17+ Matrimonial WordPress Themes 2023 (SEO Optimized)

Round up of Matrimonial WordPress themes for your wedding website

In case you are about to take one of the important steps in your life and get engaged, congratulations to you!

If you have further going plans of sharing its best moments and shots with a large audience, here are some of the best matrimonial WordPress themes created specifically for such lovely events.

Those templates are also developed for matrimonial and wedding planners and venues, service provides, consultants, managers, musical bands, wedding salons, etc.

WordPress content management system is rich enough to justify all your expectations catering to absolutely any topic. And hence, when it comes to nice – looking matrimonial and wedding templates, it comes with an avalanche of such themes.

In order to save your time and efforts so that you can spend them on a more productive way, we have searched for and separated the best website building tools for you.

Each of those matrimonial WordPress themes incorporates all the compulsory and hidden ingredients ready to make your online exposure an exceptional one.

It means that there will be no fuss around the complicated installation and management process, heavy loading or other flaws. Instead, you will be able to breathe life into your website with fresh touches, colors, images, and content easily.

Matrimonial WordPress Themes

In this emerging era of sharing priceless moments of the wedding day, matrimonial WordPress themes have become inevitable.

But what are these themes? These are exclusively developed professional themes that intend to fulfill all preliminary requirements of creating wedding-based websites.

They are not only powered with world-class features but also include impeccable aesthetics. Hence, this enables it to be a fine choice for event managers, wedding planners, and related agencies to create a terrific web presence.

In a record time, you can create a dynamic website that can serve all kinds of matrimonial-related purposes.

To ensure that you do not get stuck with any ordinary theme, we have researched and compiled a stunning collection here.

Wedding Rituals:

Wedding Rituals


Please, meet Wedding Rituals as one of the latest matrimonial WordPress themes to be found in the WordPress library of templates.

It is for sure the culmination of our specialists’ efforts and unique taste to provide you with top – notch and visually captivating product.

What can be more enjoyable than running a smooth and sleek, easy to control website keeping the memories of your wedding or matrimonial alive?

Wedding Rituals takes care of your comfort and time while offering you totally customizable framework with fully – packed toolbox.

Showcase the most beautiful images as slideshows on the homepage, make us of the pre – enabled shortcodes, change colors and decide typography, and undertake lots of other actions.




Nuptials is one more top – ranked pattern in our list of matrimonial WordPress themes with easy drag and drop interface. It can be the most affordable destination of your visual and textual content in the online platform.

GPL – based and strongly – coded, this website ecosystem is developed with responsiveness in the developer’s mind. Other important features like animated homepage slider, blog availability and HTML5 and CSS3 coding have not escaped the theme author’s attention either.

Albums with photo gallery together with Family members section are also included for the comprehensive performance of your website.

SKT Lens Pro:

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


From top to bottom, from right to left, SKT Lens Pro is well – managed and dressed to be one of the most valuable matrimonial WordPress themes in the current marketplace of WordPress products.

When you start with this error and clutter – free website builder, you are condemned to the nearest success! Relive the good moments of your life through SKT Lens Pro and let your friends and relatives enjoy them once again.

With home, about us, blog, gallery and more have one unified objective – to take your content and serve it to the website visitor in an accurate fashion. The theme is also compatible with different plugins, such as translation, shortcodes, portfolio, etc.

Wedding Videographer:

Wedding videographer Wordpress Theme


Wedding Videographer is image – centric and WordPress – authored template which can be the choice of many couples and just married people.

In case you want your high – resolution images span the whole of the welcome page of your site, look no further than Wedding Videographer.

With special accent on visual influence of the website, this template is also the beloved one of portfolio owners, designers and photographers. However, the visually strong operation is not the only asset of this template.

Whether you are with our without any prior experience in website creation and customization, you will be capable of controlling gallery and portfolio display options, change backgrounds, colors, etc.

Ele Wedding:

ele wedding lite


Ele Wedding is lively and enthusiastic, ambitious and highly creative product to support any kind of personal, wedding and matrimonial, as well as anniversary – related topics.

Moreover, this theme can easily expand the horizons of functionality and cater to beach and resorts, travel and hotel industry as well. Wonderfully elastic and responsive, fully manageable and user – centric, advantages of SKT Ele Wedding are boundless.

Offer your services and products, organizational programs or wedding venues to your potential clients, share the best images of your business and boost your revenues with Ele Wedding.

It is ready made to generate a perfect user experience thanks to its mobile – friendly, fast loading and easily scrollable character.

Banquet Hall Pro:

banquet hall


In case you are looking for all – inclusive, intelligent and inherently comprehensive system for your future matrimonial website, Banquet Hall Pro will be a total fit for you.

