station a huge recognition? Are you looking for the right petrol station WordPress themes for your business?

If so, then read on and find the best themes that not only provide you modern but classic feel, so it can be accessible for everyone.

Petrol station WordPress Themes

Your ultimate goal of choosing a petrol station WordPress theme is that describes your services in a better way. Hence, you can attract a range of audiences to your business.

However, the theme comes is various features, pros, and cons. But to get the best out of your theme one must follow the SEO practice and marketing tactics. So, let us check out Petrol station WordPress themes for your fuel station.

Also, it is integrated with several 2000 + icons, which can be useful for having your choice of social icons everywhere. Apart from that, the theme is checked and based on the elementor page builder.

Also, it gives complete support of form and email marketing. Further, the theme is based on high-speed and lightweight features. 

Best Petrol Station WordPress Themes 2023

1. Fuel Station 


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Fuel Station is one of the best petrol station WordPress themes that are well-crafted and helps you to get the most response from the market.

It has tons of rebuilt features especially the options like consultancy, Services pages, blog pages, and also the portfolio.

It helps you to create effective communication with your customers and another factor which is a cool factor, this premium theme helps you create an appealing website on its own. 

It comes up with sample content along with documentation, so there is no need for an expert. Furthermore, this handles your site easily with your eCommerce plugin. Also, it is integrated with Google Maps, so users can locate your store easily. 

Moreover, it is featured with premium features like slide revolutions and other compatible plugins such as booking plugin, appointment plugin, testimonial plugin, popup plugin, and sharing plugins. Download this theme today! 

2. SKT Garage 


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SKT Garage is the most powerful and sophisticated petrol station WordPress theme, which is not only suitable for auto car repair Industries but also creates gas &fuel stations, Body shops, car wash, garage, mechanic, mechanical workshops websites. 

The theme comes up with pre-built demo content and comprehensive documentation, so everyone can set up the website easily and quickly.

Moreover, the theme includes a blog and Portfolio section including multiple layouts. Thus, you can choose that as perfectly matched your website standard.

SKT Garage has potential customers to reach because it supports the WooCommerce plugin and is essential for party plugins.  With this, you will give your website a more creative, comprehensive, and easy shopping portal for your customers. Also, it keeps your website multilingual and translation-ready.

It will take only a couple of seconds to load your website on any device. Apart from it, it has different combinations including header pages, sidebar, and footer. You can use any of your choices and make your people interested in ample call to action. 

3. Factory Pro

Factory WordPress theme

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Factory Pro is a multi-purpose and outstanding WordPress theme that can be suitable for any kind of business, related to manufacturing, engineering, mechanics, fuel stations, and more.

The homepage design has been integrated with many features, especially PO and MO for the easy translation of any kind of language. 

It has various templates, so one can easily switch and select the layout of the site of choice. Furthermore, the site is eco-friendly and coded with social media Optimisation plugins.  Along with that, the theme is HD ready has been tested under various trials. 

Moreover, factory pro has two types of header and footer layouts that are based on modern technology and give you the best use of the website.

In addition, the dropdown navigation panel, social sharing plugins, ample call to action buttons, and modern business theme can help you to reach several audiences easily. Get it now! 

4. Auto Car 

auto car

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Auto Car is the most significant, delightful, and easy petrol station WordPress theme that is based on the full color-changing feature. It is a fully mobile and tablet-friendly responsive theme.

Also, it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, so that it makes your user easier to shop from your website. 

Along with that, the payment options are highly standardized and follow the security checks. The theme is completely documented and provides useful customer support for a year.

Apart from that, it is coded with 580 plus font-based icons and bundle with a lot of sliders, footer, and header options. 

The elements like team members, testimonials, and others just make your theme more powerful. If you want to use this theme for a blog purpose, you can go with it and make your blog captivating.  

5. Engineering Pro

Engineering WordPress theme

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If you’re looking for the most attractive and cool WordPress theme that is perfectly suitable for the industries like construction, maintenance, real estate, architecture, and related website. So engineering Pro comes is easy to utilize as well as flexible theme.

It is a multi-purpose template that can be utilized to create any type of website, and it eventually increases your business. 

It is a beautifully designed theme and loads quickly on any device, be it a mobile, laptop, or Tablet. The homepage of the theme includes a video section that can be customizable and can be replaced with any section you want.

Moreover, the theme has four separate columns that have read more call to action buttons. The theme is smooth and includes various solutions for multiple devices. You can add any kind of plugin to your website for improving your search engine performance.

Along with that, the theme adapts to any kind of changes and works accordingly.

6. SKT Handyman Pro

Handyman WordPress theme

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SKT Handyman Pro is the most responsive and secure WordPress for the Automobile and mechanic Industries. The powerful search engine of the theme helps to rank easily on search pages, as it is quick to load and based on SEO-friendly plugins.

Moreover, the handyman theme is good for all devices.  Additionally, the about us and team members are also responsible and help you get the best out of it. 

