9 Responsive Colorful WordPress Themes for People Who Love Colours

Colorful WordPress Themes showcases all the themes and templates which showcase vibrant colors

These colorful WordPress themes are capable of having each element defined and changed into separate distinct colors and applicable to those who love colorful websites.

Website is the face of any individual or company, subsequently its overall design and color combinations take one of the decisive roles in having an influence on the website visitors and potential clients together with the precisely and neatly managed and showcased website content.

Hence colorful WordPress themes depending on a person’s or companies website nature and direction, the design solutions may differ, however, the online bright and colorful appearance is likely to convey more visual information through graphical styles and vivid images.

The specialists of SKT Themes have taken every care to create self – hosted premium quality colorful WordPress themes, which are a mixture of reliable and super flexible structure, letting the user modify it as per his demands and ideas, as well as multicolor theme stylings.

Here are 9 of the top rated colorful WordPress themes to turn to and guarantee the most precise and fitting color palette for your presence in the global networking system and make all your creative and color – combined ideas real.

Colorful WordPress Themes

As a result, you’ll own a pretty alluring and brightly – designed website, the value of which will be estimated by those, who love and appreciate colours.

Nature One Pro

nature one pro

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Nature One Pro takes the shine out of many suggested colorful WordPress theme capable of website management thanks to its colorful design solution and the theme overall attractive natural color touches.

As such, the theme is specifically convenient for covering any nature related topics and initiatives, be it a gardening, landscaping, fruit growing or any other undertaking.

Based on HTML5 and CSS3 strong coding and SEO optimized platform, Nature One Pro is power packed with all that will be primary and essential for you to build a strong and successful website

Some of its feature includes:

  • SEO friendly coding
  • Default slider
  • Compatible with Nextgen gallery
  • Fancy Google fonts

Complete Pro

complete pro

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Truly complete and comprehensive, Complete Pro is comprised of every single detail and characteristic feature to provide any website flawless performance.

Along with its highly dependable and professionally worked out structure, this one of the colourful WordPress themes features a collection of expressive color shades and tones to style the web page external look and feel matching any personal or corporate requirements.

To make changes to the website whenever needed and fill the homepage sections and areas with the most frequently searched information.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Multiple header variations
  • Ready to use sections
  • Fully color and font changing
  • Translation ready



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Being a preferable gallery and image optimized artist and photographer colorful WordPress theme, PicArt certainly appears with vivid and eye – catching shades and lots of customization options to change theme for the website better appearance.

As a creative and modern, as well as highly competitive theme, PicArt is based on deeply responsive and mobile compatible structure for matching any screen sizes practically without reducing any image quality.

Easy to access and control theme sections and options and perfect functionality with diverse available sliders.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Lots of white space
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant and modern look
  • 5 header choices

SKT Food

SKT Food

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SKT Food is another handy, expressively intuitive and well – structured colorful WordPress themes to cater to any food activity, cafe, restaurant or recipe website, being armed with a lively and multicolored design to deliver any food taste and smell to the potential clients worldwide.

The conveniently arranged home, about, gallery, recipe sections in one hand, and the inbuilt slider in the other are ready to showcase the relevant content and images.

The theme easy to use admin panel may be exercised by anyone without any IT or design skills, giving the latter full website management possibilities.

Some of its feature includes:

  • 100+ shortcodes inbuilt
  • Fast loading
  • Cross browser compatible
  • WooCommerce ready

The Art

The Art

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The Art is among the strongly and neatly developed, aesthetically polished, visually animated and fresh, smart and stable, feature and color –rich cost effective WordPress instrument to successfully reflect all the strong and basic points of your art and design – oriented initiatives online.

This theme provides user and visitor – friendly interface, as well as responsive and cross mobile compatible foundation, which are the characters every modern and dynamic website should share. This template surely fits the colorful WordPress theme bill.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Several page and post templates
  • Header and footer widget friendly
  • In built contact form
  • Built in Customizer

Luxury Watch

SKT Luxury pro

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If you want your brand creativity and uniqueness be distinguished, look no further than Luxury Watch. This elegant and graceful, smooth and sleek, extensively cutting edge.

Polished and colorful WordPress theme is constructed with care and discretion so that it will be able to represent any luxury and world – famous company, products or something else.

The overall homepage and its every aspect separately can be easily accessed and modified to act in compliance with the website owner’s imagination. Luxury Watch has also been tested for its mobile and device version support.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Tested with several sliders
  • Contact form 7 compatible
  • Suitable for any luxury brand

SKT Charity Pro

SKT Charity Pro New

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SKT Charity Pro is famous as a perspective and humanitarian website establishment and development instrument with the most advanced and dynamic assemblage of theme options, features and controls.

