Drugstore WordPress Themes for Pharmacy Hospitals & Clinics

We invite you to check out the best drugstore WordPress themes for medical pharmacy and drugstore, health and doctor, rehabilitation and reflexology, hospital and clinic, laboratory and pharmacological websites, blogs and online portals, pharmaceutical companies and corporations, online drug stores and shops, etc.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that medical and drug related topics have long gone into high gear in the digital arena. It’s a perfect medium for suchlike companies and businesses to greatly capitalize on their digital presence and virtually get in touch with as many potential clients as possible.

And while traditional ways of marketing can force some limitations that can be hard to work within, the global Internet based platform offers infinite tools and templates, strategies and options to give the best look and feel to your specific business.

With any of these drugstore WordPress themes, your medical and pharmaceutical website will look well calibrated and professional.

Drugstore WordPress Themes

That’s a promise! Moreover, you are going to find many new chances to make your site glow with bright colors and touches, eye catchy images and modern animated design.

Fighting a never ending battle of competition in your medical and doctor, hospital and pharmaceutical spectrum will be easier with any of these medical and drugstore WordPress themes as they are all well coded and prepared to boost your website in all the possible ways.

It means that you don’t need extra efforts to draw your company or drugstore image online and keep it rival in search engine inquiries or social media platforms.

Medical Marijuana

marijuana WordPress theme

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Laboratory Pro

laboratory WordPress theme

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SKT Nutristore


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SKT Medical Pro

skt medical

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It will not be a revelation for you if we announce white and black based color design as the best working practice for medical and doctor, drug and hospital related websites. These colors are influencing people at a psychological and subconscious level.

With this in the Bony’s developers mind, this template is showcased with the best layout and design touches to make your drugstore or medical profile easy to perceive and follow for your target audience from all over the world.

Along with perfect look and appearance, Bony is also fully reliable in terms of functionality and customization options.

From color picker to hundreds of font choices, easy to use shortcodes and page controls, homepage slider for displaying your photos and images in the most productive manner, Bony is wrapped up with all.



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Teethy is the next reasonable colored and clean drugstore WordPress themes that can be used by dentists and other medical specialists, pharmaceutical and drug store owners, dieticians and nutrition experts, etc.

While the white color is kept as the primary shade of the template, you are the one to decide the overall color density and mix of your site that will have a beneficial impact on your audience.

For this you have all kinds of color controls from the backend of the theme along with structural and menu settings, widget friendly areas, plugin addition and more.

The ultimate responsiveness and SEO compatibility of Teethy are what will make your online drugstore frequently visited by clients and customers with their PCs and mobiles.

SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme

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Whether you are looking for a businesslike and serious template in the collection of drugstore WordPress themes or something to be traversed from a custom built layout to something dynamic and applicable to your commercial activities, SKT Dual is what you will need.

Make this neatly coded and styled template that shares universally positive connotations in terms of colors and structural frame, HD imagery support, as well as 100% responsiveness throughout mobile and tablet platforms and screen resolutions.

Background and images, prebuilt content areas and gallery section are all completely manageable for you to make your website or store verified with the presentation of all the important information, licenses, product listings and contact details, profiles of your specialists and much more.


Your drugstore or veterinary pharmacy, medical association or hospital website, therapist’s profile, medial resource or pharmaceutical manufacturer’s site can be comprehensively demonstrated by means of Simple.

When it comes to medical and drug based information and profiles, trust is what matters the most. Therefore, Simple is powered by the most dependable coding and the most polished layout to guarantee the legibility and accessibility of your content for your patients and clients.

This kind of high quality and sustainable nature of your site will persuade your audience to give credence to your business and specialists, the quality of your pharmaceutical products and drugs.

Fully commercial ready, Simple is well optimized for plugins and extensions, among them also e commerce ones to grant you with a thoroughly versatile commercial environment to organize your online drugstore easily.


Since the dawn of the global networking platform, the success of your business has been considered as something that requires 110% percent of dedication and 25 hours of availability on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you want your medical business or drugstore to succeed, one of the first things to do is to make sure it is accessible for your clients around the clock and with the best digital version possible.

Condimentum is one of such practical doctor and drugstore WordPress themes you can use as a jumpstart of your profile and make it viable in 24/7/365 format.

What is more exciting in relation to this template is the fact that it can be purchased at a really convenient price and managed from top to bottom with pages and posts, footer and header, sidebar and blog areas, buttons and call to actions, etc.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is another world class performer you can start your online journey with and make sure your medical website shines among many other relevant businesses.

Distinguish your medical practice, consultation and medical services, online pharmacy and its products with a pixel perfect look and responsive framework Healing Touch will provide your website with.

Taking your website guests on a virtual trip with the responsive and commercial ready nature of your site will also be easy with this mobile friendly and plugin optimized template.

Drugs, medical supplies, hospital equipment, etc. never lose out of demand. There will be a thousand people every day buying their required drugs and medicines.

The most common method of buying drugs is offline stores and various departmental stores. Therefore, if you’re planning to enter into the online fray of selling drugs, then you need a lot of investment and a good looking functional website.

The website needs to be very simple, clean looking and still visually impressive. This will make your customers appreciate your business more, and thus build trust on your website too. This is why Drugstore WordPress Themes is very much necessary for a budding drug selling website.

Apart from making the website look very modern and catchy, there should also be various kinds of features, which should also be implemented, in order to get a clean cut advantage in the business world.

The website will have immense functionality, along with lots of customization options, to choose and use just what you need for your drugstore.

This will give a space for a whole lot of independent thinking and creativity, and thereby will ultimately benefit the end consumer. With various types of homepage sliders, fonts, etc.

Everything will be as visually good looking, as the products you’re selling. There will be support for various kinds of templates, along with widgets and plugins too.

Widgets give a new breath of fresh air, to an old looking website, whereas, plugins give new functionality to the website. And these are all due to the help of these WordPress Themes.

With the compatibility of the most useful tool, known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, your website will rack in more revenues, than you can possibly think of.

SEO helps in keeping your website to the top of the Google Search Results. So, next time when a customer will search for a drugstore online, Google will lead that customer to your website, and voila, you get more revenues and thus earn more profits.

The functionality is as simple as that. The website will also be mobile optimized as well. So, when your website will be opened on a mobile or portable device, the responsiveness and the functionality will still be there.

The website will be compatible with any resolution you look at it, form a smartphone small screen size resolution, with a big desktop size resolution.

Furthermore, the website has also a place to showcase your galleries and various other product licenses, along with product description and contact details too.

The website will be totally e-commerce ready, so later on, it will be no problem to further expand your online business. Drugstore means it should be accessible 24×7, and that’s what has been planned here too.

Your website will always be accessible to your clients so that they can always communicate with you, and you also can help them in the purchase of any kind of drugs, in case of an emergency.

In this age of competitiveness, Drugstore WordPress Themes is the savior in building an online e-commerce drugstore.

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