Drinks and Beverages WordPress Themes for Food Cafe Brewery Sites

The best drinks and beverages WordPress themes for food and drink, restaurant and café, brewery and beverage, tavern and bar, lemonade and fresh, energy drink production, tea house and shop, as well as other drink and food centric activities and profiles online.

You have decided that entrepreneurship is your hobby, but you do not know where to start? Well, walk through the streets of your city.

Food and drinks surround you everywhere. From top rated restaurants and luxury bars to food trucks and small eateries, food and drink business will never exhaust itself.

Just because the person’s life depends on the food and drink, this specific industry with rapidly changing technics and innovations will never lose its relevance.

If we add special necessities and demand for certain products in this or that period of time, season or locality, the opportunities of both small and big businesses in this industry seem to be endless.

Beverages WordPress Themes

Hence, we have decided to compile a list of the best drinks and beverages WordPress themes for absolutely any kind of food and drink centric website, whether it represents food or drink production, testing or cleaning services, homemade beverage or organic and herbal drinks, or something else.

Solidity in performance and firmness of these drinks and beverages WordPress themes form a solid ground on which your small scaled or all inclusive website can embark.

Get ready for a complete web design and customization experience with any of these templates and enjoy the title of being the chief editor and master of your site.

Dairy Farm

dairy farm

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SKT Cafe Pro

Cafe shop WordPress theme

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Tea Shop

Tea Shop

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Juice and Shakes

juice and shakes

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Beer and Pub

beer pub

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You have drunk it during sports events, evening parties, in family and friends gatherings, backyard barbecues and more. It’s not surprising that beer industry is doing so well at present and tries to keep the rational supply demand balance.

Hence, if you are engaged in beer production or sale industry, own a local pub or tavern and want to market it online, Beer and Pub as one of the niche specific drinks and beverages WordPress themes will be ideal for you.

Expand your drink business with Beer and Pub in line with engaging more and more clients, accepting more delivery orders or table bookings, and finally, becoming more trusted in the virtual domain.

For your convenience and the client’s comfort, it comes with totally customizable design and admin friendly back side of the theme, as well as fully responsive and SEO friendly nature, translation controls for multilingual menu, offers, product listing and more.

Wine Pro

wine pro new

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The next second to none template you are welcome to check among drinks and beverages WordPress themes is called the Wine Pro.

This responsive and highly organized template is suitable for wine houses and wine production factories, wine festival organizers, as well as other relevant drinks and food production, cultivating, processing and selling businesses online.

Utilizing new color combinations, setting up a unique typography, managing footer and header, as well as sidebar areas with the necessary content and quick links, adding SEO, commercial, page builder plugins for more opportunities is also up to you.

Coffee Shop

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on Earth and is not going to cede its position. Therefore, coffee industry and its representatives have not missed our attention either.

We have created and launched Coffee Shop for coffee related businesses and profiles, from cultivation, harvesting and processing companies to international coffee producers and distributors, coffee stores and shops.

This theme stays true to its royal and elegant nature when it comes to hosting as much information and HD images as you want to showcase through your website.

Moreover, the quality and quantity of your visual and textual materials cannot do harm to the theme’s fast loading and smooth navigation levels.

They will also instantly adapt to any screen size and resolution your website visitor’s portable device has.

SKT Food

SKT Food takes pride in its hundreds of active users and satisfied clients who have selected to establish their food or drink profiles on this premium quality template.

This website tool is created with special care and attention to nuances in order to make it a fantastic platform bot for you as a website owner and for your audience as an active user.

You can check the demo version of this highly versatile and feature rich template to reveal the part of its potential.

The other hidden part will be accessible to you once you have purchased the theme and tweaked to its backend for management and customization controls.


If you want to get a template with pixel perfect design and top notch capacity in terms of operation, Restro can be your best companion.

As one of the dependable candidates among the best drinks and beverages WordPress themes, Restro comes as an effective alliance between simplicity and advanced technics so that you can make the most of the website with as little effort as you can never imagine.

Homepage slider added to this ecosystem will help you announce your important dates and events, special offers and discounts, parties and more via nice looking images and photos.

This one click demo importer is already well managed to be used only with slight changes. However, you can redesign and replace every single part, tone and shade of the theme to receive the look and feel you are striving for.

We Bake

We Bake is the last elegant and stylish website tool one can acquire for his baking, food or drink related website and do wonders with it.

The minutely updated layout of the theme along with dozens of customization settings, preloaded elements and shortcodes, and finally, availability of making changes and enjoying their live preview make working with We Bake easy and fun.

Beautiful and full width homepage slider is what will finalize the look of your delicious site with highly effective images of your special dishes and beverages, nice stuff or interior of your restaurant.

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