9 Astrology WordPress Themes for Astro Services and Astrologer Websites


Perfectly fitting this industry of astrologers are these astrology WordPress themes presented.

A well – researched and highly practical list of do – it – yourself astrology WordPress themes for all kinds of astrology – related services, astrologer websites, personalized astrological speeches and reports, with error – free purchase and installation processes and further easy to follow structure decorated with stunning design styles.

Every astrologer’s intention on thriving in a relevant crowded field of astrology is voiced by the establishment and development of a strong and reliable online presence to grow the customers base and make new beneficial ties with partners, write statements and posts about any ongoing or already carried out project, organize online seminars and debates, or even write and e-book about the advancement of astrology.

In order to get the most out of your astrologer website, WordPress content management system has embedded all the prioritized features and characters in its products categorized as astrology WordPress themes, the most practical of which you can find below. Each and every sample included in the list employs multiple channels and ways to harness all the potential hidden behind it. To put it more figurative, they appear as a building block for every astrology profile and dictates the general approach of how your website may look fantastic and feel impeccable.

1. SKT Horoscope

SKT Horoscope


SKT Horoscope is a very simple yet professional looking astrology WordPress themes that will help you to showcase all types of services related to the future prediction work such as horoscope, palm reading, Vastu, aura reading, and so on.

It is an elegant and responsive template for all astrologers who are looking to share their horoscope related services and products online. The theme has an amazing header section which permits you to add slider plugins to attract more customers by appealing your thoughts visually.

By integrating the WooCommerce plugin, you can easily explore your products such as zodiac bracelets, lockets, ring, soap, pendants, etc. You will get a readymade testimonial section that can be used to share your past client’s reviews.

2. Astrologer

Astrology WordPress Theme


Astrologer has a unique style and attractive feature to explore your prediction, palmist, Astro research center, numerologist, horoscope, Vastu experts, horoscope teller, and other astrologer related services. The template is compatible with the pricing table to showcase pricing details on your different services. With this plugin, you can also add details on special offers and discounts.

The template is compatible with the full width and boxed width slider with the demo content you can set up the same website in just one click. different categories can be created easily to provide services accordingly including marriage horoscope, business horoscope, portfolio, etc. By default the template comes with the compatibility feature of SEO plugins, page builder plugins, call to actions, slider plugins, and so on.

3. Diet and Nutrition:

diet and nutrition


Your communication with all the people, interested in your astrological services can be fundamentally changed with the appliance of Diet and Nutrition. Based on the modern and durable coding standards and applications, this one of the astrology WordPress themes will not cause you continual efforts spent on it in order to achieve your online awareness in the shortest timeframe.

The overall structural layout of the theme is flexible enough to intuitively respond to any changes and modifications to showcase all the relevant services in the most accurate way, demonstrate the most alluring images on the prebuilt slider and enjoy the growing inflow of the potential clients and astrology enthusiasts into your posts and pages.

4. SKT Industrial:

skt industrial


Behind the scene of a range of rapidly growing use of astrology services for some diving information about business, job, human affairs, future predictions or terrestrial events SKT Industrial as an affordable and cost – effective astrology WordPress themes is inclined to grant every astro specialist a perfect layout for consulting and service provision.

All the prebuilt features, elements, sections and controls are primarily meant for the easiest usage, easiest customization, resulting in the best personalization of the future website to deliver all the magnetism and talent of the target astrological service provider. Smooth 5 level dropdown navigable control, responsiveness and multi – device support of the theme will significantly lead to the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Kraft:

premium WordPress theme


Being knowledgeable in the IT, developing and graphical field is no way a primary concern in case of Kraft. Rather, it will be interesting and motivating to cope with all the technical nuances and get this template complete and comprehensive, ready to go. This well – thought out WordPress website builder with on the beam performance will incite a completely new culture of astrology content management with its tons of primary features and options.

With its lively, yet balanced design optimizing graphics and aesthetics, neat inner composition and animated columns, Kraft is keen to maximize your working potential through your exceptional look and feel, so that you can easily measure the future success and customer conversion.

6. Naturo:



In case you have a clear – cut and well – worked out intention of exercising all your customized digital and marketing strategies across simple and clean, minimalistic and lightweight, yet powerful and highly versatile astrology WordPress theme, here is Naturo at the full command of all the astrologers, numerologists, horoscope and fortune tellers, and even relevant scientists, scientific centers or authors of e-books on astrological topics.

The minimalistic web design layout of this template does not necessarily mean that Naturo lacks functionality or potential of being totally customized. Rather, responsiveness and mobile compatibility, all the aspects of SEO integration SMO – friendliness, a wide array of shortcodes inclusion form an indispensable part of this template.

7. SKT Black Pro:

skt black pro


Universal and sophisticated, general – purpose and multiconcept, visually and graphically strong, simple to use and understand, functionally advanced and elastic, secure and durable, SKT Black Pro can be an ideal solution for each representative of astrology industry, with an inclination of expanding his working directions and borders and reach out to a new bunch of customers.