The designers and developers of the theme spend much time to make each and every part of it easy to understand, use and customize. As such, the theme celebrates totally admin – optimized dashboard to manipulate with your website’s look and feel.

If there is anything we definitely know about Banquet Hall Pro is that it knows how to get attention. The nice – looking homepage slider with lovely images will highly contribute to this quality as well.

The theme has passed all the checks for its adjustable nature when it comes to mobile version of the theme, as well as plugin complaint performance.


Jewellery flaunts its uniqueness with ease and grabs attention without extra endeavor. As one of the risk – free matrimonial WordPress themes, it comes with cost – effective nature and simplified framework. Unlimited color combinations and font replacement are possible with Jewellery.

It means that you are powered to decide the look of your website in every stage of its development. SEO friendly coding is added to the theme to relatively boost your population by means of search engine results.

Girlie Pro

Girlie Pro is one of the fascinating matrimonial WordPress themes that you can select. This theme is basically developed for addressing all the demands of the websites that are aimed at feminism.

Portraying the bride in her white or colorful wedding gown on the landing page itself will be a charm to the visitors.

Additionally, wedding managers and event coordinators can also use this theme for a terrific web presence.

Costume designers and decorators can conveniently project their best outfits relating to weddings through this theme. It is optimized in and out for SEO and is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Modify it as you like and in case of missing features, there are hundreds of inbuilt shortcodes at your rescue. Plugins of all types and kinds are supported so that your website always remains dynamic with functionality.


Dating is a finely crafted beautiful and elegant option in this compilation of matrimonial WordPress themes.

The website can be conveniently set up by using one of the built-in demos that will only require a few modifications.

The single-click installation process and one-click demo export feature makes your task easier and quicker.

Customizing animations, layout, and other specific elements can be done at your leisure with the page builder and customizer.

Copyright-free images and Google Fonts are integrated by default to provide you an added customization advantage. A slider is also offered by default which can be modified and completely controlled as required.

Setting up mesmerizing galleries for projecting your precious wedding memories can be reluctantly done. All other content related to your wedding including videos can also be added.


The FilmMaker is one of its kind multipurpose options in this collection. It is widely used across industries for creating portfolio-based websites.

Hence, all the prerequisites for a matrimonial site for couples, event managers, organizers, and other experts are manageable.

When using this option the pictures, embedded videos, and animations will be highly focused compared to the textual content.

The basic design of the template and the overall layout including the colors can be customized as required.

Moreover, by default certain sections and standard pages are also offered that can also be kept, removed, or customized as needed.

The built-in template is retina-ready and with the help of page builder, one can easily create fresh retina-ready templates. One year of support is offered by the developers along with exclusive documentation.

SKT Beach Pro

SKT Beach Pro is a fabulous and elegant multipurpose option in this collection of matrimonial WordPress themes.

Instead of hiring anyone to set up a website for you, SKT Beach Pro enables you to do it by yourself. This does not require in-depth learning or experience as almost all tasks can be executed with a few clicks.

Starting from the installation to the publication of your website everything can be executed without writing a single line of code.

The niche will demand certain modifications in the template and the layout depending upon your use and projections.

For photographers, this site will help in gaining massive value by creating a spectacular website that records all your finest works.

Storing and sharing precious wedding moments and attracting clients with your work have been simplified with this versatile option.

Yacht and Cruise

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box and feature-rich theme for your wedding-based site? Yacht and Cruise is one such magnificent option that enables you to develop and publish a distinct site.

Despite being a multipurpose option, it is rich in features and is compatible with plugins of all kinds.

The interesting part is that it is flexible and all its elements can be easily molded to gain the desired output. Even the default color combination, font style, and slider movements can be managed easily.

It also offers numerous shortcodes that can be used to add the desired features that are required for the site or for the visitors.

Couples can use it for featuring their wedding along with wedding planners and agencies in the same niche to promote their business.

From all the distinct themes this will help you in remaining on the cutting edge of completion and convert potential leads.

Event Planners Pro

Event Planners Pro is a truly mesmerizing theme in this collection of best matrimonial WordPress themes.

As an event planner or a wedding manager here you will get the desired freedom to showcase your work. Attracting clients for an occasion like weddings demands trust and credibility.

This theme enables you to create a website that can do perfect justice by showcasing the true value of your previous projects. Hence, attaining credibility will never be an issue.

Modifications of all kinds as demanded by your profession and layout can be made without any limitations. For additional features, you can depend upon built-in shortcodes and third-party plugins.

Flower Shop

Flower Shop is a unique inclusion in this exclusive collection. Flowers have been and shall remain an inevitable segment of any wedding across any culture in the world.

Thus, to boost your business as a florist this theme is the perfect solution. Integrating payment gateways to accept payments is also feasible and can be done quickly.

