Handpicked List of Company Website WordPress Themes for Corporates

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a global conglomerate, when it comes to setting up your professional business website, you need to make sure that all the steps you take are the right ones; just glance through our collection of company website WordPress themes which should give you a good idea.

You need to remember that your website is the face of your company and with a nicely designed website with premium content; you can effectively use it as a platform to rebrand yourself and attract more prospective customers.

To that end, some of the top companies such as CNN, HBO, TIME and others have already migrated their websites onto WordPress, mainly on account of its functionality, flexibility and ease of use.

There’s no reason why you should not do the same – just check out some of our top polled website themes and you’ll soon see that they have all been coded and designed by the experts. Our collection of company website themes has been rigorously vetted and is ranked accordingly.

So do check out the same and make sure that you do a demo of the theme in question so that you can be sure that it is the perfect fit for your business.

The overall impact is that this design is as professional as it can get and moreover, it is completely customizable as well. So you can change, alter, modify any page element with ease and with the help of built in short codes.

Incidentally, the theme design is flat and comes with a flat structure which should make it easy for your users to view your website, even with an old browser.

Moreover, it is 100% responsive and completely scalable as well, which should make it easier for your viewers to check out your website on any device without any loss of functionality or resolution.

Company website WordPress themes

Best Company Website WordPress Themes

SKT Flooring:

SKT Flooring


GB IT Company:

GB IT Company


GB Consulting:

GB Consulting


SKT Notary:



Marketing agency:

marketing agency wordpress theme


When it comes to company website WordPress themes, this one stands out for all the right reasons – nice captivating design, elegant and well laid out layout, drop down menus, minimalistic look that refocuses the user’s attention to important parts of your website and more.

As the theme is compatible with both woo commerce and third party plugins, you can use plugins for Google Analytics, maps, events, gallery, slideshow and others can be added in order to make your website more captivating.

You would be providing your users with advanced functionality and in the process enhance their user experience as well. Moreover, you can also install cache plugins to make your pages load faster, so that there is no lag time.

The theme itself comes with a price tag of $39 only, along with free support and free installation.

Meditation Pro:

Whether you are running a yoga studio or a school, Meditation Pro would be perfect for you. Apart from the fact that it ranks among the best, when it comes to company website WordPress themes, this theme is truly captivating and its design is sure enough to make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

The design is a tad minimalistic and the use of high resolution images as a background is enough to snag the attention of most online users; it also comes with a classic layout, intuitive features as well as drop down menus.

It is also customizable and comes packed with functional short codes, with which you can change and alter any page element with ease.

More ever, it also comes with a well designed home page, prebuilt sections as well as standard pages such as 404, search, Archives, blog and much more.

But what sets this theme apart from most others is the fact that it is highly functional and quite easy to use; in fact it comes with complete documentation which should help you with the process. It also comes with a color picker that should allow you to pick and choose the color and opacity of most of the page elements.

Incidentally, it also comes with 800+ integrated Google fonts so you can change the typography of your website and make it more attractive in the process.

The theme is compatible with both woo commerce as well as 3rd party plugins, so you can set up an ecommerce portal complete with an integrated shopping cart as well as be able to provide your users with advanced functionality.

Such as using their social media credentials to log in, share content online onto various social media platforms in real time and much more. Given all this, it is apparent that the price tag of $39 is a real bargain in more ways than one.

SKT golf:

The SKT golf theme ranks among the top twenty when it comes to company website WordPress themes; the design is outstanding and it comes with a classic layout, with drop down menus and intuitive features.

It also comes with a responsive design and also happens to be cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible. It also comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations. It also features a default slider as well as gallery that you can utilize to showcase your images and videos to perfection.

And as the theme also supports external plugins, you can use more advanced forms of sliders to showcase them perfectly. With these plugins, you can provide your users with advanced functionality, set up a membership plan with the right plugin, or provide your users with a forum to interact on.

Incidentally, you can also install chat plugin so that your visitors can contact and chat with you in real time. It also comes with POT file and is both translation and multilingual ready; so you can use various plugins like WPML, qTranslateX and Polylang plugins and reach out to more customers.

The theme comes with a price tag of $39 along with free installation and support for a year.


This theme ranks among the top ten where company website WordPress themes are concerned and stands out on account of its simplicity and ease of use.

The theme sure stands out, on account of its simple design and rich background, with drop down menus, intuitive features and more. It comes with a simple design that should be effective at focusing your visitors ‘attention to important parts of your website.

It is customizable and comes packed with various short codes that you can use for tweaking your page elements as well as helping build other sections.

It also happens to be compatible with external plugins and is widget friendly as well. It comes with standard pages such as 404, search, archives and much more.

One of the reasons that this theme is so popular is that it is a multipurpose theme and can be used for any niche, and the other reason is its advanced functionality.

With this theme, you can install all the plugins you need on your website and help provide your users with more user centric features such as integrated shopping cart, organizer, social media login, sharing posts across various social media platforms in real time and more.

The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable.

Business consulting:

This theme gets top billing when it comes to company website WordPress themes on account of its professional appearance.

But what really sets this theme apart is its ease of use and its spectacular design, well designed layout, organized information architecture, along with intuitive features such as drop down menus.

This them e is customizable where you can change/ alter/ modify the various page elements, from fonts to colors and even the page element itself with the help of functional and built in short codes.

It is also compatible with woo commerce as well as external plugins so you should be able to set up an integrated shopping cart along with payment gateway for your customers.

Moreover, the theme is both SEO and SMO friendly and has also been tested for several page builders. So you can use Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Live composer and other Page builder plugins to help develop custom built pages for your website. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable.


The Logistics theme is outstanding on account of the simplicity of its design and its intuitive features. It is both compatible with woo commerce as well as external plugins, and also happens to be 100% responsive.

So your users should be able to view your website from any device without loss of functionality or for that matter, resolution.

The theme is neatly designed and is quite effective at keeping the bounce rate all the way down. And thanks to these plugins, you should be able to optimize your website, get your pages to load faster, enable your customers to track their products online and much more.

This theme comes loaded with advanced functionality and should help your website stand out from the rest, and all for $39 only.

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