Established on a strong foundation in the form of modern coding and styling compound, this awesome WordPress – based product will let you shift your traditional marketing efforts into online ones, which are more dynamic, perspective and effectual. Elegant layout, HD ready nature, easy to use interface and cross – device compliant operation, as well as search engine valid character are the major ranking factors of your website.

8. Marvin:



Simplicity, yet productivity, flexibility, yet stability are carried on Marvin as one more sample of the top – rated astrology WordPress themes for all kinds of astrological advices, consultations, reports, news, achievements, debates, meetings, events and many other topics online.

The more you examine the theme in order to figure out its power and precision, the greater your chances to explore the most suitable environment, on the solid foundation of which one is capable of distributing and rendering its astrology services via the Internet. With Marvin you don’t need to be aware of all the ins and outs of programming languages or graphical issues to follow all the principles identified as essential for the best results in the nearest future.

9. Go Fishing:

go fishing


All the professionalism and user – driven working methodology can be achieved easily trough Go Fishing. This interactive and zealous website building tool can cater to absolutely any kind of individual or corporate understanding, ranging from fishing and hunting to astrology, astrometry and horoscope websites. Powered to generate simplicity and lightness, Go Fishing will feature a bulk of handy customization and modification options to edit and showcase the website as per your needs and wishes, upload the most effective images and other content, and let all your desktop and mobile users have the use of your relevant content all the time.

There is no doubt that when you have to make anything grow then the effective solution is the use of the online platform. The business and services are growing because of the continuous use of the platform. The internet has revolutionized everything and has growing number of users each day. This has affected the field of astrology as well. The idea or the aim of any astrologer is to increase the customer base which is made possible with the use of the online platforms. The users of these platforms are huge and they are the target customers.

The services will thrive when they are voiced effectively on the platform. The online presence makes the clientele grow and the base is just magnified. The possibilities increase and the business users often make it their prime platform of operation. It is a double way street which not just helps the business grow but is also aimed at making the customer reach the relevant service in no time.

The astrology service is quite different from the rest of the service and thus they will have different requirements. The astrology WordPress themes understand these needs and thus have suitable themes to support the service. The services first and foremost require a space where the conversation can take place. The email is one option but with the direct chat option, it feels like an immediate support is provided.

The astrology WordPress themes support the chat function with the use of the plug-ins. These plug-ins can be WordPress or a third-party plug-in. The functionality of the website increases. The chat is just one feature; the professionals who have created the themes have taken consideration of all the relevant features and also have made a thorough research on the topic. There is a dedicated space for display of service, the support which is provided and general topic.

The main requirement of any site is the blog which helps the visitors understand many things before they actually jump in to do business. The science in question here allows an easy inclusion of the blog which will form a base of an instant connect with the readers. The features that are available with the astrology WordPress themes are many but what the website must contain is quality content. This will enable the visitors to make a good impression on the website.

The use of the platform WordPress is highly beneficial which is because it has been always steps ahead in providing suitable support to the users. It started as a blogging platform and evolved with the requirement of the time. The open-source platform has many themes which suit various different niches. This sometimes is a common issue as the new users are not sure which one to pick.

If that is the concern then the users should think about the top 10 highly rated themes in the niche carefully selected by experts. These consist of a free and premium version of the website which can be used by the users to create an effective web space. This makes the job of the website owner simple.

If you are an astrologer or currently offering a related service, then you’ll definitely need to have an online presence. There’s no getting around that; the days of depending on mere word of mouth are long gone and customers are looking for personalized reading services to be offered online. That’s why you need to opt for WordPress platforms as it comes loaded with all the widgets and plugins you need to improve your site’s functionality.

Just check out some of our astrology WordPress themes to get a better idea of what these themes offer. Once you have a better idea of what you want as opposed to what you need, then you would be in a better position to select the right one from the many astrology WordPress themes that we have collated. Here are a few reasons as to why it is important that you choose the right one and at the earliest.

  • Greater reach: With the right theme and good quality content on the website with the requisite sliders, parallax scrolling and the works, you are bound to start receiving traffic right away. Your website will enable you to target key demographics and help you get the message out, regarding the services that you provide. More importantly, it will enable you to interact directly with your customer base and with a good user experience, most of them are bound to transform into active members of your website.
  • Personalized reading: Most astrology buffs want a personalized reading and enabling your website to offer the same is easier said than done. You can use these themes and along with it, you will need to install a few plugins which should help increase your site’s functionality. This should enable you to get your users to subscribe to the latest astrological news regarding their birth sign and at the same time collect all the raw data after which a personalize reading can be sent out. The process can even be automated over time with each member receiving a personalized reading in this mail each day.
  • Flexibility: It is important that the theme you choose is flexible enough to respond intuitively to any changes so that the overall design remains the same but without issues. It is equally important for you to make sure that the theme is responsive enough so that you can make sure that users are able to review your website on a device without any loss of functionality.
  • Layout: Granted that this may seem a little tougher than others, since you want the layout to be aesthetically pleasing and yet, effective as well. Just check out some of the top astrology websites out there to get a better idea of what to aim for and go for the same.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should pick one out of our many astrology themes; and with the right theme, you should be able to make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

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