The Best Lyrics WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands

Being a musician can be one of the most difficult jobs. You have to constantly come up with new creative ideas to compose symphonies and you also have to be good at performing. Live performances and creating new songs can drain you.

You shouldn’t have any more challenges. That’s why if you are looking to create a website then you should use WordPress.

With the help of a website you can communicate with your fans directly and it is also a great platform to sell your concert tickets.

Not all lyrics WordPress themes are suitable for your business and that’s why you should only consider the following:

1. Music Producer

music band WordPress theme


This web design has rock music written all over it because of the dark black background or the video-friendly background.

It is important to get your fans to listen to your recent releases so that they don’t tank in a short duration. An official website will help you with that and this template has a section where you can highlight the recent releases.

You can also display recent events so that your fans are aware of where you will be performing. In the next section, you can write more about your personal life and journey to becoming a musician.

You can integrate your site with WooCommerce and sell your albums online. If you or your band decides to create some merchandise in the future then you can sell it online too. It is important to give everyone in the band equal credit. The band members section ensures that visitors know about the contribution of each member.

2. Musical Sounds

musical sounds


Musical Sounds is a website outline that is designed for musicians who love to create relaxing pieces of music. You get a lot of space to accurately display all the recent releases. You can add a great poster for each new song.

You can integrate your different accounts like Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes with the help of this online product. Now your site visitors can follow you on different platforms.

You have a lot of sections where you can add recent music videos, podcasts, and albums. This template works extremely well with high-quality images, videos, and audio.

There is always something that makes your band different from others, right? Now, you can highlight those features with the help of text and animated elements.

This should help those who are just starting out and need help to attract people to their concerts. There are many lyrics WordPress themes but not all of them are as good in creating conversions.

3. GB Podcast



This template was built using Gutenberg which means that you have the authority to edit it block-wise.

The primary target audience for this product is podcast makers but with a few tweaks, even musicians can use it.

The standout feature of this site layout has to be it’s dynamic look and animated elements. These elements help you communicate a message clearly to your audience.

In the recent episodes section, you can add your latest albums. Add some information like the number of downloads, number of concerts, and number of subscribers to increase the legitimacy of your band.

You have the option to highlight your trending songs so that they keep getting traction.
The unique thing about this site layout is that you can display the platforms where you are available.

4. Melody

music studio WordPress theme


There are a lot of lyrics WordPress themes but not all are as classy as this one. The background is black which helps the images highlight the musical energy.

In the first section, you have space to showcase your recent work. After that, you can display recent news about your work. You can have a news section dedicated to you or your music band. If you like writing then you can treat this section as a personal blog.

Many famous musicians like Nick Cave have websites where they answer fan mail. You can convert the blogging section of this site into that too.

You have to keep others updated about your upcoming tours. The website that you create using this design will help you do that.

5. SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme


SKT Dual is a simplistic website that can be used by any artist or business. It has all the sections which can help you create the ultimate website.

The white spaces make sure that the site is easy on the eyes. It comes with amazing animated elements which communicate the message you want.

It has a section where you can display your other bandmates if you make music with a team. This section is not relevant for solo musicians.

The simple colored layout will give your site a look of sophistication. In the portfolio section, you can add your recent albums.

6. SKT MovieMaker

This is a great design choice for movie studios or production houses. It can rival the best lyrics WordPress themes with a few tweaks.

In the first section, you can add text and elements which depict what makes your music so special. Why tell people that you make awesome music when you can show them?

It has a section where you can add a video. You can use that to add the video of your latest album. This will fill everyone with excitement and also establish your authority as a talented musician.

You can add a lot of videos to your site by using this template. The specialty of this theme is that it doesn’t slow down even after having a lot of video content. Certifications are not important when it comes to music although if you did attend a prestigious music university then why not show off the certificate?

This is one of the rare themes which has space for the same.

7. Kraft

Kraft is perfect for artists who want to build a professional website.

All the images that come with this digital product are copyright-free so you can use them without any editing too. This website outline was built using Elementor and it can be edited with it too.

You don’t have to worry about the mobile version of your site as it is mobile-friendly and can be browsed on multiple different browsers. There are many lyrics WordPress themes but you can rely on this one if you are looking for a simple site.

8. SKT Events

SKT Events is a great web template for event management companies and it can be used for specific events too. As a musician, you have to organize many concerts so this product can be useful for building such a site.

9. SKT Night Club

This is a perfect template for nightclubs but music festivals also have a similar vibe and that is why you can use it too. Add a banner that depicts everything about your career as a musician.

In the next section, you can add details regarding upcoming music events. Your fans will be able to book tickets online while using your website. The color pattern along with the stock-free images ensures that you don’t have to make a lot of changes.

10. IT Solutions Pro

This website design gets a lot of praise because of it’s simple look. Many people find simplicity appealing. The white spaces along with the navy blue colors can make anyone scroll the site for a good amount of time. You have enough space to describe your journey in detail. After all, everyone loves the story of a good struggle.

You may have a lot of fans so why not add their testimonials on the site? If someone is new to your music they should know that they will not regret coming to your show.

In the team section, you can add pictures of all of the members of your band.
The web design helps you sell merchandise by integrating your site with WooCommerce. It is important to stay connected with your fans and that’s why you shouldn’t forget to add the social icons in the footer.

11. SKT Videography Pro

This web template is useful for anyone who is in the creative field. It can be used by video editors, film makers, musicians, and writers. Add a sophisticated header image of yourself or your band. Then in the next section, you can describe what you are all about by using attractive elements and text.

This web design allows you to add a lot of video content which is great for your career. Now site visitors will be able to see your recent work and decide if they are a fan of your work or not.

In the second section of the site only you can upload all the videos so that if someone is not a fan they can exit. Now you know if someone is scrolling your website past this point then they are interested in your work.

Have you ever won awards for your magical voice? This is one of the rare web designs that allow you to highlight the different awards you have won. Other than awards you can also highlight numbers to make a great impression on site visitors.

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