Free Medical WordPress Themes for Doctor Patient Friendly Website

When it comes to choosing one of the free medical WordPress themes for running any medical or doctor based website on it, some people can quickly make a decision, for some it can be really overwhelming, but most of the users are somewhere in between.

Whether you belong to either group or a part of majority, we are here with the collection of the best free medical WordPress themes to save your time and efforts when it comes to finding a reliable.

Pro quality, yet free medical template for your hospital or clinic, doctor or dentist, neurologist or chiropractor or any other relevant website.

One of the important factors making your entry into the digital world smooth and pain free is the low cost and affordability of tools and technics you need.

Free Medical WordPress Themes

In this relation, free templates and extensions you can find in the official repository of the open source WordPress community are ideal for you.

While being free and thus accessible for a client in any financial situation, they strictly follow high standards imposed by the professionals and are going through a serious check process before becoming available for the end users.

Using any of these prebuilt and ready made free WordPress themes is a reasonable solution for your future client optimized and patient friendly website.

From saving your hard earned money to connecting with more audience, from being available for your patients around the clock to organizing your workload more reasonably with online reservations and commercial activities, the advantages of these free medical WordPress themes will mesmerize you.

Thus, pick a template that mostly suits your medical business needs and go ahead with your premium and smart website system.

Best Free Medical WordPress Themes 2022

SKT GB Doctor

GB Doctor

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Healing Touch Lite

Healing Touch Pro

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The developers and designers of Healing Touch Lite have worked out a set of principles and criteria to make it an intuitive tool for you to exercise and to sift through all the important web design and management options.

The theme features a set of essential tools and customization controls for you to play with and add your content in the form of business profile, services and consultation, pricing and working hours in the preloaded sections and areas, images and photos on the homepage slider, etc.

The daunting task of creating a separate mobile version of your patient oriented website can be avoided since Healing Touch Lite is responsive and cross mobile compatible at its core.

It means that your website and all its parts are going to undergo certain changes with orientation and alignment in order to meet the requirements of different portable devices and browsers.

SKT Handy

doctor WordPress theme

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Even if you are non technical but want to jump start your personal medical profile quickly, look no further than Handy.

Designed for the most non techy users and available for free, Handy is one of the highly recommended free medical WordPress themes any doctor or medical expert, laboratory or healthcare specialist can greatly benefit from.

This intelligent and resourceful doctor website building ecosystem places a great value on the optimization of your website both for desktop and mobile usages meaning that you are going to accept any kind of traffic coming from different devices.

Aligning your efforts with the objectives and mission of your medical business can be easier with this shortcodes based and customizer optimized toolkit than you might ever think of.

SKT Toothy

toothy new

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Dentist and dental care specialists can completely delve into the establishment of their professional website with SKT Toothy.

This simple and quick in operation, free yet premium class template is designed for user optimized performance and adaptivity, plugin compatibility and multilingual content support.

Modern design trends and visuals solutions will add your website an extra charm and legibility at the same time.

You can also contribute to this eye catchy style with your high quality images on the homepage slider, well customized footer area with your contact details, social media links and more.

SKT White

skt white

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SKT White is another top recommendation for you to get access to without spending a penny on it and getting motivated by dozens of its customization and configuration options.

Multipurpose at its core and elegant in appearance, SKT White Pro is powerful enough to translate your digital endeavor into tangible results and increased patient base.

All that is expected from you is to install and activate the template, customize and organize it as per your content classification and deployment needs.

Share the most important details of your medical center or business profile, give contact details and share the most engaging images of your happy clients, well equipped workplace and more.

Yogi Lite


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Ideal for healthcare and medical related blog and niches, Yogi Lite is another affordable template among free medical WordPress themes you can build your medical or doctor, yoga or spa, crossfit or fitness center website or blog.

Custom built and coded to celebrate a more thoughtful user experience, Yogi Lite comes with popular HTML 5 and CSS3 combination of styling and coding, easy to manage Customizer for making instant changes and modifications, previewing the results and going live with them so that the front end users of your website can finally feel them.

Easy to follow documentation is also included in the theme’s pack for you to use as a guidance whenever needed.

SKT Simple

simple new

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Built with care and improved with better qualities, SKT Simple is visually charming and functionally strong, HTML and CSS 3 based multipurpose template you are free to test and try.

It comes bundled with the practical standard pages among them 404, search, archives and category to give your website a more professional and serviceable look under different circumstances, default slider with 3-5 images to be added to it, 2 page templates to choose from and easy to manage background and header areas.

Plugins like commercial and translation, SEO and SMO are all compatible with SKT Simple enabling your medical business to run an online drugstore, as well as link its content with dynamic social media platforms, as a result yielding more SEO results.

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