11 Free College WordPress Themes for College Students and Institutions

Free College WordPress Themes with demo content download

Presenting a list of free college WordPress themes for use of any type of college, educational institutions as well as any type of student to teacher program.

Any type of other elearning and educational purposes also these free college WordPress themes can be used for.

All of the templates are compatible with attendance featuring events calendar and hence they can right fully display the courses nicely as well as the curriculum nicely.

They are compatible with various learning management systems as well which are useful for selling online courses.

But in case of just having normal about us, staff details as well as others they are fully compatible with page builder plugins so that one can showcase their details nicely and efficiently.

One can have the best type of display for team members or staff or teachers.

Free College WordPress Themes

One can showcase in an accordion the whole course curriculum or various types of courses provided by the college.

One can showcase a page where they can have the prospectus and the brochures for online download and to be filled after print and submitted to the college administration after filling the form.

Free college WordPress themes are a way to easily have a decent website for any college or institution and get the best out of them.

These websites can be changed in terms of color scheme, images, text, dynamic with 5 levels of menu allowed and lots of content set up options.

With gutenberg coming up one can easily add content which is fancy and without depending on any other plugins.

One can also have a nice way of having their websites display whatever they want to have with the help of shortcodes or gutenberg editor or other page builders usage.

One can use the events calendar and other plugins like contact form to have a nice full featured website.

Blog is given by default to release the press issues or the other important notices and announcements.

Some of the most modern and accurate ones which can be used nicely are:

SKT Education Lite

SKT Education

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SKT Education Lite is a free college WordPress theme designed for educational institutions like colleges, schools, and universities. This theme is part of Free College WordPress Themes. This theme is clean and elegant.
It includes sections for showcasing courses, faculty, and events, making it easy for schools to display important information. There are also areas for testimonials, blogs, and contact details, helping institutions engage with students and visitors effectively. It is so easy to use and has a responsive design so, students can access it with mobiles too.
Overall, SKT Education Lite offers a user-friendly and attractive solution for educational websites looking to establish a strong online presence.

Some common features of free college WordPress themes are:

Course Display Sections
Faculty Showcase
Event Display Sections
Testimonial Sections
Blog Integration
Plugin Compatibility
User-Friendly Navigation
Homepage Slider

Play School

education WordPress theme

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Play school is a kindergarten as well as college and school related template and has been created to satisfy the needs and requirements of college as well as institutions.

It is a playful template and do fits in the free college WordPress themes list that can satisfy the requirements of all types of college websites.

Online Coach

online coach new

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Online coach as the theme name suggests can be used for online coaching, golf coaching and other types of personal coaching, tuition classes and other types of online and offline coaching institutions.

IT Consultant Lite

it consultant new

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IT Consultant although is a consulting website template however consulting site can also be used for coaching and education related.

Naturo Lite


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Naturo lite is a minimal type of website template which can surely fit in the bill of free college WordPress themes list and can surely be beneficial because all that is important in a college website are the images and the text written. Rest design isn’t that important.

SKT White

SKT White is a one page as well as multi page template which can be nicely used as a landing page for the college activities and all the other activities can be done using inner pages.

Nice and clean layout focussing more on content and images and not on the design. Top slider is the great way to showcase the free college WordPress themes based website’s USP.

Clean Lite

Clean lite has been designed and developed to complete the list of free college WordPress themes which is a very clean type of template and has loads of features and looks good as well and is compatible with all the desired and required type of plugins which can be used for any type of website.

Complete Lite

Complete lite is designed to be a minimal and simple template which can be used by any type of industry website and that includes free college WordPress themes based websites as well.

Complete lite purpose was to provide a multipurpose and multi dimensional website template free for use for any type of website use.

Spirited Lite

It can be used for corporates as well as any type of image and textual website and hence it finds its way into this long list of free college WordPress themes.

It is blue in color which can be used to build any professional website for any type of institution. Also it is nice and tidy in appearance and is easy to use. Customizer based and hence changes can be done easily without any hiccups.

SKT Lawzo

Lawyer based however is call to action friendly and hence finds its way into this template list because of its appealing colors and style which is unique and suits the needs and wants of a college website. Easier to handle this one is surely going to win many hearts.

SKT BlendIt

BlendIt is a lite one pager template which can be used to create from small website to a large one. Has the ability to have as many pages as needed and one can have a nice appearance using this template.

Students use this template for academic purposes. For example, developers create webpages where freelance writers can get your assignment done. In addition, educational templates can be used for academic task management.

Colleges can have a nice professional look and can create their maiden website using any of the above templates used and can have a healthy website where one can download all the forms needed, students can know about their teachers and staff management and history about the college.

College alumni network can also be added and one can also have a community forum for discussions from within staff, present students and old alumni as well.

One can have the best of the business website as well as college and institutional website using these templates which facilitate blog as well as facilitate the use of WordPress CMS and plugins which means you get a scalable as well as flexible future friendly website which can cater to needs and requirements of growing college campus and can add more campuses in future as well.

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