Orthopedic WordPress Themes for Orthopedic Clinic and Doctor Websites

Complete and comprehensive collection of the feature – rich and precise orthopedic WordPress themes.

These orthopedic WordPress themes have been designed, stylized and developed for a wide array of orthopedic clinics and services, as well as all the other branches of medical industry, including hospitals, doctors and other medical experts.

There is a plenty of evidence that the channels patients and people exercise for finding trustworthy and reliable medical information have drastically changed from the traditional ways into the digital platforms.

Hence, every individual, seeking a professional orthopedic doctor or another healthcare specialist immediately turns to the Internet and all its resources to dig out whatever he may definitely rely on.

Thus, it can be clearly stated, that the new digital era with all its ingredients profoundly affects the doctor – patients relationship, taking it to a level further, by saving their precious time and other inconveniences relating to queues, delays, unavailability, etc.


Below are some of the best samples of orthopedic WordPress themes to deliver sustainability and stability when used for any kind of related website creation and manifestation online, as well as to showcase the most compelling content about your private clinic or public organization, health center or orthopedic surgery services.

SKT Therapist Pro:


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Medicare Pro:

medicare pro

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SKT Medical Pro:

skt medical

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SKT Medical Pro has been long praised as one of the most practical and dynamic marketing and business tool in the digital area to apply to and carry out all your relevant strategies and techniques to win new clients, grow your profit, as well as enhance your reputation worldwide.

As a unique example of clean and professional looking web design styling, closely connected with an impeccable structure and extended functionality, this orthopaedic, doctor, dentist, neurologist or chiropractor theme is wise and smart enough to render utmost flexibility in customization.

Readily responsiveness when dealing with mobile and device usage experience, blog and other convenient sections for the most accurate disposition of your information, etc.

Thus this one surely falls under orthopedic WordPress themes category.

Yogi Pro:


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A vast amount of medical or orthopaedic content can be published in the most effective way, provided that your website is supported by Yogi Pro as an exceptional and creative orthopedic WordPress theme.

Which has been well – thought –out and profoundly checked to meet all the current trends and codex standards regulated by the modern WordPress community.

Use the neatly covered homepage sections and areas fully, show off the most useful and search – based information and target all the groups of your potential audience.

Pick from an easy to use and exercise color wheel of the theme for a diversified look and color shades of the theme, and create all the favorable conditions for all your patients with their mobiles and tablets. Orthopedic WordPress themes category cannot be complete without this one.



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Build your brand online and boost your digital reputation, attract more and more clients and win their credibility with a great assistance that Bony can grant you with.

It is a sharp and bold, amazingly dependable and powerful while seamlessly lightweight and user – driven for all kinds of customization and management interventions, that webmaster can make for the better look and feel of his web pages.

With a handpicked collection of the most optimal theme sections, options and features, ranging from HTML5 and CSS3 coding, shortcodes inclusion, so that you don’t have to be professional in IT or programming to setup your content,

homepage slider for the most productive presentation of the images and photos to plugin compatibility for e – commerce activities, SEO plugins for better readability and perception of search engines.

Bony perfectly specializes in bringing your perspective and stable results. Orthopaedic or orthopedic WordPress themes category gets boost because of such templates.

Spirited Pro:

spirited pro template

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From ultimately clean and businesslike design to impeccable user and developer compliant atmosphere, Spirited Pro is another highly recommended template included in our list of the best and the most zealous orthopedic WordPress themes for revealing all the professionalism and experience of many years of any orthopedic surgeon or doctor.

This white and blue – based, visually alluring and functionally saturated, responsive and SEO – optimized website builder tool celebrates a fantastic environment specifically for all those individuals and companies, who want to establish a specialized online store, showcase their online catalog and sell their orthopaedic products,

including shoes for babies and adults, immobilizers, abdominal and other binders, stockings, pillows, mattresses and other items. All the aspects of plugin compatibility are taken care of as well.


doctor WordPress theme

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The next doctor – based and doctor – optimized template, which is widely recognized for its excellence, sustainability and responsive layout design for offering a wide scale of orthopedic services customized to satisfy all the problems and cases is Handy.

By the application of this premium – quality, yet cost – effective template, every representative engaged in medical services will be capable of creating a presentable medical online profile, foreseen all the client needs and expectations.

Ensure the easy access, fast –loading, pleasant navigation levels, accountability and hospitality of the website and considerably drive lots of patients to your medical and medicine – based content.

The flawless functionality across all the modern browsers and smartphones, Social media – ready platform, SEO optimization and ultimately customization – ready nature together with other essentials of the theme will for sure let you get started straight away and without any additional support of the professionals.

Garner praise and recognition from local, and even foreign clients and always keep your website or online shop up to date.

Healing Touch:

Healing Touch Pro

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Finally, we came to Healing Touch, diagnosed as one more orthopedic WordPress theme to be a suitable foundation for any medical, dental, orthopaedic or other target practices online. Complete and comprehensive, all-inclusive and feature – rich, this template has been developed with proven strategies and functional tips to be a measurable and preferred product in the ever – expanding market.

With its compositional and design peculiarities, with its clean and elegant look, responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibility, color changing and other modification options.

Healing Touch is tailored to the most significant and substantial points of the health, healthcare and medical industries to help you identify and carry out the most effective online activities to grow the number of your followers and website visitors.

Whether you are running an orthopedic clinic or offering chiropractor services or providing one or other affiliated services, then you will need to have an online presence to tap the burgeoning consumer market.

A recent study highlighted the fact that most patients prefer to vet their hospitals along with the treatments being offered online. This is why it makes sense for you to check out our orthopedic WordPress themes and set up a professional website online at the earliest.

With the right website, you should be able to inform your prospective patients about the various orthopedic services you offer and even provide them with relevant health related information on the same.

Keep in mind that just choosing a single theme from our vast collection of orthopedic WordPress themes alone will not do the trick but you may have to provide high quality content and detailed information on your treatment process, to help boost that conversion rate. Here are a few additional reasons as to why you may want to check out these themes –

  • Reach: Rather than depend on the traditional word of mouth, it may be time for you to go digital. Just think about it, a satisfied patient may recommend your hospital to a few select friends whereas a rolling testimonial posted on your website does the job more effectively and you should be able to reach out to more people, perhaps even by a factor of ten.
  • Thematic content and the right theme: It is important that you choose the right theme for your website, like these orthopedic themes as they come specifically designed for orthopedic clinics and come loaded with various tools and features that you can use to highlight your clinic and the various orthopedic services you offer.

    Additionally, you need to use thematic content on your website and with the right content on your website and with proper optimization, you should even be able to rank better and attain higher traffic in the near term.

  • Outreach: By choosing the right theme for your website, you can then focus on marketing the same. By developing specific marketing strategies, you should be able to market your clinic more effectively.

    You can utilize various channels such as online ads, social media marketing, guest posting and even the odd flyer to boost your outreach program. By doing so, you should be able to give a boost to your online traffic as well as your SERPS.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should choose one of these themes for your website. All of these themes are 100% responsive and come with all the required bells and whistles.

Moreover, these themes are compatible with third party plugins and mobile friendly. You may want to do a beta test with the selected theme as that should allow you to gauge as to whether the selected theme is a goopd fit for your website or not.

With the right theme in place, your orthopedic clinic should rank higher and get a boost as far as its online traffic is concerned.

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