Makeup Artist WordPress Themes for Makeup and Style Websites

Rebel against the monotonous websites with one of the makeup artist WordPress themes included in our article for celebrity makeup artists and beauty experts, makeup and hair studios, nail and tattoo salons and other beauty centric businesses online.

The philosophy of styling and applying makeup for amazing looks is as old as time. The art of beauty has been familiar even the most ancient representatives of female gender.

And although the tips and tricks, methods and materials used for a beautiful appearance are constantly changing, the woman’s aspiration for perfection never fades away.

Therefore, makeup and other beauty related businesses are constantly thriving and doing exceptionally well.

The digital platform, on the other hand, creates propitious conditions for makeup artists and beauty experts to demonstrate their works of art to the large groups of potential clients and customers.

In this relation, we have put together the best of makeup artist WordPress themes for makeup industry representatives and specialists to showcase their philosophy of beauty online with ease.

Makeup Artist WordPress Themes

Makeup Artist WordPress Themes for Makeup and Style Websites

Each of the templates you’ll find in the continuation of this post is custom built to take the visitor, whatever her age or profession, step by step through the most valuable parts of your website and its content.

All of them are also unimaginably beautiful and creative in their unique way and are coded to utilize the entire power of search engine optimization for increased visibility in search engines.

Ele MakeUp

Beauty WordPress theme


A wedding day is a very important day for a bride and a groom as they are the center point of attraction in the event. Hence they need special makeup to show their beauty and to keep all memories stored for a lifetime.

Ele Makeup is a perfect makeup artist WordPress themes to showcase the recent and past work in a professional manner. Nowadays people search for their requirements in the web market. Therefore if you create a website you will never lose any client. Ele Makeup is the Elementer based WordPress theme.

Plus they will help you to reach more people by referring your work to their friends and colleagues and help them to trust you by providing a review to the website.

SKT Cosmetics



Beauty Cuts

beauty cuts


Girlie Pro

SKT Girlie


Ele Spa

Beauty salon WordPress theme


The beauty business has a high demand in the online and offline market. To think out of the box you need a face that will be unique from other businesses. We are helping such people to differentiate their business in a unique way by providing an Ele Spa.

Ele Spa is also a makeup artist WordPress themes that can be used to create a website for spa business. Susceptible, modern and enticing feature of this theme will influence you to purchase it.

Few dozens of shortcodes are their with a number of widgets and fonts availability to create different layouts and pages. Elementor page builder is existing in this theme.

CutsNStyle Pro



CutsNStyle Pro is one of the highly applicable and energetic makeup artist WordPress themes to market your makeup studio in the most productive way and with minimum costs.

If you are dealing with beauty industry and looking for the shortest ways to share your talents with a larger audience, CutsNStyle Pro comes equipped with every single detail to assist you in doing that.

The elegant look and feel of this website template are supported by a flexible and resilient framework ready to expand and resize whenever needed.

It means that you can go deeper to the theme functionality and make relevant changes from the backend, add or remove additional plugins, shortcodes and extensions without confusing coding procedures.

The theme is also highly responsive to keep the visual and structural excellence of your site throughout different mobiles and devices.


Impressively awe inspiring and sophisticated, SKT Spa is one of the best makeup artist WordPress themes with SEO strategy, responsive web design coding, customization ready platform and yet much more advantages to come.

An extremely easy to manage and use theme backend is at your disposal to style and restyle your website over and over to keep pace with the constantly changing trends of the fashion and beauty world.

You are free as in freedom to decide the overall color dominance and combinations of your site, its typography for better readability, manage the preloaded pieces of shortcodes to do various things with little effort.

Pre enabled homepage sections and parts, among them blog area, gallery part, contact us section and more, are ideal for your site content sorting so that you can grant your web visitors with easy to digest and accurately categorized textual and visual content.

Reiki Pro

Reiki Pro as one of the affordable yet award winning fashion and makeup artist WordPress themes can be a true time saver for you. No more stress around complex coding processes or the necessity of hiring professionals to draw the unforgettable picture of your future site.

From homepage slider controls to contact form setup, from changing the fonts and colors, adding images and creating galleries to making your content available for mobile users, with Fashion Trends you are the only magic maker of your site.

Massage Center

Massage Center is what every single woman or a girl will be fond of. Designed and decorated specifically for the feminine market base, Massage Center shares the most subtle touches and colors of elegance to host your content in a nice looking fashion.

Whenever you are stubborn to update your site with new look or functional solutions, new slides or photo albums, Massage Center will make all the processes enviably easy for you.

Cosmetic and makeup marketing is heavily based on the visual factor of influence. Hence, you can add the most successful images and photos of your makeups or satisfied clients on the homepage slider and subconsciously persuade your web viewer that you are the one to rely on.

Flower Shop

Fresh faced and avant guard, Flower Shop is a top notch multipurpose template to optimize your site’s performance and its ranking.

As such, it enjoys a great demand among fashion and style, flower and composition, design and nail art, makeup and hair salons and studios, private specialists and makeup artists who want to organize an online exposure of their works.

This theme is truly harmonious between the simplicity in usage and stability in flawless performance. With simpler admin part there are better opportunities and ways to transform new ideas into actions in the virtual domain.

With Flower Shop, you will unnoticeably outride the tricky part of web creation and development and will find yourself in a comfortable admin dashboard with tons of useful tools and controls at your fingertips. Here is where the fun part of the theme begins.


Of all the strategies and plans, campaigns and tips that comprise your beauty or cosmetic related business for success, your website will serve as the brick and mortar for taking your services and products and delivering them to the most targeted audience.

Packed with a wide array of handy features and settings, Nuptials will support you in transforming your efforts into noticeable and tangible results.

There are easy to use shortcodes pack, availability to create and sort albums in gallery area, members are for your staff and team members, as well as blog area to keep your web viewers and readers hungry for updates and new publications.

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