It is fully compatible with WooCommerce hence everything can be listed on the online store and shipped across the world.

Given that it has been developed for the core purpose of a wedding you can easily transform it into a matrimonial website.

This is possible because of the exclusive flexibility in modification and customization that it offers.


This is a widely acclaimed multipurpose option in this collection of matrimonial WordPress themes. Whether you are creating a core wedding site or creating it for a magazine or a blog, here you can do it all.

SKT Spa is customizable from all aspects and has the potential to hold any amount of traffic. It is optimized for terrific performance in the search engines and is compatible with plugins of all kinds.

Social icons pack and Google Fonts are integrated by default so that you can add a unique value to the site.

All images are in high-resolution and the responsiveness has been tested across different devices and screens.

Holy Church

This is a special and unique inclusion in this collection. With high versatility and the potential of supporting plugins of all kinds, you can create an effortless website with it.

Additionally, you can also represent the venue and offerings as a church for the audience to plan weddings. Hence through a single domain of marriage, it can address multiple individuals and organizations.

Default integration of shortcodes, retina-ready templates, and multilingual functionalities are some of its peculiar features.

Customization is convenient and worrisome thanks to the page builder and customizer options. Content of all types can be added and default images are also copyright-free so that it can also be used directly.

Hotel Booking

The last in this compilation of matrimonial WordPress themes is the finest multipurpose Hotel Booking theme.

As the name denotes this theme has been developed to suffice the requirements of hotel bookings for guests.

But, given its strong, flexible, and elegant performance and best in class features you can create a matrimonial-based website easily. Setting up a gallery to feature the best photos of the wedding day and other functions is possible.

You can even set up a mesmerizing landing page by adding exclusive photos on the default slider. It will demand certain modifications but with page builder and customizer you do not have anything to worry about.

Last but not least full support is offered by the developers for one year along with exclusive theme documentation.

Additionally, creating a business-based website for accommodation facilities for weddings is possible and can do wonders for your business.

The same relates to the theme’s SMO coding to make your site more socialized and social – friendly.

One of the most important days of a person’s life is the Wedding day. There is so much that is happening on that day and the people want to capture every such moment to ensure that they can keep it safe for the rest of the life.

These days are also not something that you celebrate alone. The whole family comes together and become a part of the celebration. There are also many service providers that ensure that everything goes according to plan.

These services will are hired and are required involves the planner, the caterer, decorator, manager, musical band, salons etc.

Now all these people are a team which works in their own designated area yet comes together create the whole day in a magical way.

The use of the matrimonial website templates WordPress is a great way for these service providers the customer’s insight on what you are planning to offer.

The themes that are available on the platform are huge and thus they cater to all your expectations. You can choose the wedding flowers or the venue with using them.

For people who want to personalized everything and also want to do things on their own should think carefully and choose any one of these ample of templates.

The matrimonial website templates WordPress is designed with such functionalities that they provide help in all aspects and the users do not have to look any further to find anything else.

There are all ingredients in these web themes which will make the whole online presence a special and exceptional one. There will be no need for heavy installations or management of these themes.

They are designed to allow you to find it easy to manage and work on these themes. There will be a lot of fresh colors and images along with a good blend of content which will easily go with them all.

What has changed these days is that every couple or family of the couple wants something which is easy to share.

This can be done using great matrimonial website templates WordPress which allows the whole website to be created dedicated to the lovely couple. Now if this sounds like a lot of technical works then think again.

WordPress has always been careful in providing the users what they exactly need. There is no need to have any technical knowledge, all non-technical users can easily add content and operate and use all functions of these templates.

The users also do not have to compromise, there are many such well-designed templates that are available for choice.

One can take any one of them and then customize it to make them look the way they require. This will be a beautiful platform that you will be able to manage together and share it will the world.

The fact that most of the content on these websites will be media based they are created in such a way that all high-quality images will find right place here. If you want to add any special feature then you must realize that the plug-ins are always there for you.

Still Confused? Have a glance at these FAQs.

How to install a Matrimonial WordPress theme?

The first step is to download the best option from the above list. Then navigate to the Themes page from the Appearance Menu which can be found in the admin area.

Click on the Add New button, Upload the downloaded theme, and click on the Install Now button.

Can you modify a matrimonial premium WordPress theme?

Yes, you can easily modify, customize, and personalize all aspects of the premium themes that are developed by SKT Themes.

Everything including the template, background color, font style, layout, etc. can be modified.

Which WordPress template is intended to be used for multipurpose sites?

This depends upon the type of use. Certain templates are perfect for creating a website for travel agencies, accommodation, and even for personal portfolios.

Explore the features and if they suit your demands then use them for your website.

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