More, it includes 650 Plus Google fonts and 900 plus icon packs.  Also, it is compatible with plugins like WooCommerce that make a shopping portal easier for the customer to access.  

7. Car Rental

Car rental is a powerful WordPress theme that mainly focuses on the automobiles Industries. It serves many businesses related to the automobile industry, mechanics, car wash, and more.

The theme comes with several colors that can be changed automatically or you can customize it with the color picker tool.

In addition, the forms can be easily managed and have been integrated with 800+ Google Fonts. The shortcodes are coded with the theme and support you when needed.

Further, Car rental theme is based on a flat design, so that you can easily enjoy the compatibility of the theme with all browsers. 

A lot of old Browsers and new ones have been tested with this template and all have given a positive impact. Next, the theme is HD and RTL ready that provides the higher solution. 

Another plus point is, the theme has less script that eventually reduces the loading time and makes your User experience outstanding. This WordPress theme is based on codex standards and allows comments that can easily change the growth of the site. 

8. Solar Energy Pro 

Solar energy Pro is yet another amazing theme you can shop for immediately. It is a well classified and eco-friendly theme that includes 20 sections on the homepage. The theme can be used for any type of industry, doesn’t matter what background you’re belonging to. 

It is recommended theme as it can be set up easily and you can customize them as well. Along with that, it includes hundred plus inbuilt shortcodes that have been provided to use them for better features. Several page templates are also provided to make the page more attractive for your audience.

It is a search-engine-optimized template that makes your website easy to rank on the top of the pages, as it is 100% responsive and friendly with Google. Moreover, it includes blog layouts and a view of single post layout choices as well. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and you can enjoy the best online shopping experience. On top of that, the theme is fully documented and based on step by step guide.

The social network icons are formed based on more than 2300 plus fonts. So, what are you waiting for? Check this now!

9. Maintenance Services Pro

Maintenance Services Pro is a modern yet flexible and highly responsive petrol station WordPress theme. It is a multi-purpose theme that can be suitable for any kind of business related to home services, plumbing, remodeling, and related websites. 

Once you purchase the theme, you will see the real difference in choosing this, as it is designed to be multipurpose. You can tweak the colors and improve the functionality of the website by adding attractive images or more. 

Working on the theme is much simpler and easier than others, as it includes standard pages like 404, archives, categories, etc. 

The theme is designed and compatible with WooCommerce plugins and you can make your online shopping portal more user-friendly. Even more, you can tweak the elements so try this and tweak it with your previous website theme.

10. CCTV

If you are looking for a clean, refresh, and brilliant WordPress theme then opts for a CCTV WordPress theme. It is a high design theme and comes with a beautiful slider. The website is coded with attractive templates and effective that gives a versatile and dynamic approach.
The theme is well coded and provides you with complete standards. Furthermore, it is specified with WordPress organization. The theme is completely supported and fulfills all the requirements that you’ll need in your region.

Along with that, the theme includes site layout, copyright-free images, GPL license coding, CDN support, and several post variations.

11. PVC Pipes

PVC pipes WordPress theme is also one of the best options to go for a responsive petrol station WordPress theme. It is a modern theme that was created for renovation, plumbing gas stations, and electrical companies.

It is a compatible WordPress theme with a WooCommerce plugin that creates a fully functional online store for selling your products online.

Also, you can easily create an appointment age and it is a one-click installation theme that helps you to get the most out of it. On top of that, the theme supports an element or page builder that ensures your website can load quickly on the web.

Moreover, it has multiple variations in blog layouts. Also, it utilizes a mobile-friendly slider along with Revolution slider that is easy to customize.

12. Yacht and Cruise

Yacht and cruise is a highly recommended WordPress template that makes it easier for you to attract an audience. Here your business comes up with a logo design and easy navigation and top navigation panels that have been provided with the website.

The templates have various page layouts including or excluding sidebar. Along with that, it comes up with 800 Plus Google fonts and full-size layouts. This multilingual and RTL compatible theme makes your users engaged with your content.

Apart from it, this is social media-friendly and SEO optimizing.  Additionally, it gives extensive documentation that provides you with a step-by-step guide. In nutshell, it is a highly responsive and modern based webs.

13. Logistics 

Logistics is one of the trending WordPress themes these days for fulfilling the desire of your customers. This theme is physically working on the easy and simple design. Once you engage your visitor in this, it will keep you updated and provide a new easy design application. 

Logistics is a complete website and makes it both functional and blended with various shortcodes. Also, it is cargo based WordPress theme designed to work on social media and get more sales towards your business. Plus, it is continual with SEO-optimized plugins and high-resolution devices. Try this!

14. Spirited Pro

Spirited Pro is another responsive and fantastic petrol station WordPress theme that focuses on large mobile phones, as well as tablets. It is a page slider layout and tested for a Cross-browser and Google mobile-friendly theme.

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