Full Screen and Wide WordPress Themes for Having Your Screen Filled

Computer-mediated and network-based online and marketing strategies for the promotion of individual and corporate objectives are of primary importance as for today with tons of extended perspectives and chances coming along.

This being so, ensuring the visual appearance of any online website or blog is considered one of the primary fields to take care of and boost the website visitors to make a transition from attention to action.

Fortunately, there are certain full screen WordPress themes, which will be your great assistance in stylizing and personalizing your website.

This themes have visual appearance in full screen mode to be influential and awe – inspiring for all your website users.

In this article, we have handpicked the best full screen and wide WordPress themes, so that you can get your best images and other content spanning the whole homepage and keeping the visitor’s focus on it.

Wide WordPress Themes

All of them strike the eye with their easiness and friendliness in installation and activation, as well as are subject to any kind of configuration as the website owner may think reasonable for contributing to the advancement of his online profile.

1. SKT Full Width Pro

Full Wide WordPress theme

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SKT Full Width Pro is highly versatile and flexible, truly adaptive and easy to use, user and developer – friendly, technologically powerful and visually stunning full width template, which is ready to function smart and intuitively no matter what type of website will be running on it.

Based on HTML5 and CSS3 modern coding solution and powered to generate total responsiveness and mobile friendliness, this premium quality template is capable of keeping the impeccable look and fill of your full screen slides when they are being accessed by any mobile or device user.

2. SKT Trust

SKT Trust

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Multipurpose and inherently credible in usage, high –quality and really flexible in performance, sophisticated and serious in experience, motivational and dynamic in appearance, SKT Trust incorporates every single feature a modern website owner will ever be in need of.

This top –rated full screen and wide WordPress theme is developed and launched for all those people and organizations, who fairly appreciate not only the flawless performance and smooth navigation around their content, but also the external appearance of the website with the help of wide image slider, having a primary and in the most cases decisive impact on the website visitors.

3. SKT Complete Pro:

complete pro

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SKT Complete Pro has been repeatedly checked and confirmed for being amazingly complete and thorough in all its deliveries and no matter what website content it covers.

Hence this general – purpose and feature-rich WordPress compatible product is safe and sound, well – thought out and professionally developed, precisely arranged and full –width while still easy and lightweight in usage.

Pliable and polished in appearance and sleek in its operation across all the major devices and mobiles, since the responsiveness of SKT Complete Pro has been prominently guaranteed by the dedicated experts of the theme.

4. The Trip:

the trip

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The next full screen and wide WordPress themes, which have already manage to win the sympathy of lots of people across the world is the Trip loaded with technologically pliable and functionally saturated nature combined with alluring design and graphical solutions for the perfect website look.

This highly recommended website builder features homepage prebuilt full –width slider to showcase the high – quality images of yours and let them revolve around your target groups of audience.

Feature – rich package of customization and management options to take all the required changes and let them be a part of your website new appearance and functionality.

5. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme

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Modern and creative, interactive and fresh external design and eye – catching graphical shades combined with cleverly coded and developed, highly adaptable and intuitive, readily responsive and mobile – optimized, multilingual ready and e-commerce compatible.

Gravida will leave no one indifferent with its full screen and wide layout potential when exercising its preloaded slider with diverse transition controls and wide scale images to seize the whole width of the homepage.

This uniquely crafted and truly popular content management tool is also packed with all the necessary sections, areas, options and features to cater to all the modern challenges any website may encounter.

6. Simple:

simple new

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If the simple, yet visually expressive and functionally strong WordPress – based theme is what seems to be the ideal version for your future website, here is Simple at your disposal to cater to any proposed topic by the application of its high – standard opportunities and essential controls.

This easy to understand and use, customize and control full screen and wide WordPress themes with full width grid system to make your content look exceptional and highly captivating.

It comes integrated with the easiest theme features to utilize, responsive design for the website to be well – optimized for any screen size, e-commerce – supported nature and not only.

7. SKT White Pro:

skt white

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SKT White Pro comes balanced between proportionally developed visual physique and functional potential, ready to meet all the requirements and norms designated by the WordPress community as of primary importance.

This supremely engaging and elegant, inherently modern and stylish, multipurpose and conceptually well – thought out, user and developer – centric template.

Wwhich is precise and neatly structured in all its manifestations will considerably impact your visitor’s browsing experience by the application of its homepage slider straining across the whole web page to create stunning displays.

8. Photo World Pro:

photography WordPress theme

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Photo World Pro is another highly popular and preferred WordPress authored theme with full screen mode, which is particularly suitable for all the photographers, artists and portfolio owners to make a professional presentation of their images and other relevant content in the most dynamic and eye – catching way.

Moreover, your website original look will no way be disfigured under any conditions, since this theme guarantees irreproachable website view and execution both on desktop devices and mobiles, since Photo World Pro shares all the necessary shades of responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility.

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