7 Coupons WordPress Themes for Discount Coupons Affiliate Websites

The best coupons and deals WordPress themes are brought together in this article for coupon selling, deal countdown, discounts, gift card or gift voucher and other relevant digital profiles, systems and websites creation and successful marketing.

Discounts, coupons and various bonuses put a smile on a customer’s face. Who does not want to save a little money when buying this or that product or service?

And no matter whether you as a business owner likes this strategy or not, the fact is that it can bring your boundless of benefits, from motivating clients to re purchase to promoting novelties and testing new products, increasing loyalty and retaining customers, getting more feedback for the development of new marketing strategies, etc.

Now, if you have set up your mind to create a coupons website and start cooperating with as many companies and businesses as possible to sell coupons or offer discounts for their digital and physical products, as well as services, our assemblage of coupons WordPress themes will satisfy all your objectives and goals.

Coupons WordPress Themes

Adding coupon codes to your site and winning the highest level of online attendance will become the simplest task for you with any of these coupons WordPress themes. They are all well processed and minutely worked out to provide you with a dependable framework to work upon and encourage impulse sales and purchases.

Be sure your coupons and deals will have the maximum visibility with these coupons WordPress themes and will direct new clients coming from search engines, social media and other profiles as each of the theme is well optimized to work with the majority of highly popular digital environments.

1. SKT Coupon

skt coupon


SKT Coupon is the latest template from the pack of coupons WordPress themes. the template is designed by popular SKT developers. with this template, you will be able to create coupons and other deals website within a few clicks. you can add some new deals very easily and quickly.

You can build custom designs and desired functionality on the website. Easy to add different kinds of deals such as digital deals, affiliate deals, coupon deals, etc. Compatible with top payment gateways options including WorldPay, 2CheckOut, PayPal, credit card, etc.

User will be able to find deals very easily. SKT Coupon is compatible with google analytics plugin so now you can keep an eye on your customers and the actions they made. because the template is created on page builder your website will appear great on mobile devices and desktop computers.

The theme will provide you free updates for the next 12 months.

2. SKT Job Portal


SKT Job Portal is one of the jobs and vacancy, listings and product management, discounts and coupons WordPress themes you can use as per your business needs and personal requirements.

The theme is coded to host as much information and content as needed to take your business to the next level of performance with the eye catchy appearance and unique style it deserves.

For it you have hundreds of controls to let your profile wear the smartest and the most engaging look with right colors, shades, image arrangement, practical footer and header solutions, accurately deployed sections and parts on the pages, etc.

Compatibility of SKT Job Portal with coupons, deals and cashback plugins is what will make your website a winner with customized products and coupons, redeem limits, as well as unlimited amount of useful actions.

3. Spectacles


Whether you are going to create a commercial profile and start selling your goods and items along with selling coupons and displaying regular discounts, or start a coupon based website to add offers and discounts from different businesses, Spectacles is for you.

Completely versatile and modern design touched, Spectacles celebrates fully responsive, cross mobile and device compatible, as well as customizable nature with live customizer performance.

The idea behind the latter is to provide the website admin with the smartest web management solution to play with the default theme, replace the demo content and quickly check the look and feel of the site without going back and forth from the admin panel to the site’s front end all the time.

4. Classified Ads

classified ads


Another theme making it easy for you to promote affiliate coupons and deals is called Classified Ads. Moreover, you can also benefit from other affiliate programs and advertisement placements on your site, as this top rated template is also wonderfully ads friendly.

Update your site regularly from an intuitive backend of the site for keeping it up to date with new offers and coupon codes, integrate countdown functionality, accept payments online and keep your business under control with Classified Ads.

Just like the majority of coupons WordPress themes do, Classified Ads also supports relevant plugins and add ons to make your coupons website user centric and pro in generating new leads. All you need to do is to add commercial, coupons, SEO and other plugins to enhance the potential of your default theme and that’s it.

5. Real Estate

Real Estate


Real Estate is the next properly coded and modernly styled web development templates you can test and try for displaying as many products listings or coupons with both grid and list view as you may like.

Use the client’s passion for savings the right way and meet theme wherever they are looking for coupons and special offers.

With Real estate you can guarantee your presence in the most effective and SEO friendly way, as everything has been done for taking your site higher on the search engine rankings and redirect Internet surfers to your coupons site.

6. SKT Landing Page

If you are looking for a nice and compact landing page solution to focus on the promotion of the best offers, look no further than SKT Landing Page.

The overall design style of SKT Landing Page is focused on reducing your site’s appearance to the most essential elements and nothing more to keep your content easy to notice and follow.

It means you are free to add as many coupons and deals as you like and be sure they are clearly visible to your audience coming from different search engine and social media networks, mobile traffic, etc.

7. Gravida

Gravida unites contemporary web coding and design elements to grant you with a fully scalable and durable in usage framework to make the most of your coupons website.

This polished and sleek in navigation template is by default geared to load fast and ensure an optimal speed for your clients not to get irritated. However, it is not the only benefit your online users are going to have.

They will be provided with a responsive and browser optimized, pixel perfect and high quality website that is available in 24/7 format, and even with multilingual content you can have with translation plugins and PO file included by default.

Other plugins such as shortcodes and additional fonts, coupons and deals, product management and e commerce are all well functioning with Gravida as well.

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