Celebrity WordPress Theme for Celebrity Websites

Celebrity WordPress theme cater to celebrities and their websites.

Celebrities have their own website and famous celebrities need a common point of all social networking websites that they have to publish from a common website.

WordPress being the best CMS and its ability to publish into different social networking websites via the website makes it the top choice for celebrities to have their website done in WordPress CMS.

Hence we see a lot of celebrity WordPress themes targeted for the use by celebrities and made user friendly and customer friendly as well so that not just celebrities have problems managing their own website or their staff or the people who want to interact with their popular celebrities should also be able to do so easily and navigate along the website and get details about them.

Also it becomes an area for agencies to contact these celebrities for hiring purposes like events and films or modelling etc.

celebrity WordPress theme

Celebrity websites need a few features like focussing on about section of the celebrity, awards won by the celebrity, gallery of previous and past works along with the upcoming works and future works.

Also contact section with agency numbers given and social networking platform links where the celebrity is regularly active.

Also gossip news and celebrity news websites also need celebrity WordPress theme so that they can have their gossip news and celebrity news published nicely not just on their website but also on various social networking websites.

Also these news channels need to have a good humor and gossip news displayed nicely where people can come in and comment as well.

Thus these type of websites should have commenting system like Facebook comments or Disqus commenting system readily working so that they just install the plugin and it works as a plug and play.

Following are the Celebrity WordPress theme to consider:

SKT Actor


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SKT Actor has lots of features which have been time and again discussed and one can visit the theme page to know why this theme is called our best creation till date. It has 20 different template demos within itself and can act like any website. Any slider on the top with loads of shortcodes which can display images, text and videos nicely of any celebrity and can be turned into an awesome celebrity website which no one has seen before.

SKT Dual


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SKT Dual is a single page agency website which can be used as a celebrity website and can give details about the celebrity. It has enough features to make it to this list and is a great looking theme which can change colors, fonts, add more functionality and slider can be changed to anything of your own choice. With ample options this theme can make a celebrity website a real eye stunner.


portfolio WordPress theme

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PicArt offers a great visual experience with colorful boxes on the homepage and a nice carousel slider on the top. It also can work as a model celebrity portfolio website. It has decent amount of features like a blog section and other stuff which make it a great deal worth use for any type of celebrity websites. Also its gallery choices and picture choices make it a worthwhile candidate for any celebrity who wants to showcase their work nicely on their website.


personal WordPress theme

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Character is a mix of a celebrity website and a celebrity who loves to blog most of the times. Like Paris Hilton or Kim kardashian or the likes of people who love to blog most of the times Mr. Amitabh Bachchan from the Bollywood. Character shows real great features and has great look and feel and hence is one of the contenders in this Celebrity WordPress theme list.


girly WordPress theme

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Girlie has pastel colors and can have menu and recipe sections so can serve as a celebrity food blogger website or fitness blogger or other types of celebrity website use. It has all the features similar to greater themes we have discussed till now above and can serve as a blog, news site, a website and can hold unlimited number of pages or posts as well.

Can also work as an online shop for celebrity items to be sold.



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Charm is a charming blog cum website which gives importance to posts and news and blogging but can serve as a great website as well. With great widgetized sidebar, footer etc it does the job for a celebrity blogger, food and travel and lifestyle and fashion kind of a website and is visually strong and attractive.

SKT Black Pro

skt black pro

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SKT Black Pro was initially created to cater to portfolio and photography clients but has slowly turned into a great celebrity website which has several sections on the homepage catering to a celebrity and several inner pages and great compatibility with plugins to have what they want in terms of functionality like gallery, work, about us, contact form etc.

Political Candidate

Although was created for political candidate and their campaign raisers can surely work as a charming celebrity website and personal site as it is a one page site and has great look and feel. Has great event calendar and other such features to showcase celebrity events and upcoming shows.


A true personal celebrity WordPress theme and is a small one with focus on the required items only. If someone wants a small footprint and a decent website with nice background for themselves this theme surely is the answer and is a minimal styled great looking template for consideration.

Panaroma Pro

Can work for singer, musician, blogger, food, lifestyle, model, actor and others. A nice 5 slides on the front page and with exclusive transparent background pages for inner pages and blog this surely looks a great website option for any celebrity to consider.


Was intended as a resume website for anyone from a celebrity book author to an artists, chef and food blogger to anyone who is a celebrity. Has color changing features and font features and social icons features just like the others and SEO friendly just like others as well as easy to use with step by step documentation available.

Following are the Gossip news and viral buzz type of Celebrity WordPress theme:

SKT NewsPaper Pro

Newspaper Pro does job for bigger celebrity gossip channels and gossip news blogging sites who can post humors, jokes, celebrity gossips and others and as well as require several ad widgets to post ads and several news tickers etc.

SKT Magazine Pro

Can serve as a multi author gossip news website and celebrity news channel and has all the features similar to Newspaper pro and has several blog and page templates to satisfy any news agency or news channel blogging site completely.

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