Methods to Customize WooCommerce Login Page

We all know that WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform, a WordPress plugin. WooCommerce websites run with basic WordPress plugins and configurations. Here’s why the WordPress login screen looks the same every time—not exactly a selling point.

The default WordPress login page may look dull and unattractive to impress new users and clients wanting their websites to look different.

Web developers, therefore, should adjust the WooCommerce signup page so that more users register. This article is about why and how to customize WooCommerce login page.

Customize WooCommerce Login Page

Why Customize WooCommerce Login Page

The login page is the landing page of many eCommerce websites, which have to be attractive to entice new customers. The default WordPress login page is simple, plain, and contains basic information such as username/email id and password.

woocommerce login

Adding other information, such as phone numbers, OTP, and more, can make the login page attractive and ensure the safety of the users. Let us look at some of the benefits of customizing the WooCommerce login page.

Brand Identity: Adding brand icons, logos, and fonts can help establish an image of the brand among users. Replacing the WordPress logo with the brand logo can promote and market the brand. The default login page of WordPress has WordPress’s content, logo, and brand.

Improved User Experience: It has features like re-directing you to the homepage when you log in automatically. It improves the navigation experience and directs users to the pages that need their attention the most.

User-Friendly Interface: Improve the usability of the login page by including features that users will find useful. A set of navigational links, social media logos or feeds, or something else that meets your needs.

Enhanced Safety: The security of your site could be bolstered by creating a unique login page for WordPress. Changing the page’s URL makes it less obvious to robots and hackers.

While these are some of the benefits of customizing the login page, now, you would like to learn how to customize WooCommerce login page without coding or altering the website’s overall theme. Here are the top three methods to customize WooCommerce login page.

Three Methods to Customize WooCommerce Login Page:

It is not just about style when designing a WordPress login page. You may improve user experience by including a company logo, distinctive language, and appealing information. Such options could make websites easier to navigate and access for new and existing clients. But, what about the login page?

Login pages can be customized and personalized as per clients need. There are handy plugins and tools you can use to design a unique login page for WordPress websites. Below are some of the most trusted plugins and tools you can test and try.

SeedProd – The Ultimate Landing Page Builder:

SeedProd is the most effective method for creating a customized WooCommerce client login page. SeedProd lets you alter the layout and design of a website or page without any coding.

You will, however, have to buy a SeedProd Pro license to customize WooCommerce login page. But, if you don’t want to buy, you can use a free Lite version of SeedProd. The SeedProd Lite,

To customize the login page with SeedProd, goto the Landing Pages through the WordPress dashboard and hit the ‘Set up a Login Page’ button. Next, you will see a range of templates to choose from. Select the one most suitable for the website or brand you are working for. If you want to design your login page, select a blank template.

login page

A pop-up window will appear as you select a template. Provide a name for the page and hit the ‘Save and Edit the Page’ button. The login page builder will appear next.

You may now modify the username and password by introducing new features to the design using the menu on the left. SeedProd offers a range of features to add, such as a contact form, a giveaway, social network buttons, and more.

You may also add WooCommerce blocks like popular products, new arrivals, and discounts to your login page template. Moreover, SeedProd enables you to further modify any login page area. Click on the section to reveal further editing choices, such as font, label, colour, and more.

Once you have made all the changes, hit the save button, and check the page status from the page settings menu. Click on the publish button and exit the page builder.

Now, check all your changes to the WooCommerce login page by navigating to the ‘Landing Pages’ option from the WordPress dashboard. Activate the ‘Login Page’, and your customized login page will be displayed on the website.

WPForms – The Drag and Drop Form Builder

WPForms is the most popular plugin for creating unique forms to add customer details like phone numbers, names, and email addresses. Using the WPForms, you can place the WooCommerce login area anywhere on the website, like on the sidebar and product pages.

To start using WPForms, you will first have to download the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, go to the WordPress dashboard and fill up the license key in the space provided. You can find the license key in the WPForms account area.

Now, access the WPForms from the WordPress dashboard and click the ‘Addons’ button.

A screen will pop up with templates for the user login form. Choose any template that best meets your requirements. You can easily add new fields, such as gender and nationality, to the existing templates in the WPForms. Once you have made the changes, confirm and save it.

wp form login

Next, you must add the WooCommerce client login form to one of your website’s pages.

wp form template

Go to the WordPress administrator panel and select the location of the Login page. Click the “Embed” button in the builder’s header. Afterwards, you can place the customer login form on an existing webpage or create a new one.

You can make it appear on the sidebar to let the customers book orders as they surf through the products. Or you may have the login page appear as default on the landing page.


LoginPress is a login page customization plugin for WordPress. LoginPress is a plugin with both a free and a paid edition, with the paid version having a more extensive collection of functions.


You will receive pre-made templates, so you do not need to begin creating from scratch. Also, you will be provided with custom background images for your login page, compatibility with Google reCAPTCHA, and more.

If you want to dig into the nitty-gritty of the webpage design, with LoginPress you may customize the backdrop of your page, the logo, the form, and the text fields. You can even add your greeting and error messages.

LoginPress is, without a doubt, the best user-friendly WordPress custom login plugin available. It is both simple and potent.

Install and set up the free plugin from the WordPress dashboard. Then, navigate to LoginPress Customizer to access the WordPress Customizer.

Select the LoginPress feature in the default WordPress Customizer options.

You may now use the numerous Customizer options to modify your login form. As you make modifications, the live preview of your login form will show those alterations immediately.

Save your modifications when you’re satisfied with the appearance of your login page. Afterwards, the changes should be reflected immediately when you visit the default login page.

Save your settings when you’re content with the appearance of your login page. Afterwards, the modifications should be reflected immediately when you access the standard login page.

Final Verdict:

You can easily customize WooCommerce login page with tools and plugins. There are many free WordPress plugins available that you can use to personalize the login page. WooCommerce website owners often prefer custom login pages for two main reasons – branding and security.

A login page with a brand logo, colour, and font connects users and suppliers. You can even put the login form on either the sidebar or the top menu for ease of use. Some WordPress plugins have both free and paid versions.

You can choose the one that best suits you. Paid versions, however, have additional security and safety features. Using the paid versions for the customers’ safety is highly recommended. The paid versions also have attractive and exclusive login templates that can enhance users’ experience.

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