9 Best Online Food Ordering WordPress Themes for Food Delivery Take Aways

Are you looking for responsive online food ordering WordPress themes?
Here’s a list of the best online food ordering WordPress themes. These are suitable for all types of restaurants and food delivery services.

Premium Online Food Ordering WordPress Themes & Templates

If you want to create an online food delivery and takeout website making it easier for your clients to order what is needed at the tap of a button, here are some of the best online food delivery and online food ordering WordPress themes you can check and get started with.

The Internet purchases and online orders have firmly entered our lives. And while there are some disadvantages of relying on online shopping activities, it’s undeniable that it saves a lot of time and sometimes even money, given the dynamic competition among businesses and their offers.

As for the online food ordering and delivery, restaurant takeout and other relevant businesses, millions of people feel thankful to them when it comes to lunch or dinnertime.

It takes them only seconds to select the food they want and quickly order it via different online platforms and systems.

If you are running any food related or restaurant business, going online with your food and beverage delivery services is a must, otherwise you are going to lose lots of potential customers.

Online Food Ordering WordPress Themes

Additionally, giving your clients a chance to order food easily has also to do with your business identity and promotion.

It’s a kind of affordable yet effective marketing to get your business out on your website, on different social media platforms, search engines and more.

Now, when we have discussed the advantages of an online food ordering business for both parties, let’s have a talk about some of the smart and practical online food ordering WordPress themes ready to give your digital presence a huge boost.

Flexibility, endless customization controls and effective marketing platform is what you will receive with any of these online food ordering WordPress themes.

They are custom built to help you meet all your business objectives in the way of offering diverse services from table reservation to online food delivery and attracting more clients and online food purchasers.

Download Online Food Ordering WordPress Themes With Demo Content

The online food ordering WordPress themes are ideal templates for designing websites for restaurants and food delivery services. Download online food ordering WordPress themes with demo content and check them out!

List of Top Rated Online Food Ordering WordPress Themes & Templates

We have handpicked some of this article’s best online food ordering WordPress themes. Check them out!

1. SKT Pizzeria Pro

Pizza Restaurant WordPress Theme

demo-buttondownload button

Food delivering is a promising business. But you need to have a website that attracts customers and keep them informed of latest deals. SKT Pizzeria Pro is one of the best online food ordering WordPress themes that lets you have a professional and attractive website. You can use the theme to present menu and best selling dishes.

Key Features of SKT Pizzeria Pro:

  • The theme lets you create a stunning catalogue of products.
  • It lets you add blog posts and share them on social media.
  • The SKT Pizzeria Pro has a map feature. You can add location and directions to your local store.
  • The theme can be easily customized.

2. Pizza

Pizza Ordering WordPress theme

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3. GB Sandwich

fast food WordPress theme

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4. Bistro


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Bistro is one of the modern looking and tech savvy online food ordering WordPress themes that will definitely help you leverage on the power of WordPress CMS by delivering the best web creation and management solutions.

Turn your website into something appetizing and inviting with right color choices and homepage slider images, typography and content arrangement in different parts and sections, integrate WooCommerce functionality , online ordering and online payment systems with the help of plugins and extensions.

The theme is also updated as per the latest version of WordPress and come with full documentation to guide you through the intricate parts of web building, if there are any.

5. Ele Restaurant

ele restaurant

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Whether you want an easy to grasp web appearance for your website or something tasty and drool inducing, Ele Restaurant can turn into anything.

You are capable of making the most of the theme’s customizer from behind the scenes opening up hundreds of configuration and customization options to set the title of your site or its homepage, adding or removing pages and widgets, arranging sidebar, adding visual imagery, scheduling future updates, inserting menu and types of food you offer, etc.

Page builder compatible and search engine friendly, Ele Restaurant is also coded and designed to meet the needs of the mobile users and clients on the move as it is one of the fully responsive and mobile optimized online food ordering WordPress themes.

6. Bakers

bakery wordpress theme

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The simplicity and admin friendly nature of Bakers is a great source of inspiration to try some new design and functional solutions to your food and drink related website or blog.

Committed to the open source philosophy, Bakers makes it stunningly easy for you to take the leadership over your profile and make it even more powerful and traffic generating with high quality visual and textual content, layout choices and page/post controls, etc.

Totally responsive and cross mobile compatible, Bakers will make it surprisingly easy for your clients to make orders from anywhere they are by simply using their portable devices and smartphones even while on the move.

Moreover, you have a stunning selection of plugins and additional shortcodes available for making your online food ordering system one of a kind.

7. Recipe

Recipe WordPress Theme

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Recipe is the next premium and highly configurable restaurant, food and recipe, cooking and food blogging, food ordering and delivery sites and systems.

Get ready for your website creation and customization practice with no coding experience as Recipe is designed for the beginners and non techy users first and foremost.

You will be able to create a mouthwatering site design and menu with all your offers without hiring developers to do it.

Start your food online delivery website in as less time as several minutes and take it to a higher level of performance with supplementary plugins and add ons, as they are all compatible with this theme.

8. Catering

Arm your website with the most high quality and appetizing images, inciting descriptions of your food and drink products with Perfect Food and make people want to rush out to order them online.

This theme is a kind of window to an exclusive world of web experience and ideas as it is feature packed with all the primary controls and elements you will ever need to succeed as a website master.

Play with colors and shades, categorize your offers and products in the easy to search and find way, add online shopping and online ordering platforms, exercise preloaded shortcodes for achieving this or that needed function or element, button or more.

9. Restro

Restro is also one of the most valuable online food ordering WordPress themes and you will be amazed by the diversity of opportunities it may grant you with.

It’s lovely and contemporary appearance is ideal to advertise your food specific business with a curiously crafted website that will be cross mobile and browser compatible, search engine friendly to meet your clients.

Just where they are looking for relevant food ordering services, as well as social media friendly to take the taste of your products to popular social media.

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