This colorful WordPress theme well suited for non – governmental organizations, charity funds, and humanitarian projects demonstration online and their dissemination through the relevant online networking area.

You can visualize the ongoing programs and undertaking by means of the most bright and motivational images and be in the centre of the people’s attention.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Translation ready with PO file
  • Easy to use theme option
  • 650+ Google fonts included
  • 8+ page templates

SKT Coffee Pro

coffee Shop

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One more premium quality and multi colorful WordPress theme for those individuals and companies, who want to stress their originality with the help of colorful graphical solutions is SKT Coffee Pro.

This multiconcept and cost conscious website – centric engine comes integrated with responsive structure, easy to manage homepage sections and areas, nicely arranged homepage slider with the available 10 slides, a package of practical icons and checked compatibility with a set of dynamic plugins for numerous objectives.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Google mobile friendly
  • Color changing theme
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Integrated with 580+ icons pack


toothy new

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Toothy as a user friendly worked out and maintained colorful WordPress supported theme will provide the correctly chosen color scheme of the dentist or medical website to encourage the patients and let them feel comfortable about you as a reliable dentist or your clinic with long established fame.

This theme with limitless possibilities keeps its flexibility and stunning performance during the whole process of its management and configuration.

You will be able to enjoy its fast loading and very easy to set up platform, responsively developed foundation, lots of customization options and total support for a number of modern plugins.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Multilingual
  • Shopping friendly
  • Social media integrated
  • Coded as per WordPress standards

Why colorful WordPress themes makes sense?

  • People want vibrant colors for showcasing wedding, food, nice photography and other things where colors mean a lot more than bland colors.

    Even for fitness or vibrant Yoga websites people want to and believe in showcasing vibrant colors to showcase the deep learning and ethos of the practitioner or the website.

  • Several websites do not fit the minimal or plain and simple look and feel and many customers also want their websites to be colorful and vibrant in every way.

    Mostly happiness programs and educational institutes with elearning and other kinds of templates also have colorful templates and hence colorful WordPress themes in that case makes every sense.

  • Colors when wisely used can also set up a mood and tone for your visitors. Like for example in a hospital website we believe everything should be white or light blue because of the perception we hold of hospitals and squeaky clean.

    Similarly for a kids store we want to see red and yellow and vibrating colors coming out of the box. Hence the website should also reflect the same. Most people however nowadays prefer responsive and flat style designs hence although designs might be flat but colors are still practiced wisely.

Most people have a favorite color. Some love bright colors, teal colors and others, dull or earthy colors.

However, choosing a color theme for your business, home décor or even a website can be quite challenging. The advancement of color has made it so hard to pick ones that go well together.

You will find that some colors look good when paired together while others don’t. Many designers make the mistake of mixing too many colors together, hence ending up with a busy end product that is not too attracting to the eye.

Nonetheless, a lot of thought is put into the color choices we make for our spaces. These colors should be those that offer a fulfilling feeling while allowing you to attain a professional image and website.

The choice of color is made depending on your mood and the aura you want to create. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for bright, vibrant colors that kick out the boredom in your site. With the right color scheme, you can easily gain more clients.

As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. However, how many times have we found ourselves judging an individual, brand, business premises, and websites just by their choice of color? Many!

Well, in that case, this clearly shows that color is very important in our lives and thus, should be well thought out.

Color, besides representing our personalities, should evoke our emotions as it can make or break your website. It can help set the mood and draw attention to it or not.

Most importantly, when choosing a color or color palette, it is essential to consider the characteristics of your website visitors and potential clients.

At SKT, we have put together a collection of Colourful WordPress themes which have been inspired by food, nature, charity, photography, art among others. For those who love colorful websites, these themes can change into separate distinct colors leaving you with an attractive and brightly-designed website.

These 9 top-rated Colourful WordPress themes will guarantee you the most appropriate color palette for your online presence while making all your creative and color-combined ideas real. The themes can be used by professionals across the board, from artists, photographers, food enthusiasts, environmentalists, charities among others.

The different themes are not only beautifully crafted but also have various features and functionalities including social media integration, flexible and stunning performance, compatibility with SEO, mobile friendly, contact form among other features which are sure to blow your mind.

The Colourful WordPress themes have also been created to allow the user do some modifications according to his demands and ideas.

The Colourful WordPress themes are easy to set up and load fast. They come in an assortment of dramatic color hues for styling your website into your desired look.

Therefore, before you settle on a color or color palette, ask yourself if the color picked is a representation of your personality, style and also, how your clients will take it.

For instance, if you are in the beauty industry, clients will want to see bright colors on your website while for a kid’s store, a variety of happy and animated colors will do the trick.

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