Free WordPress Landing Page Themes and Templates

Free WordPress landing page themes listed below:

Unlike the website’s main page, landing pages are essential to give the customer a full piece of information about the products and services you are promising to offer.

Different landing pages would have numerous purposes to feed to the customer.

So, it’s totally your benefit to read more about the free WordPress landing page themes.

If you are a business owner or a blogger, every landing page theme on WordPress is always sought after.

free WordPress landing page themes

And that is why recommend it to you for reading the blog below and check the WordPress landing page themes free to download and install instantly.

SKT Simple

simple new

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Using the best free WordPress landing page themes users are eligible to get the logo upload, slides, as well as numerous page template option. These three options are just available in the free version.

Whereas after testing and trying the landing pages, programmers can always switch over to the premium version. The overall landing page theme has hundreds of options to customize as per the need of the customer.

SKT Complete

free landing page WordPress themes

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If you are looking for a UI and UX design SKT package, this one is the best.

Being the top of the free WordPress landing page themes online, it offers you various features like lightweight, SEO optimized, accurate compatibility with RTL, etc.

We must say that this landing page theme is best for corporates, business, entrepreneurship, app developers, photographers, programmers-basic or advance, etc.

In fact, if there is any confusion regarding the functioning of this theme, users are eligible for a demo video as well.

SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting Pro

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With more than thousands of installations in 2019, this landing page theme is best for a rising consultant in the industry.

The examples are HR, sales, software, IT, doctors, construction, and other agencies.

Be it a start-up or a medium-sized firm, everyone can try this theme at their beck and call. The overall interface is clean, sleek, easy to manage and understand.

Therefore, the probability of customers to stay on the website using WordPress landing page themes free online is higher.

SKT Elastic

Free WordPress Landing Page Themes

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This theme is thoroughly customizable and hence has got the name.

There’s almost nothing in the landing page theme which you cannot edit or modify.

This is the perfect solution for experts and professionals, who know what kind of presentation they want to have on their site’s landing pages.

It saves them time and money to be spent on a premium theme.

However, if this theme looks equally satisfying and fruitful, business owners can always buy this one in future for better benefits like changing the background, tweaking with the color, font style, as well as font size.

SKT Meditation

Meditation WordPress theme

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Build up the spiritual pathway by opting this landing page theme today.

If you are involved with yoga, reiki, health-related consulting services, coaching classes, astrology, etc. then you come down to the right section of this blog.

There are vast options attached to this landing theme page for adding slides, columns, pictorials and other options related to your yoga classes, Pilates, Zumba, aerobics, NGO, and other services, which either you are providing or are related to.

We believe the interface of this theme is user-friendly—even for the beginners.

It takes lesser time to load and runs smoothly with other addons like WooCommerce.

Also, you can ask for a demo video whenever you do feel like while making the final decision.

Web Programmer Lite

One of the top landing themes is Web Programmer Lite under this category.

It has highly professional interface and framework. The individuals with engineering and computer science background would be able to make the most of these free WordPress landing page themes.

It supports the modern UI interface to show your customers that you are here to stay and impress. You are determined to deliver the best industrial experience, the rich colors like blue and purple exude that into a customer’s mindset.

You can bring forward customization of PHP, HTML, and JavaScripts for making the site’s landing pages better with time. In other words, this landing page theme is gorgeously credible and flexible for future needs.

My Dog Lite

Provide the best services for domestic animal around your neighborhood with the smashing landing pages.

The bright and dark color contrast of green, white, and black gives out a feeling of trust to the visitor.

There are large spaces similar to full-width for enabling the user to upload the latest pictures and profile of different animals they have helped out of misery.

In short, such free WordPress landing page themes are best for animals like dogs, cats, horses, fishes, as well as for the pet food choice available in the store.

Decor Lite

Since the beginning of 2019, this theme has been downloaded and used across the globe in thousands of numbers.

This SKT Decor Lite is a landing page theme for designers, wedding planners, furniture industry experts, retailers and wholesalers of home appliance or furniture, carpenters, architectures, and so many more.

You will get features like support for other regional languages, SEO optimized infrastructure, SEO plug-in for additional benefits.

Otherwise, in state of any confusion, you can always seek the demo videos.

They will educate more easily about the landing themes and their intricacies.

Gravida Lite

This one is a multitasker and multipurpose. People from different industries can tweak and use this landing page theme according to their current needs.

Be it for business, corporates, personal, or industries and construction, this landing page theme has worked till now every other vertical possible.

Black and White Lite

This free landing theme online suits the magazine covers a lot.

It has flexibility, unique designs, quick Call To Action buttons, as well as SEO optimized interface for getting ranked better on Google’s Search Engine Ranking Page.

And for the last 2 years, every industrialist, journalist, students mastering in communication, photographers, as well as artists have been using this landing page theme for increasing their customer base.

You can also download it today because this theme is free of cost and excellent in speed for loading the web pages on every latest mobile device and home desktops.

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