Fire Department WordPress Themes for Fire Fighters Security Agency

We advise you to check this category of the best fire department WordPress themes developed for fire departments and fire stations, security companies and organizations, emergency situations departments and other relevant institutions and services.

The creation of a purposeful and informative website of your niche specific business or activities can bring thousands of new clients and customers, new business ties and mutually beneficial partnership.

Whether you are going to offer your private fire and firefighting services in case of emergencies or take responsibility for fire protecting a certain geographical area, our fire department WordPress themes will accommodate all your highlights, preferences and requirements.

These templates are also suitable for public organizations and state departments dealing with fire and rescue services of different kinds, as well as other legislative and administrative services which need online presence.

fire department WordPress themes

All of the fire department WordPress themes are powerful and serviceable enough to provide your website with a sophisticated and eye catchy makeover.

Totally versatile, editable and customizable, with any of those products you will have the maximum flexibility in making constant changes to the default template and remodeling it to communicate your business value.

SKT Police

SKT police

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SKT Firefighter


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Secure Pro

secure security WordPress theme

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SKT Guns

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Gins is one of the mighty and competent fire services and fire department WordPress themes to make the creation and management of your site a breeze.

Designed and adjusted both for beginners and pro users, Military generates clear coding that will lay behind the enviable versatility and sustainability of your site performance.

Dozens of color picker controls are available for you to add new colors and touches to every single part and element of your site.

Google fonts and font based icons are also preloaded once you activate the theme so that you can take care of the seamless readability of your web content.

Thanks to the total responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility of Military your website and its texts, images and parts will be quickly accessible across the diversity of platforms and devices, from the smallest to the largest ones.

Complete Pro

complete pro

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If you are searching for reliability, efficiency and fully fledged toolkit to make your fire department website unique and highly competitive, look no further than Complete Pro.

On the whole, it’s a multipurpose and all inclusive website solution with every single part and portion developed to the absolute completion and durability.

The theme’s package includes font and color management options, prebuilt shortcodes and social icons, slider with animation, pause time and other controls, inner page layout, as well as header and footer choices.

The theme’s structure enables you to display the general profile of your department or fire rescue authority, news and events, contact details in the relevant section, etc.

Online bookings of services available since the theme is commercial ready with WooCommerce and other specific ecommerce plugins.

Shudh Pro

SKT Shudh

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Shudh Pro is one of the clear cut and minimal fire department WordPress themes to take everything unnecessary away from your profile and concentrate on your productive content deployment.

The uncluttered structure of this template will also contribute to the speed of your site since fewer items your profile contains will be loaded faster.

Mobiles and other portable devices which are highly popular among the Internet consumers expect your website’s structure to be changed in relation to their resolutions and requirements.

With Shudh Pro there is no need to build a separate mobile friendly version of your site. The default template already comes with responsive layout that will create your site’s best versions with relevant CSS rules as per the browser.

The theme is also compatible with SEO and SMO plugins for better conversion and search engine results, as well as gallery and slider plugins to have more controls over your visual imagery.

SKT Industrial

skt industrial

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Serious looking and deliberate, well furnished and stylized, SKT Industrial will greatly help you in crafting a professional and user centric website in no time.

With this easy to use and admin friendly system you can change and modify your website whenever needed without any hectic coding processes.

All in all, it’s one of the “no mess” types of industrial and construction, security and fire department WordPress themes ready to serve different niches and topics.

As such, it is bundled with visually clean appearance and lovely structure with nicely arranged content zones and slider area.

The latter enables you to showcase the best images depicting your specialists in action or offering the best services to the clients in the most effective fashion.

HVAC and Cleaning


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HVAC and Cleaning is one of the well prepared and niche specific WordPress templates catering to service provision and industrial spectrum, from rescue and fire services to security, cleaning, renovation, interior, construction and more.

This visually clean and functionally unbeatable template has a strong coding behind ready to make your website easily accessible around the clock and via every single modern browser or device.

Gallery area and contact form, different social icons and page/post templates are also given within the theme.

The modern search engines require sites to have responsive websites which will be congenial with all types of device, smartphone and mobile visitors.

Therefore, the authors of HVAC and Cleaning have made the theme super responsive and mobile optimized for better SEO results and boosted traffic coming from mobile Internet consumption.

SKT Corp Pro

SKT Corp pro

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SKT Corp Pro is a top notch corporate and business template custom built to fit your fire department or company’s specific needs.

Hundreds of theme options are available with SKT Corp Pro aimed at simplifying the process of website management and customization from behind the scenes.

Hence, you have all the favorable conditions to add your unique style or identity to your site’s overall design, posts and pages via fonts and color changes, shortcodes application and homepage slides arrangement.

It’s a wonderfully resilient template with an interface that is smoothly adaptive and responsive.

With this template you can also test different additional tools like Woocommerce, gallery, events, maps, analytics plugins and more.

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